Education Management and Management Science: Proceedings of the International Conference on Education Management and Management Science (ICEMMS 2014), August 7-8, 2014, Tianjin, China, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Education Management and Management Science

Proceedings of the International Conference on Education Management and Management Science (ICEMMS 2014), August 7-8, 2014, Tianjin, China, 1st Edition

Edited by Dawei Zheng

CRC Press

692 pages

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This proceedings volume contains selected papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Education Management and Management Science (ICEMMS 2014), held August 7-8, 2014, in Tianjin, China. The objective of ICEMMS2014 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Education Management and Management Science.

Table of Contents

The psychological research on the value of music education

H.J. Li, X.W. Zhu and X.Q. Ding

Strategic positioning and thought of the rise of coastal trough region in new age—a case study on the coastal regions in Yancheng of Jiangsu

Y.M. Dong and Y.M. Zhu

FDI, Total Factor Productivity and income gap—the evidence from Jiangsu Province

Y.Y. Zhang, L.J. Meng and X. Zhang

To strengthen the construction of college finance informationization, and raise the level of financial management in colleges and universities

L. Liu

Analysis on the asymmetric pricing behaviors of large retailers based on two-sided markets

Y. Han and T. Han

Construction and practice of multi-dimensional financial aid system oriented to post-1990s generation in financial difficulties—a case study of College of Hydrology and Water Resources, Hohai University

Y. Lu and F.F. Ji

Explore new accounting standards and the quality of accounting information

X. Chen

Exploration of cultivating research students in excellent course construction

J. Wang, X.L. Chu and Y. Li

The effect and existing problems of nursing skills training in specialized secondary schools of Hebei province

X.-Z. Gu and F.-Q. Yang

Research on the relationship between fashion culture and ideological and political education for the youth in China

L. Xu and M. Jiang

Research on occupational burnout of female employees in Chinese beauty industry

L. Xu

Public watercolor art curriculum teaching method in science and engineering universities

J. Xu

The use of derivatives, corporate risk management and firm financial performance: Evidence from non-financial listed companies in Zhejiang province, China

Q. Feng

Evaluation of Chinese cattle and sheep industry’s subsidies policy

X. Han, F. Liu, J. Yu and Z.W. He

The relationship between Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Financial Performance: A literature review of twenty years (I)

G. Fu and P. Zeng

Improvement of teaching method for petroleum industry introduction to improve the learning interest of non-professional student

J. Yan

Review of Counterproductive Work Behavior of the new generation employees

Y.P. Sun

Adhere to the scientific development and construct technician cradle—the connotation construction and practical exploration of the adult vocation skill training center of Shanghai Second

S.J. Lu and M. Jiang

Current situation, problems and solutions of highly skilled personnel training mode through school-enterprise cooperation

M. Jiang

Adult students’ self-regulated learning ability evaluation research

B. Yang and W.Y. Song

Characteristics of general education in Taiwan’s universities and the inspirations to the universities in the Mainland

S.Q. Ren

A new model of forecast enrollment using fuzzy time series

H.X. Wang, J.C. Guo, H. Feng and F.J. Zhang

The application of 3D technology in vocational education

F.W. He

Reform practice of cooking in higher education—take Sichuan Tourism University as an example

X. Li

Sports value outlook and physical training behavior of middle school students in China’s western ethnic minority regions

H. Yang

The support environment mechanism of clusters ecosystem

X.Z. Yu and C.B. Zhang

Exploration of the path construction of brand of building equipment group in Guangxi province

C.Y. Duan, Y. Zheng and J. Gong

Group AHP and evidential reasoning methods in the evaluation of green building

X.Y. He and L.P. Yang

A Multi-Transactions-Oriented Interface Management Model

X. Tu, Q.F. Yang, P. Song and X.Z. Yang

The curriculum design of EM in the major of ME of the USA and its enlightenments

L. Gong, Q. Xue and Z.J. Zhang

The great significance and implement methods on university students’ sports spirit cultivation

Z.H. Tang and C.L. Deng

On curriculum development of vocational college teacher training

Z.W. Zhou

Research on integral social planning for age accommodated community

X.Y. Li and R. Yi

On the aid of sentence modification to enhance non-English majors’ grammatical proficiency in writing

