1st Edition

Economic Development and Mental Illness Anticipating and Mitigating Disruptive Change

By Alf Walle Copyright 2020
    168 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    168 Pages 1 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Social, economic, and technological changes disrupt many Indigenous, ethnic, and rural communities even when offering progress. Under these conditions, social and psychological dysfunctions are likely to emerge. This book provides insights regarding how to anticipate, prevent, and, when necessary, provide mitigation strategies to communities and individuals who suffer as a result.

    This book, the first of its kind, provides an overview of strategic and policy issues involving the relationship between change and dysfunction, enabling the reader to more effectively deal with potentially hurtful influences in proactive, equitable, and culturally sensitive ways. After providing a theoretical overview, methods for anticipating the hurtful impacts of change are discussed, along with techniques for mitigating its negative effects upon communities and individuals.

    Learning objectives and discussion questions are included with each chapter, and the book can serve as a text for courses on indigenous economic development, Native studies, culturally appropriate business, and culturally competent therapy. It can also be used as a professional handbook for practitioners working with communities affected by these issues.

    Section 1: A social background

    Prologue to Section

    1 What is anomie?

    2 Coping with anomie

    3 Hurtful impacts of anomie

    4 Positive responses to anomie

    5 Effected communities

    Epilogue to Section 1


    Section 2: Psychological perspectives

    Prologue to Section 2

    6 The standard anomie model

    7 Implications of cultural trauma

    8 Terror Management Theory

    Epilogue to Section 2


    Section 3: Strategies of mitigation

    Prologue to Section 3

    9 Client-centered therapy

    10 Representative tactics

    Epilogue to Section 3

    Final words



    Alf H. Walle is a former professor of Tribal Management, and also directed a residential facility serving Indigenous alcoholics. Focusing on change, disruption, dysfunction, and therapy, Walle combines academic and practitioner orientations.