1st Edition

Drugs for the Control of Epilepsy
Actions on Neuronal Networks Involved in Seizure Disorders

ISBN 9780367206253
Published March 31, 2021 by CRC Press
558 Pages

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Book Description

Originally published in 1991. This book brings together the ideas of an international group of experts on clinical and experimental epilepsy. These authors consider how antiepileptic drugs may act on elements of neuronal networks to reduce seizure incidence and severity. The book addresses such topics as the four general classes of anticonvulsant drug mechanisms, major epilepsy models, the proposed mechanisms of action of major antiepileptic drugs, and the clinical use of antiepileptic drugs in the treatment of various forms of human epilepsy. This volume is special for its focus on the neuronal network approach to epilepsy, as well as for its comprehensive review and integration of human and animal data. Neurologists, pharmacologists, psychiatrists, and other investigators actively working on epilepsy research will find this book to be a useful, thought-provoking reference volume.

Table of Contents

Neuronal Networks, Epilepsy and the Action of Antiepileptic Drugs (Carl L. Faingold). Overview of Neurotransmission: Relationship to the Action of Antiepileptic Drugs (Ronald A. Browning). Overview of Ion Channels, Anticonvulsant Drugs and Seizures (Carl L. Faingold). Overview of Actions of Antiepileptic Drugs on Repetitive Neuronal Firing (M. Steven Evans). Brain Slice Model of Epilepsy: Neuronal Networks and Actions of Antiepileptic Drugs (Suzanne Clark and Wilkie A. Wilson). Cobalt-Induced Focal Seizures: Neuronal Networks and Actions of Antiepileptic Drugs (Charles R. Craig and Brenda K. Colasanti). Convulsant-Induced Neocortical Epilepsy: Neuronal Networks and Anticonvulsant Actions In Vivo (Allen B. Chatt and John S. Ebersole). Kindling: Amygdaloid Neuronal Networks and Actions of Convulsant and Antiepileptic Drugs (Larry G. Stark). The Electroshock Model, Neural Networks and Antiepileptic Drugs (Ronald A. Browning). Neuronal Networks in Convulsant Drug-Induced Seizures (Carl L. Faingold and Awais Riaz). Genetically Epilepsy-Prone Rats: Actions of Antiepileptic Drugs and Monoaminergic Neurotransmitters (Phillip C. Jobe, Pravin K. Mishra and John W. Dailey). The Genetically Epilepsy-Prone Rat: Neuronal Networks and Actions of Amino Acid Neurotransmitters (Carl L. Faingold and Dean K. Naritoku). The Epileptic Gerbil: Neuronal Networks and Actions of Antiepileptic Drugs (Wolfgang Löscher). The Epileptic Baboon: Hypothetical Neuronal Networks and Actions of Anticonvulsant Drugs (Christian Menini, Carmen Silva-Barrat and Robert Naquet). Classification of the Epilepsies (Henri Gastaut, and Benjamin G. Zifkin). Overview of the Pharmacokinetics of Antiepileptic Drugs (Henn Kutt). Overview of the Biotransformation of Anticonvulsant Drugs (C. Dean Withrow). Antiepileptic Drug Interactions: An Overview (Ilo E. Leppik). Antiepileptic Drug Toxicity: An Overview (Ilo Leppik). Antiepileptic Actions of Hydantoins (Ronald E. Browning and Carl L. Faingold). Antiepileptic Actions of Carbamazepine (Gerhard H. Fromm). Antiepileptic Actions of Barbiturates (Maharaj K. Ticku and Shrinivas K. Kulkarni). Antiepileptic Actions of Valproate (Gerhard H. Fromm). Antiepileptic Actions of Benzodiazepines (Richard W. Olsen). Antiepileptic Actions of Ethosuximide (Gerhard H. Fromm). Anticonvulsant Drugs with New Mechanisms of Action (B.S. Meldrum). Antiepileptic Drugs Useful in the Treatment of Tonic-Clonic and Partial Epilepsy (Gerhard H. Fromm). Antiepileptic Drugs Useful in the Treatment of Absence Seizures (Gerhard H. Fromm). Antiepileptic Drugs Useful in Status Epilepticus (Daniel H. Lowenstein and Roger P. Simon). Index.

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Carl L. Faingold, Gerhard H. Fromm