1st Edition

EG Property Handbook

By Geoff Parsons Copyright 2005
    433 Pages
    by Estates Gazette

    454 Pages
    by Estates Gazette

    This book has been written to meet the needs of those who work with property or property-related matters, but without any formal training, and describes how those in the property industry go about their work. The principal theme in the book is realty or landed property, including buildings. Other types of property are touched upon but only in the context of real estate.

    The book is intended to be an introduction for those whose involvement in property requires them to understand or have insights into the ways in which property functions and processes are carried out. It will also help in understanding common expressions and jargon.

    Dedication Preface Acknowledgments Author’s Note Part 1 Land and Ownership 1 Land, Air and Sea 2 Freehold Estates in Land 3 Leaseholds, Tenancies and Like Property 4 Rights of Others Part 2 Property Markets 5 Property Marketing 6 Property Owners and Others 7 Property Information and Standards 8 Markets in Property Part 3 Professional and Contractual Services 9 Professional Bodies and their Members 10 Engaging a Professional Consultant 11 Employing Contractors 12 Buying, Selling and Other Transactions Part 4 Development of Settlements 13 Settlement and Community Development 14 Sustainable and Acceptable Developments Part 5 Development Process 15 Property Development Process 16 Site Appraisal and Selection 17 Development Decisions 18 Site Clearance and Restoration 19 Procurement of Buildings Part 6 Property and Facilities Management 20 Commissioning a Property 21 Caring for Property 22 Insuring against Perils Part 7 Property and Finance 23 Financial Performance and Measurement 24 Valuations and Appraisals 25 Funding Property Transactions and Works Part 8 Property Taxation 26 Management of Property Taxation 27 National Taxes and Property 28 Council Tax and Residential Property 29 Business Property and Rates 30 Valuation for Taxes Part 9 Property and Government 31 Government and Property 32 Government and Departments etc 33 Government Funding Part 10 Settling Disputes 34 Settling Disputes Part 11 Appendices Appendix 1 — Table of Boxes Case studies Checklists Examples Practical points Profiles Step-by-step (Boxes are listed in numerical sequence for each chapter) Appendix 2 — Table of Statutes Appendix 3 — Table of Cases Appendix 4 — Table of Abbreviations Part 12 Indexes 1 Places 2 Organisations, Offices, Officials and Others 3 Key Words


    Geoff Parsons