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ESL & Applied Linguistics Professional Series

About the Series

This series provides essential texts on teaching English as a second language and applied linguistics. It includes authored and edited volumes to be used as primary or supplementary texts in graduate-level and teacher training courses to enhance students’ and practicing teachers’ professional qualifications and knowledge. Each text is designed to promote the current and growing body of knowledge in applied linguistics and second language teaching, including advances in teacher education and the study of language.

Specifically, the series includes, but is not limited to, current uses of applied linguistics research in teaching a variety of second language skills, such as reading, writing, speaking and listening; materials and curriculum design; literacy; English for academic purposes; and research methods.

The texts also deal with broad domains of professional preparation related to socio-cultural perspectives and current issues/topics in teaching and learning a second language.

Books in the series benefit not only students, but experienced teachers, curriculum developers, teacher trainers, program administrators, and other second and foreign language professionals seeking to advance and update their knowledge and expertise.

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CALL Research Perspectives

CALL Research Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Joy L. Egbert, Gina Mikel Petrie
May 26, 2005

CALL Research Perspectives creates a foundation for the study and practice of computer-assisted language learning and provides an overview of ways to conceptualize and to conduct research in CALL. Its core assumptions are that all approaches to research have a place, and that researchers, teachers,...

Understanding Language Teaching From Method to Postmethod

Understanding Language Teaching: From Method to Postmethod

1st Edition

By B. Kumaravadivelu
September 07, 2005

This book traces the historical development of major language teaching methods in terms of theoretical principles and classroom procedures, and provides a critical evaluation of each. Drawing from seminal, foundational texts and from critical commentaries made by various scholars, Kumaravadivelu ...

Language Minority Students in American Schools An Education in English

Language Minority Students in American Schools: An Education in English

1st Edition

By H. D. Adamson
February 17, 2005

This book addresses questions of language education in the United States, focusing on how to teach the 3.5 million students in American public schools who do not speak English as a native language. These students are at the center of a national debate about the right relationship among ESL, ...

Reclaiming the Local in Language Policy and Practice

Reclaiming the Local in Language Policy and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By A. Suresh Canagarajah
November 30, 2004

This volume inserts the place of the local in theorizing about language policies and practices in applied linguistics. While the effects of globalization around the world are being discussed in such diverse circles as corporations, law firms, and education, and while the spread of English has come ...

Second Language Writers' Text Linguistic and Rhetorical Features

Second Language Writers' Text: Linguistic and Rhetorical Features

1st Edition

By Eli Hinkel
January 01, 2002

This comprehensive and detailed analysis of second language writers' text identifies explicitly and quantifiably where their text differs from that of native speakers of English. The book is based on the results of a large-scale study of university-level native-speaker and non-native-speaker essays...

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