Ecological Consequences of Increasing Crop Productivity : Plant Breeding and Biotic Diversity book cover
1st Edition

Ecological Consequences of Increasing Crop Productivity
Plant Breeding and Biotic Diversity

ISBN 9781774633335
Published March 31, 2021 by Apple Academic Press
328 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

With contributions from leading scientists in agricultural biology and young researchers, this book examines the ecological consequences that sometimes arise with various methods of increasing crop productivity. It also presents agroecological approaches to crop improvement and productivity from several perspectives, examines alternative energy sources, and discusses other problems related to sustainable agriculture.

Table of Contents

Mountain Biota of Cultivated Meadow Pasture In North Caucasus
Cultivation of Legume Grasses for Seeds in Mountain Zones, S. A. Bekuzarova, I. M. Khaniyeva, and L. S. Ghishkayeva
Introduced Forms of Red Clover (Trifolium Pratense L.) for Hayfield Pasture Use, S. A. Bekuzarova and V. A. Belyayeva
Restoration of Biodiversity in Mount Plant Communities by Means of Selection, S. A. Bekuzarova
Ways of Increasing Productivity of Amaranth in the Conditions of North Ossetia-Alania (Russia), S. A. Bekuzarova and V. I. Gasiev

Plant Breeding in the Western Siberia: Agro-Ecological Approaches
The Susceptibility of Factors of the Surrounding Environment on Seed Germination Characteristics and Biological Resistance of Hybrids Triticum Aestivum L., E. I. Ripberger, N. A. Bome, and Ya. A. Bome
Study on Ecological and Biological Potential and the Forming of Gene Pool of Cereal and of Official Plants, N. A. Bome and A. Ya. Bome
Basic Properties of Sod-Podzolic Soil of the North Territories of the Tyumen Region, I. A. Dudareva and N. A. Bome
Relationship Between Soybean Cultivars, SPAD 502 Chlorophyll Meter Readings and Rhizobia Inoculation in Western Siberia, I. Kuehling, N. Bome, and D. Trautz
Stability of Cultural Cereals to Phytopathogenic Fungis of Genus Fusarium Link on the South Tyumen Region, N. A. Bome, A. Ya. Bome, and N. N. Kolokolova
Ecological and Biological Potential and Forming of Gene Pool of Cultural Plants, N. A. Bome, A. Ya. Bome, ¿.I . Ripberger, S. V. Arsentyev, and L. I. Weisfeld

Plant Breeding in the Ukraine: Agro-Ecological Approaches
Method for Evaluation of Regeneration Potential of Pear Cultivars and Species (Pyrus L.), A. I. Opalko, N. M. Kucher, and O. A. Opalko
Variability of Combining Abilities of MS (Male Sterility) Lines and Sterility Binders of Sugar Beets as to Sugar Content, M. O. Korneeva and M. M. Nenka
The Efficiency of the Use of Crop Produce for Alternative Fuel Production, A. V. Doronin
Sugar Beet Root Rots During Vegetation Periods in Ukraine, N. N. Zapolska

A Role of Chemical Mutagenesis in Induction of Biodiversity of Agricultural Plants
Chemical Mutagenesis as Enlargement Method of Genetical Diversity of Initial Material in Plant Breeding, S. P. Vasilkivskii
To the Question About Cytogenetic Mechanism of Chemical Mutagenesis, L. I. Weisfeld

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Opalko, Anatoly I. | Weisfeld, Larissa I. | Bekuzarova, Sarra A. | Bome, Nina A. | Zaikov, Gennady E.|