1st Edition

Divorce and Remarriage International Studies

By Craig Everett Copyright 1997
    242 Pages
    by Routledge

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    Divorce and Remarriage brings together for the first time a unique collection of international studies focusing on many aspects of divorce particular to individual cultures. It looks at the implications of divorce on the personal level, as well as on the broader social level, in several different countries. On the personal level, it discusses smoking and alcohol use as stress factors in marriage and the effects of divorce on children, and, on the social level, it discusses a country’s level of development and urbanization and its impact on marriage patterns and divorce rates. With divorce rates soaring, it is more important than ever to understand why people worldwide are failing to adopt sounder mate selection and marriage timing practices.

    To give readers a glimpse of the divorce experience from a global perspective, the authors of Divorce and Remarriage contrast divorce processes and issues in their countries with other experiences worldwide. The book explores consensual partnering and its relation to patterns of marriage and divorce, the differences between fathers without custody and mothers with custody, and fathers’and children’s ethical and legal rights and the importance of their emotional and social relationships. It also discusses the importance of determining the connection between maternal attitudes and the development of children, as well as the relationship between parental separation/divorce and adolescent values. Other topics discussed at length in this important book are:

    • the possible stress prevention role of social support in the post-separation period
    • nontraditional stepfamily lifestyles and the well-being of adolescents in different cultures
    • maternal stress and its impact on children
    • widowhood and remarriage in different countries
    • long-standing marital problems and their effect on each gender
    • predictors of national marriage rates
    • single parents’distress

      Divorce and Remarriage provides educators, researchers, mental health clinicians, and policymakers with information that can help alleviate the stress divorce causes for both individuals and society as a whole. The book’s model for evaluating the readiness of a couple for separation or divorce, its recommendations for mediation, and innovative ideas for providing single parents with better social networking and services are sure to improve the way divorces, parental rights, and children’s interests are handled around the world.

    Contents Introduction
    • Australia
    • Divorce Australian Style: A Demographic Analysis
    • Stress Following Marriage Breakdown: Does Social Support Play a Role?
    • Chile
    • Children of Divorce: Academic Outcome
    • Germany
    • Interaction Behavior of Preschool Children from Single and Two Parent Families
    • China
    • Impacts of Social Pressure and Social Support on Distress Among Single Parents in China
    • Hungary
    • The Regional Variation of Divorce in Hungary
    • Iceland
    • An Icelandic Study of Five Parental Life Styles: Conditions of Fathers Without Custody and Mothers with Custody
    • Israel
    • The “Invisible” Figure of the Deceased Spouse in a Remarriage
    • A Model for the Evaluation of Readiness for Divorce
    • Japan
    • Marriage and Divorce in Japan
    • The Netherlands
    • Stepfamily Lifestyles and Adolescent Well-Being in the Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Marital Dissolution as a Stressor: Some Evidence on Psychological, Physical, and Behavioral Changes in the Pre-Separation Period
    • United Kingdom
    • Infant-Mother Attachment in Separated and Married Families
    • Wales
    • The Relationship Between Marital Disruption and Adolescent Values: A Study Among 13–15 Year Olds
    • International
    • Correlates of Worldwide Divorce Rates
    • Index
    • Reference Notes Included


    Everett, Craig