Ecotoxicology : A Hierarchical Treatment book cover
1st Edition

A Hierarchical Treatment

ISBN 9781566701273
Published January 12, 1996 by CRC Press
432 Pages

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Book Description

In Ecotoxicology: A Hierarchical Treatment, 20 recognized experts from around the world identify and present the fundamental concepts of ecotoxicology at the biological level central to their own research. Superbly organized, the book proceeds sequentially by chapter from the chemical to cellular to the ecosystem level, making it easy to read, understand, and use.
Specifically, each author identifies important hypotheses, paradigms, "false" paradigms, or new techniques in his or her research area. As a result, this book is a stimulating progressive treatment of ecotoxicology at all levels of organization. Each chapter draws mechanistic interpretation from the next lower level and attempts to predict effects at the next higher level. This innovative approach underscores ecotoxicology's potential for development into a new discipline and makes Ecotoxicology: A Hierarchical Treatment the definitive reference at this crucial juncture.

Table of Contents

Ecotoxicology as a Science, M.C. Newman
Ecotoxicology Assessed from a Scientific Context
Ecotoxicology and the Qualities of a Scientific Discipline
The Emergence of Ecotoxicology as a Science
Ecotoxicology of Metals in the Aquatic Environment: Geochemical Aspects, P.G.C. Campbell and A. Tessier
Geochemical Considerations
Interactions between Dissolved Trace Metals and Aquatic Organisms
Interactions between Particulate Trace Metals and Aquatic Organisms
Ecotoxicological Considerations - Metallothionein as a Biochemical Indicator of Metal-Induced Stress
Ecotoxicants at the Cell-Membrane Barrier, K. Simkiss
Origin of the Concepts on Membrane Permeability
Entry into the Cell
Complex Interactions
Membrane Ecotoxicology
Membranes in the Ecotoxicology Hierarchy
Evaluation of Organic Contaminant Exposure in Aquatic Organisms: The Significance of Bioconcentration and Bioaccumulation, P. Landrum, G.A. Harkey, and J. Kukkonen
Aqueous Exposures
Sediment Exposures
Food Web Transfer
Estimation Methods
Steady-State Models
Uses and Limits of Toxicokinetics
Utility and Assessment
Molecular Markers to Toxic Agents, L.R. Shugart
The Problem
Biological Markers
Molecular Markers to Toxicants
Genetic Ecotoxicology
Responses at the Tissue Level: Quantitative Methods in Histopathology Applied to Ecotoxicology, C.H. Jagoe
Conceptual Background
The Necessity of Quantitation
Methods for Quantifying Effects at the Cell and Tissue Levels
An Example: Effects of Low pH and Dissolved Metals on Fish Gills
Effects of Pollutants on Individual Life Histories and Population Growth Rates, R.M. Sibly
Effects of Pollutants on Individual Organisms, and the Consequences for Population Growth Rate
Population Density and Population Ecology
Evolutionary Analysis
Ecologically Meaningful Estimates of Lethal Effect in Individuals, M.C. Newman and P.M. Dixon
The Dose-Response (Time Endpoint) Approach
The Time-Response (Survival Time) Approach
Demography Meets Ecotoxicology: Untangling the Population Levels Effects of Toxic Substances, H. Caswell
Demographic Models
Life Table Response Experiments
Decomposing Treatment Effects: Why and How?
Toxicants as Selective Agents in Population and Community Dynamics, R.K. Chesser and D.W. Sugg
Ecosystem Stability
Species Redundancies
Effects of Environmental Stressors on Interspecific Interactions of Aquatic Animals, G.J. Atchison, M.B. Sandheinrich, and M.D. Bryan
General Background
Competition for Resources
Ecotoxicology and the Redundancy Problem: Understanding Effects on Community Structure and Function, J.R. Pratt and J. Cairns, Jr.
Possible Relationships between Structure and Function
Ecosystem Differences
Predictive Approaches
Linking Ecology and Ecotoxicology
Toward a New Ecotoxicology: Slaying Some Myths
Ecosystems and Ecotoxicology: A Personal Perspective, D.W. Schindler
A Definition of Ecosystem Ecology
The Conceptual Basis for Evaluating Indicators of Stress in Ecosystems
Summary, C.L. Strojan

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"I am excited about this book! I would certainly welcome it as an addition to my library...a valuable contribution to the field of ecotoxicology."
-Alan McIntosh, Director, Vermont Water Resources and Lake Studies Center