1st Edition

Eastern Influences on Neuropsychotherapy Accepting, Soothing, and Stilling Cluttered and Critical Minds

Edited By Giles Yeates, Gavin Farrell Copyright 2018
    264 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This release marks the first in the new series of annual book publications that has evolved from the journal Neuro-Disability and Psychotherapy: A forum for the practice and development of psychological therapies for neurological conditions. These books will gather together new articles under a particular sub-theme related to the practice of neuropsychotherapy.

    The first issue is a republication of the journal's special double issue on the application of Eastern-influenced psychotherapies for people with neurological conditions, along with two additional related articles that were subsequently published by the journal. Collectively, this publication showcases diverse and contemporary practice in neuropsychotherapy. These all share an influence of Eastern religious and philosophical practices, used to address the ever-present need for innovative adaptation to talking therapies in the face of heterogeneous and complex emotional and cognitive difficulties for those with acquired and progressive neurological conditions.

    Table of Contents


    Contents (all content from issue NDP 02(1/2) unless otherwise indicated:

    1. Introduction to this Republished volume (Giles Yeates & Gavin Farrell) New content
    2. Original Editorial from NDP2(1/2) issue (Giles Yeates & Gavin Farrell)
    3. An exploration of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for chronic pain in Multiple Sclerosis (Oliver Tooze, Anke Karl, Leon Dysch & David McLaughlin)
    4. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for the management of chronic neuropathic pain in Multiple Sclerosis: A case study. Neil Carrigan & Leon Dysch from NDP 3(2).
    5. An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Intervention for a woman with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and a history of childhood trauma (Sarah Gillanders & David Gillanders)
    6. Soothing the Injured Brain with a Compassionate Mind: Building the Case for Compassion Focused Therapy following Acquired Brain Injury (Fi Ashworth)
    7. Facing Degeneration with Compassion on Your Side: Using Compassion Focused Therapy with People with a Diagnosis of a Dementia (Rebecca Poz)
    8. The use of yoga to enhance a compassion focused therapy intervention in a holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation setting for ABI. A qualitative case illustration. (Aneesh Sharavat)
    9. Body In Mind Training: Mindful movement for the Clinical Setting (Tamara Russell)
    10. Flow State Experiences as a Biopsychosocial Guide for Tai Ji Intervention and Research in Neuro-Rehabilitation (Giles Yeates) from NDP 3(1).
    11. Mindfulness MBSR/MBCT improves general psychiatric symptom severity, depression, anxiety and perceived stress in neurological disorders in an NHS clinical setting. title to be reworded (Niels Detert & Laura Douglass)


    Dr Giles Yeates is principal clinical neuropsychologist and also a couples psychotherapist at the Community Head Injury Service, Aylesbury. His clinical work involves psychological therapy and cognitive rehabilitation with survivors of brain injury in individual and group formats. In addition he works within the family service to provide couples and family sessions, including work with child relatives. Dr Yeates is also an active researcher and author within the areas of social neuroscience, interpersonal relationships, neuropsychoanalysis, social context, psychological therapies and qualitative research following brain injury.


    Dr Gavin Farrell is the co-editor of the journal Neuro-Disability & Psychotherapy. He works as a Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist in the NHS, in a community neuro-rehabilitation service. He completed Core Training in Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP) in 2011. His specialist area of interest is in working with medically unexplained neurological symptoms such as psychogenic non-epileptic seizures.