1st Edition

Economic Trends in Soviet Russia

By A. Yugoff Copyright 1930

    Economic Trends in Soviet Russia (1930) examines the economic position of the USSR a decade after the Revolution. It displayed the contradictions evident in an economy that had been isolated from the world economy while undergoing great changes, and where the government was taking control over all aspects of economic life. Huge factories had been established, yet the countryside remained pre-industrial; and while the economy was in theory entirely under State control, in practice currency crises, crises of production, gluts, crises of demand, pressed hard on one another’s heels, and were renewed again and again by the spontaneous play of economic forces.

    1. Russian Economics Shortly Before the Great War  2. Russian Economics During the Great War  3. Russian Economics During the Period of ‘War Communism’, 1918–1920  4. Present Condition of Russian Industry  5. Industrialisation and the Problem of the Accumulation of Capital  6. The Administration and Organisation of State Industry  7. Nationalisation of Industry  8. Present Condition of Russian Agriculture  9. Agriculture and the Market  10. Developmental Trends in Russian Agriculture  11. Internal Trade  12. Foreign Commerce, Commercial Treaties, Concessions  13. Currency and State Finance  14. The Housing Problem  15. Labour  16. Purposive Economics and State Regulation  17. Towards Socialism or Capitalism?  18. Economic Balance Sheet


    A. Yugoff