1st Edition

Disruptive Technologies for Sustainable Development

Edited By G. Nagappan, V Uma Rani Copyright 2024

    We feel greatly honoured to have been assigned the job of organizing the AICTE Sponsored International Conference on Application of AI, ML, DL, Big Data on Recent Societal Issues (ICARSI’2023) on April 21 & April 22,2023 at Saveetha Engineering College. The international conference is a platform that brings together the brightest minds from across the globe to share their ideas and insights on the recent societal issues with Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big data and emerging technologies. With an aim to promote collaboration and foster innovation, this conference promises to be a melting pot of ideas and knowledge sharing.

    1. Handsign Language Translate to Hindi
    V. Loganathan and K. Hari Priya
    2. Hybrid Cryptographic Algorithm to Improve Security in Cloud File Storage
    M. Hema, K. Valarmathi, Naveen Sakthi J., Saravanan S. and Suravarapu Sai Charan Reddy
    3. Twitter Based Sentiment Analysis to Predict Emotions using Machine Learning Algorithm
    Panimalar S. P., Hemaroshini M., Jayathraa V. and Reethika R.
    4. Enhanced Graphical Password Authentication System Based on Puzzles
    Poonkuzhali S., Abuthahir A., Dinesh S. P. and Daadreyaa D.
    5. Audio-Driven Talking Face Generator
    Pooja V. and Sivakami Raja
    6. Medical Waste Classification Using Deep Learning for Recycling
    Revathy P., A. Alagu Gomathi Brindha, B. Ancy Tera and J. Avinesh
    7. Air Quality Monitoring System Using ESP8266
    K. Valarmathi, M. Hema, Sivaramkumar V., Sooriya Kumar N. and Vishwanathan J. R.
    8. Drowsiness Detection Using Deep Learning and Raspberry Pi
    T. Saraswathi, Vijay kumar S., Srinivasan D. and Sushanth V.
    9. Security-Apprehensive Dynamic Scheduling for Real-Time Optimization
    G. Nagappan, Karpagakamatchi S. and Sujatha G.
    10. Healthy Food Recipe Recommendation System Using Deep Inverse Cooking Algorithm
    V. Uma Rani, K. Gunasundari and P. Vijay Karthick
    11. Cloud-Based Multimedia Content Protection System
    Rekha K. S., Kanimozhi S. and Srimathi N.
    12. Classification of Gastrointestinal Tract Abnormalities from Endoscopic Image
    M. Vijay Anand and Raja Sahaya Renuka S.
    13. A Fabric and Production Defect Detection in the Apparel Industry Using DLT
    V. Loganathan and Suganya K.
    14. Fraud Detection in Credit Card Data Using Supervised Machine Learning Based Scheme
    R. Kaladevi, N. Srimathi and S. Kanimozhi
    15. Smart Door Design Based on Face Detection and Recognition Using CNN and
    Viola Jones Algorithm
    Sheeba Joice C., Hitha Shanthini, Majety Dedeepya, Murarishetty Masthan Roshini and N. S. Laya
    16. Comparison of Network Intrusion Detection System for Software-Defined Networks
    Using Tree-Based Classifiers
    Deepika P., Pritham Ganesh S., Sidharth Krishna and Rajasimman R.
    17. Decentralized Pharmaceutical Drug Supply Chain Management and Recommendation System Based on
    Blockchain and Machine Learning
    M. Vijayanand, Kishore R. and Dinesh T.
    18. A Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Supply Chain Management
    N. Thilagavathi, Arumugam Madan, Vishal B. and Boobalan D.
    19. Map Symbolic Gestures to Analogous Emoji By Hand Gesture Recognition System
    N. V. Ravindhar, G. Sujatha and S. Karpaga Kamatchi
    20. Self-Diagnosis Medical Chatbot Using Artificial Intelligence
    G. Nagappan and Ragul Krishnan G.
    21. Sensors Based Laptop Controller Using Arduino App
    E. Christo Raymonde and K. Kalaiselvi
    22. Detecting Phishing Websites Using Machine Learning
    V. Uma Rani, R. Pradeep, N. Jayanathan, V. P. Muhammed Rashid and S. M. Shrinikkesh
    23. Wearable IoT Device Enabled with Geo-Fencing for Monitoring Mentally Retarded Child
    J. Sivasankari, T. Maha Priya, U. Sakthi Malavika and S. Yoga Pandeeswari
    24. Building Real Estate AntiForge Platform Using Blockchain
    K. Suresh Kumar and Sanjai Kumar N.
    25. Music Recommendation by Emotion Detection Using SVM
