1st Edition

Diplomacy Through the Ages From Liar Abroad to Global Peace-maker

By Nick Ridley Copyright 2023

    This book is a diplomatic history of Europe and the wider world over a period of 500 years, from the beginning of the sixteenth century to the early twenty-first century – with a crucial aspect.

    The book reflects upon the development of diplomacy and diplomats in changing from acting solely in the national interests of their respective countries to increasingly engaging in international conflict resolution and peace-making. It will be an invaluable reading for students and practitioners of international history, international relations and international security.



    1. Sixteenth Century diplomacy - and the balance of power

    2. The Thirty Years War

    3. Westphalia 1648

    4. On to Utrecht- wider conflict

    5. Utrecht 1713

    6. From Utrecht to Vienna

    7. Vienna 1815

    8. Nation-states - and on to Paris

    9. Paris 1919

    10. Global war returns

    11. Potsdam 1945

    12.The late Twentieth Century

    - and into the Twenty-First

    13. Conclusion

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    Nick Ridley is Visiting Research Fellow at Liverpool John Moores University.

    "Dr Ridley’s work is a fascinating study in the history of diplomacy, an essential though often invisible profession, whose highly skilled practitioners do far more than is generally recognised. Over half a millennium the remit of diplomacy has evolved to embrace international conflict-resolution in addition to its original task of furthering the interests of a particular nation. A must-read." 

    Professor Patrick Sookhdeo PhD, DD, Faculty of Theology and Religion, University of Pretoria, South Africa


    "Stimulating, interpretative and informative on diplomacy over five centuries tracing diplomacy – and diplomats’ – in conflict resolution. Essential reading for students and practitioners of international history, ,international affairs and international security." 

    Professor Dan Silverstone, Head of Law and Criminology, University of Greenwich, UK