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EPA Environmental Assessment Sourcebook

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ISBN 9781575040097
Published March 1, 1996 by CRC Press
400 Pages

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Book Description

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sponsors constant publication of the latest soil and groundwater contamination studies. Editor J. Russell Boulding has compiled the most recent and the best of these documents in the EPA Environmental Assessment Sourcebook.
This book is required reading for both the novice and the experienced environmental academic or technician. Boulding's selections address the basic concepts of contaminant behavior through the newest sampling techniques.
The EPA Environmental Assessment Sourcebook is an essential and convenient tool for anyone on the cutting edge of contamination detection, monitoring, and hopefully, someday, prevention.

Table of Contents

Overview -- J. Russell Boulding
Part I: Contaminant Behavior, Transport Process and Modeling
Basic Concepts of Contaminant Sorption at Hazardous Waste Sites -- M.D. Piwoni and J.W. Keeley
Behavior of Metals in Soils -- J.E. McLean and B.E. Bledsoe
Natural Attenuation of Hexavalent Chromium in Groundwater and Soils -- C.D. Palmer and R.W. Puls
Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquids -- S.G. Huling and J.W. Weaver
Facilitated Transport -- S.G. Huling
Complex Mixtures and Groundwater Quality -- M.L. Brusseau
Reductive Dehalogenation of Organic Contaminates in Soils and Groundwater -- J.L. Sims, J.M. Suflita and H.H. Russell
Fundamentals of Groundwater Modeling -- J. Bear, M.S. Beljin and R.R. Ross
Contaminant Transport in Fractured Media: Models for Decisionmakers -- S.G. Schmelling and R.R. Ross
Part II: Site Characterization and Monitoring
Technology Preselection Data Requirements --- U.S EPA
Accuracy of Depth to Water Measurements -- J.T. Thornhill
Suggested Operating Procedures for Aquifer Pumping Tests -- P.S. Osborne
Characterizing Soils for Hazardous Waste Site Assessments -- R.P. Breckenridge, J.R. Williams and J.F. Keck
Soil Sampling and Analysis for Volatile Organic Compounds -- T.E. Lewis, A.B. Crockett, R.L. Siergrist and K. Zarrabi
Potential Sources for Error in Groundwater Sampling at Hazardous Waste Sites -- K.F. Pohlmann and A.J. Alduino
Survey of Laboratory Studies Relating to the Sorption/Desorption of Contaminants on Selected Well Casing Materials -- J.J. Llopis
Groundwater Sampling for Metals Analysis -- R.W. Puls and M.J. Barcelona
Colloidal-Facilitated Transport for Inorganic Contaminants in Groundwater: Part I. Sampling Considerations -- R.W. Puls, J.H. Eychaner and R. M. Powell
Colloidal-Facilitated Transport for Inorganic Contaminants in Groundwater: Part II. Colloidal Transport -- R.W. Puls, R. M. Powell, D.A. Clark and C.J. Paul

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