1st Edition

Dynamics In Pacific Asia Conflict, Competition and Cooperation

    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    298 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1998. The writing of this book started in earnest with the establishment of a joint research group that gathered at the Netherlands Institute of Advanced Study (Wassenaar, The Hague) between September 1995 and June 1996. The starting point was the question, to what extent and in what way the new dynamics in (South)east Asia would influence Europe's global position, and more specifically, how these changes should be conceptualized in order to assist in the formulation of new policies to deal with the new international environment. Most contributors to this book would agree that there is ample reason to view these changes as an opportunity for Europe, and not just as a threat.

    Preface, Introduction, 1 Hanns W. Maull: Enhancing Cooperation in International Institutions, 2 Kurt W. Radtke: East Asia on the Threshold to the Twenty-First Century, 3 Boris Thnrner: Exploring the Strategic Interplay of Forces in Pacific Asia, 4 Klaus Fritsche: Russia: Looking for New Allies in East Asia, 5 Manfred Pohl: Korea: The Case for a Gradual Unification, 6 Leo M. van der Mey: Securing Asia. From Nehru's 'peace zone' to the' ASEANization' of Regional Security, 7 John Groenewegen: Changing Japanese Technology Policies, 8 JooP A. Starn: Technology Transfer of Japanese Enterprises in Pacific Asia: The Case of the Electronic Industry, 9 Hafiz Mirza, Kee Hwee Wee and Frank Bartels: Towards a Strategy for Enhancing ASEAN's Locational Advantages for Attracting Greater Foreign Direct Investment, 10 Takuo Akiyama: International Diversification of Investment in Newly Emerging Securities Markets in Asia, 11 Roger van Hoesel: New Challenges: Korean Investment in Europe, 12 Helmut Schutte: Regionalization of Global Thinking: Strategy and Organization of European MNCs in Asia, 13 Gioia Marini and Jan Rood: The Embarrassment of Choices? The US between Europe and the Pacific Rim


    Edited by Kurt W. Radtke, JooP A. Starn, John Groenewegen, Leo M. van der Mey and Takuo Akiyama