1st Edition

Early Records of British India A History of the English Settlements in India

By J. Talboys Wheeler Copyright 1878

    Early Records of British India (1972) is an important collection of source material deriving from official documents which now form part of the India Office Records. It throws light upon the beginnings of British power through the rise of the East India Company and the corresponding decline of the Mughal Empire. The extracts are illustrated, or held together, by an explanatory narrative which enables the work to be read continuously as a coherent whole whilst an ample index provides ready identification of particular circumstances.

    1. India in the Seventeenth Century  2. English at Surat and Bombay  3. English at Madras  4. Madras under Golkonda  5. Madras under the Moghals  6. English in Bengal  7. Calcutta and its Capture  8. First Government of Clive  9. Calcutta Records: Changing Nawabs  10. Calcutta Records: Private Trade  11. Calcutta Records: Patna Massacre  12. Second Government of Clive  13. Beginning of British Administration


    J. Talboys Wheeler