1st Edition

Eat, Drink, Animate An Animators Cookbook

By Tom Sito Copyright 2019
    210 Pages
    by CRC Press

    210 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Tom Sito (the legendary animator behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Beauty and the Beast, and other classic works) brings together the perfect fusion of culinary skill and animation in his cookbook, Eat, Drink, Animate: An Animator's Cookbook. Sito’s book is a celebration of the works from legendary animation artists from around the world. Twelve Academy Award winners, five Emmy Award winners. From legendary animators from Hollywood’s Golden Age, to modern masters. Not only does he demonstrate examples of their works, but he also includes their favorite personal recipe, and an anecdote from their professional lives that relates to food.


    Key Features:

  • A rare look behind the scenes of some of animation's most memorable films.
  • Usable recipes you canmake yourself, tested and adapted by Rebecca Bricetti, former editor for Stewart, Tabori, & Chang (Glorious Food ) and Robert Lence animator and gourmet (Toy Story, Shrek).
  • Never before seen photos and illustrations.
  • Anecdotes from behind-the-scenes of some of your favourite animated classics.
  • chapter 1 Life in an Animation Studio

    chapter 2 Cocktails and Beverages

    chapter 3 Breakfast and Brunch

    chapter 4 Joe Grant

    chapter 5 Jones

    chapter 6 Thomas

    chapter 7 Main Dishes

    chapter 8 Aragones

    chapter 9 Arriola

    chapter 10 Azadani

    chapter 11 Baer

    chapter 12 Batchelor

    chapter 13 Beaumont

    chapter 14  Blair

    chapter 15 Bozzetto

    chapter 16 Canemaker

    chapter 17 Celestri

    chapter 18 Chan

    chapter 19 Chasen’s Chilli

    chapter 20 Chibas

    chapter 21 DAVID

    chapter 22 CREAMY SALSA DIP (Davis)

    chapter 23 del Carmen

    chapter 24 Disney

    chapter 25 Docter

    chapter 26 Freleng

    chapter 27 Garcia

    chapter 28 Giacchino

    chapter 29 Grillo

    chapter 30 Halas

    chapter 31 Hanna

    chapter 32 Kaplan

    chapter 33 Kausler

    chapter 34 Keane

    chapter 35 Kimball

    chapter 36 Bill Kroyer

    chapter 37 Sue Kroyer

    chapter 38 Kugel

    chapter 39 Kurtz

    chapter 40 Lambert

    chapter 41 Lence

    chapter 42 Luckey

    chapter 43 Mack

    chapter 44 Miyazaki

    chapter 45 Moore

    chapter 46 Natwick

    chapter 47 Partch

    chapter 48Plympton

    chapter 49 Quinn

    chapter 50 Scribner

    chapter 51 Sito

    chapter 52 Tartakowsky

    chapter 53 Tobin

    chapter 54 Toomey

    chapter 55 Washam

    chapter 56 Williams

    chapter 57 Wizig

    chapter 58 Practical Jokes

    chapter 59INK & PAINT TEA-TIME

    chapter 60 Chapman

    chapter 61 Davis

    chapter 62 Clampett

    chapter 63DEJA DELIGHTS

    chapter 64 Goldberg dish

    chapter 65 Sofian


    Tom Sito is a veteran animator and animation historian who has worked in Hollywood for

    over 40 years. His screen credits include Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988), The Little Mermaid

    (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), The Lion King (1993), Pocahontas (1995),

    The Prince of Egypt (1998), Shrek (2001), and Osmosis Jones (2001). His television work includes

    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, She Ra Princess of Power, and The Superfriends. He is

    President Emeritus of the Animation Guild Local 839 (Hollywood), was awarded the June

    Foray Award by ASIFA Hollywood, and sits on the Board of Governors for the Motion Picture

    Academy of Arts & Sciences. He is a member of the Hyperion Historical Alliance and The

    National Cartoonists Society. He currently teaches animation at the University of Southern


    His books include Drawing the Line: The Untold Story of the Animation Unions from Bosco to

    Bart Simpson (University Press of Kentucky, 2006), Moving Innovation: A History of Computer

    Animation (MIT Press, 2013), and Timing for Animation, Second Edition (Focal Press, 2009).