1st Edition

Drugs of Abuse and Addiction Neurobehavioral Toxicology

    Drugs of Abuse and Addiction: Neurobehavioral Toxicology examines drugs of abuse and addiction and how they affect behavior. This book considers the entire range of addiction research in humans and animals, using a multidisciplinary approach to discuss all areas of the neuro- and behavioral sciences involved. Emphasis is on acute and chronic effects; reversible and irreversible consequences, functional disorders of the nervous system; neurobehavioral dysfunctions; and the multi-sided aspects of adddiction and the underlying neurobiological mechanisms.

    Aspects of Drug Use and Drug Dependence, M.P. Farrell and E.J.L. Finch
    Biobehavioral Effects of Psychoactive drugs, B. Segal and L.K. Duffy
    Animal Research: Durg Self-Administration, R.A. Meisch and R.B. Stewart
    Genetic Factors in Addiction, F.R. George
    Reward Systems and Addictive Behavior, M.C. Ritz
    Molecular Mechanisms of Addictive Substances, M.C. Ritz
    Drug Use and Addiction: Human Research, M.W. Kornet, R.J.M. Niesink, and J.M. van Ree
    Current Clinical Assessment and Management of Drug Dependence, C. A. Naranjo, U.Busto, and V. Ozdemir


    Raymond Niesink, R.M.A. Jaspers, L.M.W. Kornet, J.M. van Ree