Ecotoxicity and Human Health : A Biological Approach to Environmental Remediation book cover
1st Edition

Ecotoxicity and Human Health
A Biological Approach to Environmental Remediation

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ISBN 9781566701419
Published October 9, 1995 by CRC Press
336 Pages

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Book Description

Ecotoxicity and Human Health emphasizes the relationships between toxicity, ecological systems, and human health. It focuses on the extent and nature of hazardous waste sites and how their effects may be studied in humans and other systems, using in vitro models, biomarkers of cellular and molecular damage, and animal models. It also includes considerable information on bioremediation, legal and regulatory issues, public perceptions and societal responses, quantitative modeling and analysis, and international directives.
One of the unique features of Ecotoxicity and Human Health is its coverage of the legislative actions that have occurred over the past two decades and which have most affected the issue of hazardous waste. The book discusses the Superfund Statute, the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the Ocean Dumping Act of 1972, the Rio Conference, United Nations Declarations, EC Regulations and Directives, and selected state legislation.

Table of Contents

Introduction, F.J. de Serres and A.D. Bloom
Hazardous Waste: Nature, Extent, Effects, and Societal Responses, B.L. Johnson
Nature and Extent of Waste Generation
Effects of Hazardous Waste on Human Health
Effects of Hazardous Waste on Ecosystems
Societal Response: Laws and International Conventions
Remediation of Hazardous Wastes
Societal Response: Environmental Ethics
Summary and Conclusions
Ecotoxicology: Environmental Fate and Ecosystem Impact, C.E. Weinstein
The Relationship Between Human and Ecological Health
Biological Interactions with Environmental Contaminants
Ecotoxicology and Biota
Ecosystem Effects of Persistent Toxicants
Considerations for Bioremediation
Integration of Complex Mixture Toxicity and Microbiological Analyses for Environmental Remediation Research, L.D. Claxton, V.S. Houk, and S.E. George
Understanding the Problems
Effect of the Dynamic Complexity of Hazardous Waste Sites Upon Understanding Potential Toxic Exposures
Research Strategies for Microorganisms
Impact of Integrated Biological Analyses Upon Exposure and Risk Assessment Methods
Summary and Conclusions
Biomarkers of DNA Damage, L.R. Shugart
Biomarkers: An Overview
DNA Damage as a Biomarker
Strategies for Biomarker Use
Strategies for Biomarker Evaluation
In Situ Studies
In Situ Evaluation of Genetic Hazards of Complex Chemical Mixtures, S.S. Sandhu, W.R. Lower, and Y.R. Ahuja
Detection of Genetic Hazards at Industrial Waste Sites
Genotoxicity Assessment in Aquatic Environments
Integration, Interpretation, and Limitation of Data
Wildlife Toxicity in Biomonitoring and Bioremediation: Implications for Human Health, K. McBee and R.L. Lochmiller
Population Dynamics
Mixed Function Oxidase (MFO) Enzyme System
Extrapolation from Wildlife Models to Potential Human Effect
Environmental Bioremediation: Approaches and Processes, C. Bonaventura, J. Bonaventura, and D.F. Bodishbaugh
Bioremediation Defined
Bioremediation as a Natural Process
Environmental Health and Human Health Aspects of Environmental Contamination
General Steps and Methods in Bioremediation
Assessment of Bioremediation and Biodegradation
Summary and Conclusions
Environmental Bioremediation: Applications and New Horizons, C. Bonaventura, J. Bonaventura, and D.F. Bodishbaugh
Practical Bioremediation
Bioremediation Technologies in Practice
Future Prospects for Environmental Bioremediation
Research Needed to Advance Bioremediation Technologies
Summary and Conclusions
Quantitative Modeling and Analysis in Environmental Studies, D.P. Gaver
Modeling Groundwater: A Specific System Relevant to Remediation Issues
Compartment and Pharmacokinetic Models
Human Exposure Modeling and Analysis
Dose-Response Models
Risk Assessment
Epidemiologic Case Studies
Summary and Conclusions
Legal and International Considerations: One World, B.L. Johnson and D. Weimer
Fictional Case Study: Goodeworks, Incorporated
U.S. Federal Legislation
Illustrative State Legislation
International Directives and Agreements
Summary and Conclusions
Profiles of Major U.S. Environmental Legislation

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