1st Edition

Durability Analysis of Composite Systems 2001 Proceedings of the 5th International Conference , DURACOSYS 2001, tokyo, 6-9 November 2001

    500 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This proceedings covers the general problem related to the damage initiation and development, the failure criteria and the specific aspects related to fatigue, creep behaviour, moisture diffusion and the problem of the joining systems.

    Preface -- Organization -- Civil Infrastructure -- Designing for FRP composites durability in the civil infrastructure (Invited lecture) /J.V.Bausano, S.W.Case & JJ.Lesko -- Correlation of laboratory and field studies of ageing and degradation of composite systems in civil infrastructure (Keynote lecture) /VMXarbhari & J.SZhang -- Interfacial properties control the durability of externally repaired infrastructures with composite materials (Keynote lecture) /K.Yamaguchi, I.Kimpara <£ K.Kageyama -- Fatigue properties of pultruded FRP for construction application /LNishizaki, I.Sasaki, T.Kishima & S.Meiarashi -- Smart Material -- Detection and suppression of transverse cracks in composite laminates with embedded FBG sensors and SMA film actuators (Keynote lecture) /N.Takeda & Y.Okabe -- Cure and health monitoring of RTM molded FRP by using optical fiber strain sensors /T.Kosaka, K.Osaka, T.Fukuda & YAsano -- Applications and Database -- Methodology for predictable damage growth design of aircraft composite structures (Invited lecture) /H .Kikukawa -- Thermo-mechanical response under the simulated SST flight pofile and residual open-hole tension-compression fatigue strength for advanced high temperature polymer matrix composites /K.Hirano, T.Suzuki, H.Nakayama, M.Noda & Y.Yamaguchi -- Design of filament-wound polymer matrix composite shield for jet engine fan blade containment /Erol Sancaktar & Nirav S.Shah -- Durability of polymer fuel cell systems /Kenneth Reifsnider & Vasanthi Vinjamoori -- Establishment of Composite Durability Data Base (CDDB) /Tsatomu Yoshimura, Shunichi Bandoh, Yoshihiro Nakayama, Ryoji Asagumo -- New Test Methods -- Monitoring the viscoelastic-viscoplastic behavior of UD CFRE in accelerated long term behavior creep tests with an electronic speckle pattern interferometer /PJ-P.Bouquet & A.H.Cardon -- Application of NDE techniques to assess the environmental durability of structural adhesive joints /M.Sachyani & PA.Dickstein -- Dielectric spectrosc


    Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Kanazawa, Japan. Free University Brussels, Brussels, Belgium. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburg, Virginia, U.SA. Tokyo University of Science, Noda, Japan. Tokyo University of Science, Noda, Japan.