J.Q. Zhao and S.L. Shi

Construction of aesthetic education objective in physical education

C. Zhou

Preparation of lesson plans in higher education

X.T. Guan

The analysis of external factors about sports marginalization of migrant workers in China

L.J. Zhu

Networked movie courseware theoretical exploration and development model research

X.P. Li, Y.L. Hu, Q. Xu, Z.H. Wang, L. Zhang and X.J. Wang

The influence of emotional intelligent and adversity quotient on job motivation: An evidence case from insurance company

M. Lin and X. Li

Break through the traditional model and create a new way of teaching

G.Z. Hou, X.Z. Wang and J. Wu

Teaching experience on the stability design of portal frame

Z.H. Zhang

The market concentration research of jujube processing industry in Hebei province

W. Chen and L.-L. Wang

The governance of higher education in the era of big data

Q. Meng and X.D. Xu

Study on the application of smartphone technology in college education

L. Chen, C.H. Deng and Y. Yuan

The influence of meta-cognitive strategies on English acquisition from private universities in China

J.H. Wang, X.D. Xu and X.L. Zhao

The reform of Mechanical Principle teaching for cultivating outstanding mechanical engineers

Z.G. Zhang

Research on the development of Chinese higher education based on fractal theory

X. Wang and X.L. Zhu

Interpreting Starbucks’ image-creating and its functions in Chinese markets: A semiotic perspective

S.Y. Huang

Reform and practice in teaching data structures

X. Liu

An analysis on negative transfer of native language in second language acquisition

D.M. Wang

Deepening the graded teaching reform in higher mathematics

R.L. Tian and X.W. Yang

Strategies of pragmatic distance embodied in non-English majors’ English writings

J.Q. Zhao and X.L. Zhang

Research and practice on Industry-University-Research collaborative training mode for innovative talents of forestry engineering specialties

X. Zheng, X.G. Li and Y.Q. Wu

Analysis of FDI spatial aggregation trend in the western region

J. Xu

Teaching exploration and students’ innovative ability training based on “Testing Technology” course

Y.B. Zhou, Z.R. Wang, H.D. Wang and Y.J. Du

Research on construction of public relations laboratory

H.Y. Li

Connotation, investigation, methods and evaluation of international economic and trade major higher education internationalization

J. Xu

The cultivation of language communication skills of students majoring in design

W.H. Li

The relationship between Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Financial Performance: A literature review of twenty years (II)

G. Fu and P. Zeng

Based on the project of independent interaction open-ended engineering training teaching mode of reform and research

X.F. Wang, S.G. Wang and Y.J. Cai

Study on the modes of resource integration and utilization of foreign schools and enterprises

P.J. Chen

Information overflow from futures and spot markets to underlying assets: An empirical analysis based on China’s copper industry

L. Wu

Study of the construction of personalized college English teaching system based on investigation of learning needs

X.X. Chen

Research on instrument and equipment information management platform of testing laboratory

L.X. Zhang, W. Hu, J. Ding and Y.N. Zhao

The investigation and analysis of college students’ ESP autonomous learning

X.-J. Fan and X.-Z. Li

Application of AHP in graduate enrollment target allocation for instructors

D.-B. Fu and F. Cheng

Measuring impatience: Experiments of intertemporal choices

Y. Lu and C. Yang

Research on the experimental teaching content and structure of business administration

G.Q. Xu, L.Z. Liu and S.L. Yang

A new management model of university scientific research funds based on the BSC

Y. Sun

On risk evaluation index system of carbon finance in commercial banks in China

W.J. Pan

On the translation teaching reform based on Project-Based Learning

M.G. Zou

Research and practice on double-tutor system in undergraduate cultivation for Food Science and Engineering

G.R. Sun, F.G. Du, S. Liu, Y.L. Zhang, G.Q. Jiang, X.X. Gao, D.R. Mao, K. Chang and P. Xv

An empirical study on college students’ mobile assisted English learning

D.S. Wang and L.J. Wang

English teaching method reform seen from the perspective of students

X.R. Xiang

The problems and countermeasures of “micro-class” from the point of view of cognitive psychology

