1st Edition

Economic and Financial Aspects of Social Security An International Survey

By J. Henry Richardson Copyright 1960

    First Published in 1960, Economic and Financial Aspects of Social Security presents an important intervention by Professor J. Henry Richardson, an experienced authority on social security. Specially valuable is the chapter which considers what proportion of national income can be afforded for social security and also that on the alternatives of financing by accumulating large funds or by ‘pay-as-you-go’ methods. The author directs particular attention to age and retirement and urges that both social security systems and industrial organization should be so devised as to give encouragement and facilities for older people to continue working as long as they are fit. He also discusses remedies for poverty arising from sickness and large families with low incomes. The value of social security as a factor in economic security and in the redistribution of income, safeguards against inflation, and the problem of saving today for consumption in the future are also examined. This book is an essential read for scholars and researchers of political economy, labour economics and economics in general

    Preface 1. Introduction 2. Definition and Scope 3. Basic Policies and Principles 4. Social Insurance 5. Accumulation of Funds versus ‘Pay-as -You- Go’ Financing 6. Proportion of Social Security Payments to National Income 7. Age and Retirement 8. Family Allowances 9. Health 10. Other Contingencies 11. Some Economic Considerations 12. Conclusions Selected References Index


    J. Henry Richardson