1st Edition

Diversity in the Workplace Multi-disciplinary and International Perspectives

By Stefan Gröschl Copyright 2011
    220 Pages
    by Routledge

    222 Pages
    by Routledge

    Most regions and countries in the world are experiencing increasingly diverse populations and labour markets. While the causes may vary, the challenges businesses face due to a heightened awareness of this diversity are often similar. Internally, organisations promote diversity and manage increasingly heterogeneous workforces, accommodate and integrate employees with different value and belief systems, and combat a range of different forms of discrimination with organisational and also societal consequences. Externally, organisations have to manage demands from government, consumer, and lobbying sources for the implementation of anti-discrimination policies and laws. This has generated demand for appropriate higher level teaching programmes and for more diversity-focused research. Diversity in the Workplace responds to the increasing social and political debate and interest in diversity throughout Europe. The contributors discuss the concept of diversity in different social and legal contexts and from the perspectives of different academic disciplines including sociology, anthropology, psychology, philosophy and organizational theory. The book includes a European view and the makings of a conceptual framework to literature on diversity that hitherto has tended to be US orientated and overwhelmingly practice focused. It will stimulate fruitful exchanges of ideas about different approaches to the challenges faced by businesses and organisations of all kinds. With chapters by authors involved in research into diversity issues at leading academic institutions across Europe, this book offers much that will interest academics, researchers and higher level students, as well as practitioners wanting to understand managing workforce diversity; affirmative action programmes; and anti-discriminatory policy and practice in a wider context.

    Part I Conceptualizing Diversity; Chapter 1 Introduction, Stefan Gröschl; Chapter 2 Integrating Diversity: Identities Replayed, Laurent Bibard; Chapter 3 The Dubious Power of Diversity Management, Yvonne Benschop; Chapter 4 Diversity – A Strategic Issue?, Karsten Jonsen, Susan C. Schneider, Martha L. Maznevski; Chapter 5 1This chapter includes excerpts from Continuing the diversity journey – business practices, perspectives and benefits (EC 2008) and the symposium report Diversity management in business schools: Emerging trends, new priorities and good practices (). Both publications are part of the 2008 Activities Promoting and Developing the Business Case for Diversity project supported by the European Commission., Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen, Gonzalo Sánchez Gardey, Simon Tywuschik; Chapter 6 Multicultural Identities and Culture Work, Junko Takagi; Chapter 7 1Delivered as a keynote address at the 2010 EGOS conference, Lisbon., Susan C. Schneider; Part II Contextualizing Diversity; Chapter 8 Diversity Management in Denmark: Evolutions from 2002 to 2009, Eva Boxenbaum, Monica Gjuvsland, Clarisa Eva Leon; Chapter 9 The Value of Investigating Stakeholder Involvement in Diversity Management, Anne-marie Greene, Gill Kirton; Chapter 10 The Gendered Intersectional Corporation and Diversity Management, Jeff Hearn, Jonna Louvrier; Chapter 11 Diversity Management between ‘Myth and Ceremony’ and Strategic Economic Rationale – Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence from Germany, Inéz Labucay; Chapter 12 The Dark Side of the Rainbow: A Research Model of Occupational Stress and Lesbian, Gay and Bisexuals (LGBs) in the Workplace, Marilyn J. Davidson; Chapter 13 Ethnic and Religious Diversity in the Balkan Area, Cedomir Nestorovic;


    Dr Stefan Gröschl is an Associate Professor in the Management Department and Co-Chair of Diversity and Leadership at ESSEC International Business School in Paris. He obtained his MSc. and PhD. at Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Dr Gröschl has been widely published in journals and conference proceedings and has contributed to three books.

    'This book embraces the diversity of diversity; it deals with dimensions rarely covered within the literature. It also gives a significant contribution to the existing literature in diversity management by tackling several angles (global view, critical view, ...), many countries (Balkan countries, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, ...) and a few disciplines (business, social psychology, ...).' Sébastien Point, Strasbourg Business School, France 'A very interesting book about diversity management, which discusses new challenges in this field transversality and intersectionality but also naming and non-naming, multiple identities, conflicting forces for convergence and divergence, how to impose differences without favouring exclusion and finally how power processes in diversity management can hinder systemic change of inequalities in organizations. It also covers not very well documented countries in diversity management as the Balkan area.' Annie Cornet, University of Liège, Belgium 'Stefan Groschl's book Diversity in the Workplace is a tour de force of the field of diversity at work. It draws on the leading international scholars on a variety of topical themes of diversity management. It is a must read for anyone interested in diversity, whether in the public or private sector.' Cary L. Cooper, Lancaster University Management School, UK 'Diversity is a founding value at L’Oréal. It lies at the very heart of our activity. Teams that are diversified at all levels and in all areas allow for greater creativity and enable us to develop products that fit with their expectations. The multinational perspectives provided in this textbook help companies to better understand the complexity of diversity and leverage it as a real lever for performance.' Jean Claude Le Grand L’Oréal Corporate Diversity Director. 'Diversity has always been one of Deloitte key success driver, as we base the value added we create for our stakeholders on the creativity that arouses f