    Vijayanand M., Prem chand T., Vedhadharshan B. and Varunkumar K.
    26. Android Based Women Safety Application Using Accelerometer Sensor
    S. Sasi Kumar, Aishwarya T. and Edward DansoAnsong
    27. Image forgery Detection Using Machine Learning
    R. Kaladevi, Mary Emelda Florence F. X. and Alvaro Rocha
    28. Smart Students Attendance System Using Face Detection
    E. Sujatha and Manikandan M.
    29. Internet Accessibility for Visually Impaired Using Automatic Speech Recognition and
    Speech Synthesis
    S. Sasi Kumar and Kiruthika S.
    30. Deep Learning for Traffic Sign Recognition in Autonomous Vehicles
    Karthika R. N., Mythili P., Kousalya R. and Varshini A. P.
    31. A Novel Algorithm for Detecting and Classifying Human Brain Stroke using Deep Learning Algorithm
    S. Gandhimathi@Usha, V. G. Janani, Kaviya Prabha M. P., Subasri R. and Soundarya G.
    32. Retinal Image Classification Using Neural Network
    Kaladevi R., Dinesh T. and Kishore R.
    33. Real-Time Littering Detection—Using Pose Estimation and Object Detection
    Kaladevi R., Ganesh K., Kishore P. and Vijaya Raghavan V.
    34. Skin Cancer Prediction Using Convolutional Neural Network—Cloud Based Web App
    N. V. Ravindhar, Janani V. and Wael M. Alenazy
    35. Design of Student Monitoring System Using Face Detection Technique
    Nagappan G., T. Navya, T. J. Mounika and S. Tharun
    36. Prioritize Task Scheduling in Fog Computing Using Machine Learning
    P. Preethi and Jayapriya R. M.
    37. Analysis and Detection of Gas Leakage in Industries
    A. Manonmani, Praveen Kumar R., Karthik Raja K. and Naveen M. D.
    38. Review of the Literature Concerning the Application of Sentimental Analysis in
    Business Reputation
    G. Dharanidevi, R. Dhanush Aravind, R. Pradeep and K. Gokulakrishnan
    39. Green Energy Charging Station
    A. Manonmani, A. Sarigasri and G. Brindha
    40. Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease Using Machine Learning Classification Techniques and ANN
    S. Vidhya and S. Balachandar
    41. Development of an Android Support System for Rainwater Harvesting
    P. Bakkiyalakshmi, Mohamed S., Swathi S., Malaravan R. K. and Jagan M.
    42. Deep Learning-Based Facial Emotion Recognition and Behavior Monitoring:
    An Intelligent System for Human-Computer Interaction
    Raghavendra Reddy, Bindu Bhargava Reddy Chintam and Anwar Basha H.
    43. Development of an Android Based Support System for Agricultural Machinery Repair and
    Maintenance 204
    P. Bakkiyalakshmi, Bavatharani A. M., Naganandhini S., Resmi S. and Shankari S.
    44. Customer Emotion Analysis on Food Review Images Using Deep Learning: A Review
    M. Jagadeesh, Akhilesh Ravikumar, Anjana Deivasigamani, and Dharshini S. S.
    45. Intelligent Conversational AI based Net Banking Chatbot Using IBM Watson Assistant
    V. Uma Rani, Sudarshana Raj, Arun Kumar R. and Kanagavalli
    46. Wildfire Detection by Video Surveillance System Using Dark CNN
    V. Umarani, Monica Manimaran, Pawan Kumar E. and A. Ramathilagam
    47. Malicious URL Detection Using CNN-LSTM Algorithm in Machine Learning
    K. S. Rekha and Pungunuru Yuvaraj
    48. Business Intelligence using Data Management, Data Analytic and Data Reporting
    M. Vijayanand and Deep Shankar K.
    49. Temperature Monitoring and Control System Using LabVIEW
    M. Arivalagan, Abishek G., Hemanth S. and Kishore K.
    50. Comparative Analysis of Ranking Machine Learning Classifier Models for Parkinson’s
    Disease (PD) Prediction
    Akram Pasha, Syed Zia ur Rahman, Syed Tauheed, Syed Muzamil Basha and Anwar Basha H.
    51. Design and Development of IoT Testbed with DDOS Attack for Cyber Security Research
    E. Sujatha and M. Sangeetha Priya
    52. Medical Analytical Decision Support System Investigative Study
    Rekha K. S., Jeevananthan R., Gowtham G., and Sai Prahalatha Raghavan V.
    53. Highly Efficient System of Spam Detection for IoT Gadgets with the Help of ML
    E. Sujatha and P. Dhinesh Prabhu
    54. Automobile License Verification Using Biometrics
    Preethi P., Pawan Kumar E. and Monica Manimaran


