1st Edition

Disrupting and Design Thinking Education New Technology, Designs, and Business Models

By CJ Meadows Copyright 2025
    168 Pages 18 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Meadows proposes an approach to the education business that begins with needs, and proposes educational and business models, supported by new technologies. 

    This book takes a design-thinking and disruption perspective on the future of education. Beginning with shocking statistics on cost, time, and lengthy debt repayment, it presents a clear case for disruption in the education sector. It continues by examining future skills in the age of AI, machine learning, and robotics. In this new age, businesses need a new kind of workforce, and workers need to equip themselves to survive and thrive. Drawing upon tools and techniques from disruption and design-thinking, Meadows puts forward new frameworks of education, business, and technology -- all with examples of educators (and learners) already doing it today.

    This book provides rigorous thinking and practical guidance for professionals in the education industry and budding education entrepreneurs, as well as homeschooling parents. 

    Introduction and How This Book Can Help You 

    1. We’re on Fire!

    2. Disruption and Design Thinking: 2 Keys to Unlocking Tomorrow’s Education

    3. Start With Needs: Who Is Education’s “Customer,” and What Do They Want?

    4. What to Learn and How, for This New Age

    5. New Business Models

    6. Enabling Technologies

    7. Tales from a Homeschooling Parent: The Future of Primary and Secondary Education

    8. Vision, Design, Launch, and Growth Options

    9. Conclusions, Insights, and Your Next Steps


    Dr. CJ Meadows leads an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at S P Jain School of Global Management, working at the intersection of IT, business strategy, and design. She has a DBA-IT from Harvard Business School and 25+ years’ experience globally as an Accenture consultant and entrepreneur.

    In “The Future of Education,” Dr. Meadows paints a broad landscape of learning systems transformed by innovators and technology. Dive in to find a range of breakthrough ideas.

    Gary A. Bolles, author of “The Next Rules of Work” | Chair for the Future of Work for Singularity University | Co-Founder, eParachute.com | 1.5 million LinkedIn Learners

    This is an essential and timely book on the need to re-design education -- full of innovative ideas on how to compete in the new economy of AI-enabled learning and work. Full of insightful ideas and innovative recommendations, this work provides students, educators, investors, and employers with a solid foundation and path forward for adapting to and thriving in the digital economy.  Employees will need to continuously up-skill; every job will be redefined; and education methodologies will need to be re-created for the future. This book is essential reading!

    Paul W. Bradley, Chairman and CEO, Caprica International | Member, B20 Task Force on the Future of Work and Education for the G20

    A must read for every learner, parent, educator, and educational investor -- in schools and corporate L&D! Whether you’re crafting your own educational journey or providing one to others, you’ll need this book’s vision of education’s future and tech-enabled (not driven) approach to creating it.

    Professor Virginia Cha, Global Agenda Council Member, World Economic Forum | Academic Director SMART Innovation Academy (Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology)

    AI is enabling a radical new future of work, and we need to learn in equally new ways. This book provides essential advice for how to envision the new world of learning and how to create it.

    Dr. Chris Marshall, VP – Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, IDC Asia Pacific

    The future of learning is mobile, applied, social, and integrated with a new landscape of work. We need to redesign learning and digitally transform it, just as we’re digitally transforming our enterprises. Here you’ll find needs we need to serve, new business models for viability, and enabling technologies, so you can lead transformation with confidence.

    So-Young Kang, Chairman, AwakenFutures | Founder and CEO, Gnowbe | WEF Young Global Leader