1st Edition

Dual Legacies in the Contemporary Caribbean Continuing Aspects of British and French Dominion

Edited By Paul Sutton Copyright 1986

    Dual Legacies in the Contemporary Caribbean (1986) is a comparative and systematic study of the legacies bequeathed by British and French colonial rule in the Caribbean. It examines in detail what are self-evidently among the more tangible legacies from the era of slavery presently manifest in the region: the pattern, structure and decline of the sugar economy in the French and Commonwealth Caribbean; the continuing influence of Britain in the pre- and post-independence political systems of the Commonwealth Caribbean, as well as of France over its Caribbean possessions; and the retention and adaptation of cultural forms derived from colonial practice as variously exhibited in the educational and ideological beliefs current within the region. These essays offer provocative insights and report intriguing parallels between the British and French experiences in the region. They also offer new interpretations of the processes at work in the area and confirm the utility of the comparative approach in appraising its problems.

    1. Introduction: the Past in the Present Paul Sutton  2. The Post-War Decline of the Sugar Economy in the Commonwealth Caribbean Ramesh Ramsaran  3. Sugar in Barbados and Martinique: A Socio-economic Comparison Michael Sleeman  4. The Sugar Protocol of the Lomé Conventions and the Caribbean Paul Sutton  5. Citizenship and Parliamentary Politics in the English-Speaking Caribbean Anthony Maingot  6. The Political Economy of Independence of the Former Associated States of the Commonwealth Caribbean Tony Thorndike  7. Guyane: A Département Like the Others? Frank Schwarzbeck  8. An Economic Policy for Martinique Jean Crusol  9. The Social and Political Thought of Aimé Césaire and C.L.R. James: Some Comparisons John La Guerre  10. Cultural Dualism and Political Domination in Haiti David Nicholls  11. Contemporary Educational Issues in the Commonwealth Caribbean Colin Brock


    Paul Sutton