1st Edition

Echinoderm Research

By Michel Jangoux Copyright 1990

    This book is an outcome of the second European conference on Echinoderm brussels held in Belgium in 1989. It covers the following areas of research in echinoderm: paleontology, reproduction, development and larval biology, evolution, systematics and biogeography, morphology and physiology.

    Plenary lectures 1. The significance of a non-centralized nervous system to general studies on echinoderm biology 2. Palaeontological approaches to evolution in echinoderms 3. Biological control of skeleton properties in echinoderms Palaeontology 4. Depositional environment and palaeoecology of crinoid-communities from the Middle Jurassic Burgundy-Platform of Western Europe 5. Premieres decouvertes du genre Trachypatagus Pomel (Echinoidea, Spatangoida) dans les terrains miocenes du bassin du Rhone 6. L'ancetre eocene des Scutellidae (Echinoidea; Clypeasteroida) 7. Strategie adaptative des Hemiaster et des Periaster du Cretace superieur (Cenomanien-Coniacien) de la plate-forme carbonatee de Tunisic Reproduction, development and larval biology 8. Isolation of a vitellogenic protein from Asterias rubens L. 9. Second generation of Paracentrotus lividus reared in the laboratory: Egg quality tested 10. Reproduction asexuee par scission chez Holothuria atra (Holothuroidea) dans des populations de platiers recifaux 11. Reproductive biology of Tripneustes gratilla (L.) from Gulf of Aqaba and northern Red Sea 12. Reproductive cycle of the ophiuroid Acrocnida brachiata (Montagu) in the Bay of Seine (English Channel) 13. Effect of starvation and the time to first feeding on larvae of Luidia clathrata (Say) (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) 14. The attachment complex of the doliolaria larvae of Antedon bifida (Echinodermata, Crinoidea) 15. Le developpement precoce de l'echinide incubant Abatus cordatus: Un nouveau type de gastrulation Evolution, systematics and biogeography 16. Les Crinoides pedoncules de Nouvelle-Caledonie: Inventaire et reflexions sur les taxons archaiques 17. Strategies de dispersion et insularite: Les Ophiures littorales de la chaine des Seammounts Vitoria-Trintade (Bresil); resultats preliminaires 18. Mapping morphological changes in the spatangoid Echinocardium: Applications to ontogeny and interspecific comparisons 19. Progenetic miniaturization in the sand dol


    Michel Jangoux (Author)