Drilling and Blasting of Rocks  book cover
1st Edition

Drilling and Blasting of Rocks

ISBN 9789054101994
Published January 1, 1995 by CRC Press
408 Pages

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Book Description

Rock breakage with explosives has existed since the seventeenth century when black powder came into use in mining. Since then it has progressed from the invention of dynamite to the use of heavy ANFO. During the past two decades, there have been numerous technical contributions which have brought a better understanding of rock fragmentation with explosives, an improvement in drilling equipment and a noticeable evolution in the development of new explosives and blasting accessories. The Geomining Technological Institute of Spain (ITCE), aware of this progress and of the importance which the breakage process has acquired in mining and civil engineering projects, has ordered the publication of Drilling and Blasting of Rocks.

The purpose of this Handbook is to give basic knowledge of the drilling systems, the types of available explosives and the accessories and the parameters that intervene in blast designing, whether controllable or not; at the same time the objectives and contents contribute to improved safety in mining. The Handbook is meant for all professionals who are involved with explosives in mining operations and civil engineering projects, as well as for students of technical schools.

Table of Contents

1. Rock Drilling Methods
2. Rotary Percussive Drilling
3. Rotary Percussive Drilling Accessories
4. Rotary Drilling with Rolling Tricone Bits
5. Rolling Cone Rock Bits
6. Rotary Drilling with Cutting Action
7. Special Drilling Methods and Mounting Systems
8. Compressors
9. Thermochemistry of Explosives and the Detonation Process
10. Properties of Explosives
11. Industrial Explosives
12. Explosive Selection Criteria
13. Blasting Accessories
14. Initiation and Priming Systems
15. Mechanized Systems for Charging and Dewatering Blastholes
16. Mechanics of Rock Breakage
17. Rock and Rock Mass Properties and their Influence on the Result of Blasting
18. Characterization of the Rock Masses For Blast Designing
19. Controllable Parameters of Blasting
20. Bench Blasting
21. Blasting in other Surface Operations
22. Blasting for Tunnels and Drifts
23. Shafts Sinking and Raise Driving
24. Underground Production Blasting in Mining and Civil Engineering
25. Counter Blasting
26. Underwater Blasting
27. Initiation Sequence and Delay Timing
28. Evaluation of Blast Results
29. Secondary Fragmentation and Special Blastings
30. Planning the Work of Drilling and Blasting
31. Structure and Building Demolition
32. Optimization Costs of Fragmentation with Drilling and Blasting
33. Land Vibrations, Air Blast and their Control
34. Flyrocks and their Control
35. Safety Measures fro Drilling and Blasting Operations
Conversion factors
General Information, Weight of Materials
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