1st Edition

Ecological Technologies for Industrial Wastewater Management Petrochemicals, Metals, Semi-Conductors, and Paper Industries

Edited By Victor M. Monsalvo Copyright 2015
    302 Pages 86 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    302 Pages 86 B/W Illustrations
    by Apple Academic Press

    Water is essential to our planet’s life, and protecting our water resources is a prerequisite for building a sustainable future. Since water use is inextricably linked to energy use, however, we face significant challenges. Water plays an essential role in many, if not most, manufacturing facilities. In a world facing a water-scarcity crisis, much research and development currently focuses on decreasing industries’ water-use footprint.

    This compendium volume looks briefly at several select industries and investigates various water treatment processes for each, including microbial biotechnologies, ozone-related processes, adsorption, and photochemical reactions, among others. The various industries are organized into four groups:

    • Industries that produce petrochemicals

    • Metal industries

    • The semi-conductor industry

    • The paper and pulp industries

    Collected by a well-respected expert in the field, the studies gathered here are intended to be a starting point for further investigation by graduate students and other scientific researchers. Today's research, found in these chapters, can be expanded to create tomorrow's even wider frame of study.


    Part I: Industrial Petrochemicals

    Anaerobic Treatment of Wastewater from Used Industrial Oil Recovery; Nuria Garcia-Mancha, Daniel Puyol, Victor M. Monsalvo, Hayfa Rajhi, Angel F. Mohedano and Juan J. Rodriguez

    LDHs as Adsorbents of Phenol and Their Environmental Applications; Butenko E., Malyshev A., Kapustin A.

    Biodegradability of Oily Wastewater Using Rotating Biological Contactor Combined with an External Membrane; Mahdieh Safa, Iran Alemzadeh, and Manouchehr Vossoughi

    Part II: Metal Industries

    Removal of Vanadium(III) and Molybdenum(V) from Wastewater Using Posidonia oceanica (Tracheophyta) Biomass; Chiara Pennesi, Cecilia Totti, Francesca Beolchini

    The Effective Electrolytic Recovery of Dilute Copper from Industrial Wastewater; Teng-Chien Chen, Ricky Priambodo, Ruo-Lin Huang, and Yao-Hui Huang

    Intracellular Biosynthesis and Removal of Copper Nanoparticles by Dead Biomass of Yeast Isolated from the Wastewater of a Mine in the Brazilian Amazonia; Marcia R. Salvadori, Rômulo A. Ando, Cláudio A. Oller do Nascimento, and Benedito Corrêa

    Part III: Semi-Conductor Industry

    Application of Ozone Related Processes to Mineralize Tetramethyl Ammonium Hydroxide in Aqueous Solution; Chyow-San Chiou, Kai-Jen Chuang, Ya-Fen Lin, Hua-Wei Chen, and Chih-Ming Ma

    Physico-chemical Investigation of Semiconductor

    Industrial Wastewater; Y. C.Wong, V. Moganaragi, and N. A. Atiqah

    Improving the Efficiency of a Coagulation-Flocculation Wastewater Treatment of the Semiconductor Industry through Zeta Potential Measurements; Eduardo Alberto López-Maldonado, Mercedes Teresita Oropeza-Guzmán, and Adrián Ochoa-Terán

    Part IV: Pulp and Paper Industries

    Improvement of Biodegradability Index Through Electrocoagulation and Advanced Oxidation Process; A. Asha, Keerthi, A. Muthukrishnaraj, and N. Balasubramanian

    Removal of Lignin from Wastewater through Electro-Coagulation; Ravi Shankar, Lovjeet Singh, Prasenjit Mondal, and Shri Chand

    Treatment of Wastewater Effluents from Paper-Recycling Plants by Coagulation Process and Optimization of Treatment Conditions with Response Surface Methodology; Noushin Birjandi, Habibollah Younesi, and Nader Bahramifar

    Part V: Conclusion

    Life Cycle Assessment Applications in Wastewater Treatment; Nurdan Buyukkamaci



    Professor Victor Monsalvo is an environmental scientist with a PhD in chemical engineering from the University Autonoma de Madrid, where he later became a professor in the chemical engineering section. As a researcher, he has worked with the following universities: Leeds, Cranfield, Sydney, and Aachen. He took part in an active research team working in areas of environmental technologies, water recycling, and advanced water treatment systems.  He has been involved in sixteen research projects sponsored by various entities. He has led nine research projects with private companies and an R&D national project, coauthored two patents (national and international) and a book, edited two books, and written around fifty journal and referred conference papers. He has given two key notes in international conferences and has been a member of the organizing committee of five national and international conferences, workshops, and summer schools. He is currently working as senior researcher in the Chemical Processes Department at Abengoa Research, Abengoa, Seville, Spain.