1st Edition

Ecological Diversity in Sustainable Development
The Vital and Forgotten Dimension

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ISBN 9781566703772
Published May 4, 1999 by CRC Press
432 Pages

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Book Description

Our world is filled with unseen wonders - the most phenomenal of which is the often hidden beauty of the diversity that surrounds us. Apart from the beauty diversity brings to our lives, it is also absolutely necessary to the sustainability of life itself.
The importance of diversity is overlooked in the social realm, yet decisions made in that realm affect all of society for generations. Planners tend to ignore ecological diversity because they don't understand it. Ecological Diversity in Sustainable Development: The Vital and Forgotten Dimension makes that clear. The author tackles this difficult problem: how are we to maintain sustainable diversity in the Earth's ecosystems and our cultural systems? He provides examples of how natural and cultural diversity have been reduced by altering the linkages between climate, soil, water, air, forests, animals, and people.
The book is divided into three parts. Part one examines diversity as it is found in nature, part two considers how culture affects diversity through its evolution, and part three explores the diversity of Nature as seen through culture in an attempt to guide culture toward social/environmental sustainability.
Anyone who is interested in the quality of life on Earth will want this book. Maser writes in easy-to-read lucid prose, providing a holistic overview of environmental issues that 21st century decision makers must address in shaping our destiny.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Diversity as a Part of Nature
Survival, Economics and Diversity
The Chocolate Crisis
The Right of Personal Survival
The Universe is Born
Diversity is the Quality of Being Different
Diversity as a Matter of Dimension
Diversity as a Matter of Relationship
Creation and Extinction
On Species
When Habitats Change
When Climate Changes
Purposely-Created Extinction
Part 2: Culture and Diversity
Culture, Diversity and Evolution
Language, the Key to Conscious Evolution and Technological Development
Evolution Versus Development
What is Meant by Development
The March of Cultures
The Culturalization of Landscapes
Fragility of Ecosystems
Soil and Agriculture
Indigenous Peoples of the Americas
The Sacred and the Profane
How People Think
A Clash of Cultures
The Rights of Private Property and the Ownership of Land
Part 3: Diversity as the Foundation of Sustainable Community
Local Technology and Global Consequences
A Ditch
A Dam
Can we Control the Effects of that Which we Introduce into the Environment?
How One Introduction Leads to Another
Dealing With Scales of Diversity
Diversity Within the Context of the Time and Space Across a Landscape
Diversity Within the Context of Time and Space of a Community
Diversity is the Wealth of Sustainable Community
Wealth Versus Money
Mythology, Diversity, and Lifestyle
If we are Serious About Wanting a Quality Lifestyle
Thou Shalt not Steal Diversity
Protecting Diversity Through Land-Use Planning
Open Space

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