Earthen Architecture: Past, Present and Future  book cover
1st Edition

Earthen Architecture: Past, Present and Future

ISBN 9781138027114
Published August 25, 2014 by CRC Press
390 Pages

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Book Description

Earthen architecture is widespread all over the world and demonstrates a significant richness of varieties both in application and in materials used. This book discusses and debates the lessons that can be learned from earthen architecture to create sustainable architecture today, both for the conservation of traditional existing buildings and the design and construction of new ones. It deals with the study of earthen architecture around the world in order to preserve our earthen built heritage and proposes these building techniques as a sustainable option for building a new architecture of the future.

Earthen Architecture: Past, Present and Future will be a valuable source of information for academics and professionals in the fields of Civil Engineering, Construction and Building Engineering and Architecture.

Table of Contents

Organization and committees
Conference support

Plenary lectures

Continuity of French rammed earth architecture
H. Guillaud, S. Moriset & D. Gandreau


A web map for Italian earthen architecture
M. Achenza & C. Cocco

The documentation and analysis of the earthen architecture in Saudi Arabia
A.A. Alaidarous

Earth-based architecture linked to charcoal making in north Aragon mountain ranges
Q. Angulo, E. Monesma & A. Quiterio

A pentagonal block home
G. Barbeta & E. Navarrete

Thermal improvement of rammed earth buildings by the inclusion of natural cork
G. Barbeta & F.X. Massó Ros

36 Thankas to promote the conservation of the Ladakhi earthen heritage
M. Bertagnin, D.D. Antoni, A. Skedzuhn-Safir, M. Oeter & H. Vets

The first Italian Rammed earth restoration guidelines
G. Bollini & I. Parodi

Jute fabric to improve the mechanical properties of rammed earth constructions
S. Briccoli, M. Fagone, F. Loccarini & G. Ranocchiai

Practices and demands in retrofitting of vernacular rammed earth houses
A. Buzo, H.J. Cho, L. Genis & G. Paccoud

Latest trends in rammed earth restoration in western Andalucía
J. Canivell & A. Graciani

Albacete fairground: Conservation of a singular rammed earth building
C. Caro

Restoration of the Rojano Tower in Lorca (Murcia, Spain)
P.E. Collado

Saint Anthony hermitage: An example of earth rammed wall in a reconquest church
L. Cortés, S. Tormo, R. Marín & J. Pardo

Ceramic connectors & culture connection
V. Cristini & J.R. Ruiz-Checa

A parameterization of brick-reinforced rammed earth in Valencian Region (Spain)
V. Cristini, F. Martella, C. Mileto & F. Vegas

Transdisciplinarity in rammed earth construction for contemporary practice
M. Dabaieh & M. Sakr

From refined to popular architecture. Mixed rammed earth walls with adobe reinforcements
M. del Río & F. Jové

C.A.S.A.—Central American Sustainable Architecture
L. Di Virgilio & S. Parlato

Stratigraphic analysis of earthen architecture: The mosque of M’Hamid El Ghizlane
O. Domínguez, A. García & C. Moreno

Air lime-earth blended mortars—assessment on fresh state and workability
P. Faria, I. Dias, N. Jamú & V. Silva

Earthen construction in Alto Arnoia river valley, Galicia
A. Fernández

The vernacular earthen architecture near Turin (Piedmont, Italy)
F. Fratini, S. Rescic, C. Riminesi, M. Mattone, L. Rovero & U. Tonietti

Evaluation of seismic behaviour of rammed earth structures
R. Gallego & I. Arto

Restoration of monumental rammed earth buildings in Spain in the last decade according to the 1% Cultural Program
L. García Soriano, C. Mileto, F. Vegas & V. La Spina

Early modern period adobe in Sicily: Recent finds
M.L. Germanà

The Ksar Sidi Bou Abdellah in Mdagra Oasis, Morocco
T. Gil & P. Rodríguez-Navarro

Puzzolanic materials for restoration of earthen architecture
L.F. Guerrero, F.J. Soria & R.S. Roux

The presaharian settlements of the Ziban: The persistence of Roman elements
in native Islamic dwelling
S. Haoui

Earthen architecture’s on seismic areas: Costa Rica’s case
I. Hernández

Rammed earth consolidation techniques: Restoration of Talamanca del Jarama city wall
E. Herrero

From stone to rammed earth: The open plan architecture in Sinyent Farm (Valencia, Spain)
F. Iborra & I. Matoses

Contemporary rammed earth construction. Alexandre Bastos—creativity and maturity
F. Jorge

The fitness of earthen architecture
C. Kraus

Compressive strength of blood stabilized earthen architecture
C. Kraus, D. Hirmas & J. Roberts

Location and conservation of rammed earth in Chelva (Spain)
M.Á. Lloría, J.A. Cantó & S.D. Lozano

The walls construction system in Muza Tower (Benifaio, Spain)
V. López, S. Tormo & T.M. Pellicer

Design in Jericho: Contemporary earthen architecture and local cultural landscape
F.M. Lorusso & S. Mecca

The karsheef: Problems of cultural and environmental conservation
G. Martines

Characterization of external renderings of rammed earth constructions in the Algarve
L. Mateus, J. de Brito & M.R. Veiga

Masked defensive architecture. El portal de Massalavés
I. Matoses

Sequential organization for self-built earthen construction site
S. Mecca & M. Achilli

Restoration of rammed-earth monumental buildings 1980–2011, the Valencian Community (Spain)
M. Mestre, L. García Soriano, M. Diodato & V. La Spina

Conservation of earthen architecture in the United States of America: Some case studies
C. Mileto & F. Vegas

Innovation through a public construction using rammed earth in Alsace
L. Piccon & A. Mesbah

The other architecture: From natural caves to excavated housing
B.P. García & J.C. Pérez Sánchez

First considerations for an adobes mensio-chronology 287
D. Pittaluga & R. Pagella

T.E.R.R.E.—Technological Experiments and Research on Earth buildings
S. Pollak & A. Fasoli

An itinerary through Sardinian earth built villages
E. Pusceddu

Light Earth Designs: Natural material, natural structure
M.H. Ramage, T. Hall & P. Rich

Experimental rammed earth prototypes in Mediterranean climate
L. Rincón, S. Serrano, L.F. Cabeza, B. González, A. Navarro & M. Bosch

Inventory of Outat valley ksour in Morocco
P. Rodríguez-Navarro & T. Gil

Knowledge exchange for innovation in the vernacular rammed earth technique, Peru
S. Rodríguez-Larraín, J. Vargas-Neumann, S. Onnis & R. Correa

The Jiayuguan Fortress: Structural consistency and safeguarding programs
L. Rovero & U. Tonietti

Guidelines elaboration for a self-building manual with earth in Chiapas State, Mexico
K. Sánchez

Clay boards and panels—an innovative earth building product for drywall construction
H. Schroeder

Earth as a construction material conserving Addiriyah of Saudi Arabia
M.S. Zami

Architecture and landscape in Sharq al-Andalus. The conservation of an Islamic qarya
A. Soler, R. Soler & E. Paredes

Study of the Pre-Hispanic Road located in the PUCP Campus, Lima, Peru
J. Vargas-Neumann, F. Jonnard, S.G. Zacarias & J.M. Robles

Rammed earth and prestige in Rincón’s region, the Abbey House in Castielfabib, Spain
À. Vázquez-Esparza

Contributions of traditional façades to the thermal comfort
J. Vercher, F. Cubel, C. Lerma, Á. Mas & E. Gil

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