    Dr G. Nagappan

    He is currently working as Professor & Head of CSE department of Saveetha Engineering College,
    Chennai. He has 22 years of Academic experience. His Experience focuses on Teaching and Research
    with a global activity-based blended learning model with multicultural learners spanning across the
    globe. He has received his Doctorate from Faculty of I&C, Anna University Chennai, alumnus of
    Department of CSE, College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University Chennai where he did his
    Engineering Post graduation in Systems Engineering and Operations Research. He is also alumnus of
    Mahendra Engineering College where he did his Bachelor of Engineering in C computer Science &
    Engineering under Periyar University, Salem.
    He is outshining as PALS Innowah - Innovation Challenge Coordinator, Remote Center Coordinator, Aakash Project Coordinator
    and Spoken – Tutorials Project Manager cum FOSS Promoter working under NMEICT project of IIT Bombay and Kharagpur
    run by Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India. He has opulent experience in organizing 25 workshops for faculty &
    Students and submitting 16 android projects for Aakash Tablets. He has been project investigator for IITB - E-Yantra Robot
    competition & Aishu semi humanoid Robot for AVON Corporation, Mumbai and MSME Projects. He has also been Proud
    Mentor of the Finalist Team in Smart India Hackathon 2017 and Gujarat Rajkot Hackathon 2018.
    His extensive experience across Engineering and Management discipline s include Course curriculum Development for
    Autonomous , Text book content development, Teaching course, Project Coordination, Project Supervision, Question paper
    setting, Answer script Evaluation, Keynote addressing, Website development, Conference and Workshop Organization,
    Management of projects such as Aakash, Spoken –tutorials and Remote Center, Doctoral Committee Member, Promotion
    of New technologies and Social Media which makes him a versatile highbrow. He has been creating innovative pedagogical
    techniques and analyzing its significance in Engineering Education with his experience in Wipro Mission 10X & IITM STLC.
    He has also been resource person for versatile topics in various Workshops, Guest Lectures and Conferences. He has received
    ‘Bronze Partner‘ award from INFOSYS for his involved contributions in CAMPUS CONNECT Program which involves
    both Foundation and Soft Skills programs. Received “Aram Achiever Award 2023” from Aram Seiyya Virumbu Foundation
    and OXFAA University on 28 May 2023. He has been one of the Top Finalist for ‘Best Techno Faculty’ award in ICTACT –
    BRIDGE 2014 in appreciation of his exceptional utilization of Technology towards Education and Academic Superiority. He has
    received ‘Jewel of Saveetha‘ award for his stupendous contributions towards the development of new interdisciplinary projects
    involving all the constituent colleges of Saveetha University. He has received ‘Best teacher’ award for last 8 consecutive years
    in appreciation of his outstanding excellence, commitment, technical expertise, motivation and hard work. He has received ‘Best
    NSS Unit and Programme Officer’ award from Honorable Governor of Tamil Nadu, His Excellency Surjit Singh Barnala,
    for year 2006 indicating his high dedication, efficiency and outperformance amongst peers. He has published 16 Patents, 17
    international journal papers and has presented his research papers in 6 international conferences. He has authored a Book
    Titled ‘Database Management system’ published by Anna University, Centre for Distance Education, Chennai-25 and another
    Book titled Programming and Data Structures published by Sams Publishers. He is Reviewer of five International Journals
    and has refereed few International Conferences , many symposiums and competitions . He is life member of ISTE, IACSIT
    & Transportation Research Group of India. He has also participated in innumerous seminars, workshops and conferences to
    nurture his knowledge.

    Dr V. Uma Rani

    She is currently working as Associate Professor in department of computer science and engineering,
    Chennai. She has received her Ph.D from the department of computer science, Bharathiar University,
    Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. She has received her Master of Engineering and Bachelor of
    Engineering from Kalasalingam College of Engineering affiliated to Anna University, Chennai, Tamil
    Nadu, India. She has more than 20 years of teaching and research experience. She has published
    more than 40 papers in reputed international journals, conferences and 3 patterns in artificial
    intelligence domain. Her area of interest includes wireless sensor network, Artificial intelligence,
    Deep Learning and Metaheuristic optimization. Now she is working on metaheuristic optimization
    of projects on medical and agricultural domain. She has been reviewer of wireless personal
    communication journal, international journal of Engineering Science and Technology (IJESCT) and
    international Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR). She has been reviewer of various
    conferences like AICTE Sponsored IEEE international conference on Networks, Multimedia and Information Technology
    (NMITCON) organized by NMIT, Bengaluru, International Conference on Ambient Intelligence, Knowledge Informatics and
    Industrial Electronics (AIKIIE-2023),Karnataka, IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Network Security
    (ICDSNS), Tiptur and IEEE International Conference on Intelligent and Innovative Technologies in Computing, Electrical and
    Electronics, Bengaluru. She is a life member of international Association of Engineers ( IAENG) and All India Council for
    Technical Education (AICTE). She has received best teacher award in the department of computer science and engineering,
    Jaya Engineering College during the year 2015.