Durability Analysis of Composite Systems 2001 : Proceedings of the 5th International Conference , DURACOSYS 2001, tokyo, 6-9 November 2001 book cover
1st Edition

Durability Analysis of Composite Systems 2001
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference , DURACOSYS 2001, tokyo, 6-9 November 2001

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ISBN 9789058093820
Published January 1, 2002 by CRC Press
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Book Description

This proceedings covers the general problem related to the damage initiation and development, the failure criteria and the specific aspects related to fatigue, creep behaviour, moisture diffusion and the problem of the joining systems.

Table of Contents

Preface -- Organization -- Civil Infrastructure -- Designing for FRP composites durability in the civil infrastructure (Invited lecture) /J.V.Bausano, S.W.Case & JJ.Lesko -- Correlation of laboratory and field studies of ageing and degradation of composite systems in civil infrastructure (Keynote lecture) /VMXarbhari & J.SZhang -- Interfacial properties control the durability of externally repaired infrastructures with composite materials (Keynote lecture) /K.Yamaguchi, I.Kimpara <£ K.Kageyama -- Fatigue properties of pultruded FRP for construction application /LNishizaki, I.Sasaki, T.Kishima & S.Meiarashi -- Smart Material -- Detection and suppression of transverse cracks in composite laminates with embedded FBG sensors and SMA film actuators (Keynote lecture) /N.Takeda & Y.Okabe -- Cure and health monitoring of RTM molded FRP by using optical fiber strain sensors /T.Kosaka, K.Osaka, T.Fukuda & YAsano -- Applications and Database -- Methodology for predictable damage growth design of aircraft composite structures (Invited lecture) /H .Kikukawa -- Thermo-mechanical response under the simulated SST flight pofile and residual open-hole tension-compression fatigue strength for advanced high temperature polymer matrix composites /K.Hirano, T.Suzuki, H.Nakayama, M.Noda & Y.Yamaguchi -- Design of filament-wound polymer matrix composite shield for jet engine fan blade containment /Erol Sancaktar & Nirav S.Shah -- Durability of polymer fuel cell systems /Kenneth Reifsnider & Vasanthi Vinjamoori -- Establishment of Composite Durability Data Base (CDDB) /Tsatomu Yoshimura, Shunichi Bandoh, Yoshihiro Nakayama, Ryoji Asagumo -- New Test Methods -- Monitoring the viscoelastic-viscoplastic behavior of UD CFRE in accelerated long term behavior creep tests with an electronic speckle pattern interferometer /PJ-P.Bouquet & A.H.Cardon -- Application of NDE techniques to assess the environmental durability of structural adhesive joints /M.Sachyani & PA.Dickstein -- Dielectric spectroscopy technique to assess the durability of adhesively bonded composite joint structures /P.Boinard, W.M.Banks & RA.Pethrick -- The design of composite shells for long term applications by a reliability method /F.Richard & D.Perreux -- Wavelets - a new method for analysis of microstructure of composite materials /R.Pyrz -- Environmental Effects -- Effects of fluids on polymeric composites (Invited lecture) /Y.J. Weitsman -- Weathering durability research on composite materials in Japan (Invited poster) Technical Committee, of Japan Weathering Test Center -- Durability and degradation mechanism of E and ECR glass reinforced vinylester resin under acid and alkali conditions /Y.Fujii, M.Mizoguchi & H.Jiamada -- High-cycle fatigue of CFRP rolls subjected to different environments /C.Lenz & N.Himmel -- Weight change and AFM study on AKOH)^ particle /vinylester composite under hydrothermal environment /TMori'u H Jachinaka, E.Komuro & K.Shimizu -- Mechanical properties of hydrothermal aged Al(OH)3 particle /vinylester composite /T.Morii & K.Shimizu -- Comparisons of flexural properties of GFRP under accelerated exposure test with ones under outdoor test /O-I.By on (Goichi Ben) & A.Kudo -- Response of filament-wound fiber-reinforced composite pipes to thermal loading /H.Takayanagi & MXia, K.Kemmochi & H.Fukuda -- Time-dependent Behavior -- Time-temperature dependence of tensile strength of unidirectional CFRP (Keynote lecture) /Y.Miyano, M.Nakada, M.Kinoshita, R.Koga, T.Okuya & R.Muki -- On creep rupture prediction of polymer and FRP laminates /R.M.Guedes -- The dynamic viscoelastic behavior of moistened CF /epoxy composite /A.Ishisaka, M.Kawagoe, M.Morita, Y.Miyano & Y.Tanaka -- Dependence of time, temperature and water absorption on flexural strength of CFRP laminate /N.Sekine, M.Nakada, Y.Miyano & S.W.Tsai -- Fatigue -- Bearing fatigue behavior of heat-resistant polymer composites /T.Haniada, K.Ohiwa, H.Fukuda, H.Tsuda & K.Kemmochi -- Fiber breakage due to shear constraint effect in plain woven glass fabric composites under tension /shear biaxial cyclic loading /K.Okuho, T.Fujii & Y.Kikuichi -- Damage oriented and failure of composites materials under cycling loading /M.Chafra & Y.Chevalier -- Interaction of damage development and dissipation in tensile fatigue loading of composite laminates /E.K.Gamstedt & B.F.S0rensen -- Fatigue life prediction of CFRP composite laminates under repeated flexural loading /H.Kasano, O.Hasegawa & G.Takagi -- Static and fatigue evaluation of GFRP composites in 3-point bending tests /A.V.Lima & A.T.Marques -- Matrix dominated failure in plain weave fabric composites subjected to tension-tension fatigue loads /S.D.Pandit a, M.Wevers, I.Verpoest & K .Nishiyahu -- Enhanced fatigue resistance of CFRP laminates with BN-particle dispersed interlayers /T.Tanimoto & K.Matsumoto -- Contribution to the durability analysis of thick composite pipes under hygro-thermal fatigue /FJacquemin & A.Vautrin -- Application of damage mechanics to durability -- Matrix cracking development in CFRP laminates induced by cyclic loadings: Experiments and analyses (Invited lecture) /C.Henaff-Gardin & M£Lajarie-Frenot -- Damage modelling of discontinuous composites using a micromechanics approach (Keynote lecture) /D.Baptiste -- Effects of 90° ply thickness on the transverse crack behavior in CF /BMI cross-ply laminates /S.Kobayashi, S.Ogihara & N.Takeda -- On transverse matrix cracking initiation in composite laminates /JJ.LMorais, A.G.Magalhates & A.TMarques -- Transverse crack growth in the width direction of CFRP laminates under fatigue loadings /T.Yokozeki, TAoki & T.Ishikawa -- Multi-scale analysis to determine fibre /matrix debonding criterion /A.Thionnet & J.Renard -- Ultimate strength of quasi-isotropic laminates in tension: Theoretical and experimental analysis /E.Valot, G.Verchery, NAkkus, P.Vannucci, J .Rousseau & SAivazzadeh -- Composite durability under carrosive environment -- Fractography of degraded composites under acid environments /Y.Koyama, M Mizoguchi, H.Hamada & Y.Fujii -- Influence of marine environment on deterioration properties of FRP /K.Kemmochi, MXia, H.Takayanagi & H.Fukuda -- Durability of composite GRP under stress corrosion condition by acoustic emission /G.Swit -- Reliability analysis for composites - corrosion-resistant data /T.Kitamura, H.Hojo, H.Kawada & Y.Yokoyama -- The effect of amount of hardener on degradation behavior of epoxy resin in liquids /Y.Negishi, T.Sakai, H.Sembokuya, M.Kubouchi & K.Tsuda -- Material Characterization and Modelling -- Investigation of the degraded GFRP stack /MMizoguchi, H.Hamada & Y.Fujii -- Effect of binder on hydrothermal aging of resin-impregnated glass fiber roving composite /TMorii & S.Seine -- Nonlinear stress-strain behavior in woven GFRP laminates /S.Ogihara, A.Kobayashi & K.L.Reifsnider -- Cure treatment influence on residual characteristics after impact in hybrid composites /F. Segovia Lopez, M. D. Salvador, VAmi go & A.Vicente -- Design and testing of composite cylindrical helical springs /E.Sancaktar & S.Gowrishankar -- Off-axis stress relaxation behavior of unidirectional T800H /Epoxy at elevated temperature and its macromechanical analysis /M.Kawai, YMasuko, T.Kazama & T.Nakao -- Fracture mechanics -- Effects of temperature and fiber orientation on mode II interlaminar fracture behavior of carbon /epoxy composites /H.S.Kim, WX.Wang & Y.Takao -- Effects of fiber type (CF and ALF) and temperature (RT and 77K) on interlaminar fracture properties of composite laminates with common epoxy matrix /M.Hojo, T.Kawada, SMachida, K.Moriya, M.Tanaka, S.Ochiai, S.Matsuda, B.Fiedler & HAoyama -- Author index.

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