1st Edition

Dynamic Management and Leadership in Education High Reliability Techniques for Schools and Universities

By Anthony Kelly Copyright 2022
    294 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    294 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    This book presents a new integrated theory of dynamic management and leadership in one comprehensive approach. It offers a new way of looking at the field, drawing on a wide body of research and practice in the fields of leadership and management, across all sectors in education and more broadly.

    The book focuses on management against a backdrop of leadership theory. Including examples of practice and application in schools, colleges and universities, it uses a range of historical leadership approaches to scaffold different management techniques that are known to work in effective organisations. It explores the overlap between management and leadership as dynamic theoretical and practical activities, merging the two together into a holistic model that can be applied by managers working in educational settings. Its twenty-six chapters also consider the praxis of educational leadership and management from political, economic and ethical perspectives in relation to issues such as equity and widening participation, and outline how ‘managership’ impacts on student achievement.

    Offering a unique balance of theory and practice, across school, college and university sectors, the book will be of great interest to researchers, academics, graduate students and practitioners in the field of educational leadership and management, and will be important reading for all stakeholders in the area of educational effectiveness and improvement.

    1.Introduction. Part 1: Theoria. 2. Trait leadership theory. 3. Charismatic Leadership and the Core Quadrants. 4. Participative leadership and De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats. 5. Behavioural Theories: Dynamic Leadership, Followership and Style. 6. Behavioural Theories: Motivational, Authentic and Transactional Leadership. 7. Situational and Contingency Theories of Leadership and Management. Part 2: Poiesis. 8. Keeping dysfunction at bay or creating order?. 9. Genba Kaizen. 10. Managing Innovation and Change. 11. Approaches to Intellectual Capital. 12. Dynamic Leadership and Intellectual Capital.  Part 3: General Praxis. 13. Process Improvement.  14. Scorecards and Dashboards. 15. Structures and Systems. Part 4: Ethical Praxis. 16. Three Levels Leadership and Self-Mastery. 17. Moral Leadership and Cultural Leadership. Part 5: Economic Praxis. 18. Matrices and Grids. 19. Pay and Reward. 20. Measuring Responsibility. 21. A Profile Guide Chart Method for Job Evaluation. 22. Measuring Competition and Competitiveness. Part 6: Political Praxis. 23. Transformational Theory: Team and Network Leadership. 24. Transformational Theory and Change: the Dynamic Leadership of Risk and Choice. 25. Transformational Theory and Vision Leadership. 26. Distributed, Instructional and Virtual leadership.


    Anthony Kelly is Professor of Education and formerly Head of Department at the University of Southampton. He researches in the areas of educational effectiveness and improvement, policy and leadership.