1st Edition

Disruptive Pupil Management

Edited By Delwyn Tattum Copyright 1989

    First published in 1986, Disruptive Pupil Management presents a comprehensive overview of the disruptive behaviour in schools in the light of the Elton Report. The emphasis of this book is that a preventative approach to the problem is a more valid response than this crisis management approach which results in pupils being sent to special units. The book therefore stresses the importance of schools managing their own techniques and interpersonal skills, rather than schools importing solutions. This book is a must read for all educationists, teachers, and researchers of primary and secondary education.

    List of Contributors Preface Introduction Delwyn P. Tattum 1. Disruption as a School-generated Problem John McGuiness and Denise Craggs 2. Consultative Enhancement of School- based Action Keith Topping 3. Consistency Management – School and Classroom Concerns and Issues Delwyn P. Tattum 4. Classroom Management in the United States: Trends and Critical Issues Vernon F. Jones 5. The Management of Aggressive Behaviour in Young Children Alice F. Laing and Maurice Chazan 6. An Ethnographic Analysis of Classroom Conflict Andrew Pollard 7. Promoting Positive Behaviour in the Classroom David A. Lane 8. Interpersonal Skills and Conflict Management Anthony Bowers 9. Counselling in the Treatment of Disruptive Pupils Anthony Bolger 10. Social Learning Approach to the Analysis and Modification of Violent Behaviour Barrie J. Brown 11. Psychiatric Treatment of Problem Behaviour: A Consultative Approach Derek Steinberg 12. The Management of Behaviour Problems: A Local Authority Response Anne West, Jean Davies, and Andreas Varlaam 13. School Discipline Plans and the Quest for Order in American Schools Daniel L. Duke 14. The Management of Disruptive Behaviour in Western Europe Jean Lawrence, David Steed, and Pamela Young Subject Index


    Delwyn P. Tattum