L.H. Wang and L.C. Wang

Research and practice of practical teaching mode of core example through teaching

J.C. Zhang and L.C. Wang

From incremental innovations to really new innovations: On the development of modern Chinese ink paintings

Q. Zheng and Z.X. Chen

Agricultural economics case teaching and effectiveness evaluation based on Markov chain

S. Yu and G. Li

Thinking about the transformation of application-oriented undergraduate colleges into applied technology colleges

X.G. Song

Research on international business talents cultivation of innovative thinking

J.L. Li

On the multimodal evaluation in Business Spoken English Course

J. Zhang

Study on personnel training modes for engineering majors based on credit system

X.H. Jiang and P.J. Chen

Service links in the global value Chains and the Sino-US trade imbalance

L. Kong

Study on factors which influence CEO turnover in SOEs—the moderating effect of CEO power

K. Wang and Y.Q. Liu

Survey on rural middle school English education in Shaanxi—a case study of Shanyang No. 2 Middle School

Q.F. Yu and Z. Chen

Research on the teaching reform of the SEE training

W.J. Luo, L.P. Chen and X.D. Tian

Analysis of road network accessibility demand based on different service objects

L. Wang, X.Y. Wei and C.N. Gou

A comparison of second language teaching methodology content-based instruction vs task-based instruction

Y. Zhou and S. Zhou

The exploratory examination of the teaching methods of business communication

B. Ju

Training way of ethnic education characteristic on border areas in Yunnan, China

Y. Yang, Y.L. Sun and L. Xu

Reform and practice of teaching system of VC++ practice course based on CDIO

P.L. Yang, Q.G. Zhang and Y. Wang

Construction experience of teacher team of mining engineering major

S.W. Sun and H. Ding

The influence of traditional culture on the safety of production

M.Y. Zhang and Y. Guo

Present situation and causes analysis of male early childhood teachers’ professional identity in dilemma

F. Chen

The trade effects of the US producer services investment in China

L. Kong

IAT application in technical translation

D.F. Ge and N. He

Research on moral education curriculum of the elementary schools in China

X. Chu

Genre awareness in L2 reading and writing at the college level: A case study

W. Huang

Ideas on China’s foreign trade talent demand and teaching reform of international trade specialty

F.H. Meng and M. Zheng

Study on the capacity of the quantity of agricultural labor force in urban-rural area in China

L.F. Zhang, Y. Li and C.Y. Jiang

Empirical study on the operating performance of Chinese military quoted companies

L.F. Zhang and Z.C. Liu

Financial performance evaluation on medicine-listed companies based on factor analysis method

Q.-D. Li and J.-H. Lin

Discussion on physics teaching innovation: Taking Coulomb’s law as an example

W. Shao, B. Jiang and J.K. Lv

From flipped classroom to physics teaching

J.K. Lv, W. Shao and B. Jiang

Research on community-based family education guidance for mobile children school of education

F. Chen

Flipped classrooms and bilingual courses

R. Wang, K. Gause and H. Sun

The inspiration of the American moral education in university

S.S. Yin

Framing global brands: Frame alignment strategies on legitimacy in host country markets

J. Huang

The relationship between the primary school enrollment and economic growth speed in Hubei province

J. Luo

Competitive advantage and dynamic adjustment of capital structure

D.Q. Zhu

Implications of Paired Reading Schema for China’s foreign language teaching

B.B. Wu

Environmental regulation and the evolution of industrial structure

M.Q. Hu and P. Wang

Incorporating soft skills in software curriculum construction

N.K. Jiang, H.Y. Mao, J.Y. Zhang and A. Wang

Cultivating local university mechanical specialty undergraduates’ innovative ability relied on discipline competitions

Y.B. Zhou, H.D. Wang, D.J. Zhu and H. Cheng

Differences between Chinese and Western ethics based on The Joy Luck Club

X.L. Chen

Regulation of Internet Investor Relations: A comparison between USA and China

Y.J. Feng, M. Chen and Y. Fan

Analysis of ‘pyramid-shaped’ undergraduate training system: Based on cultivation of excellence accountants (financial managers)

L.N. Mo, J.D. Li and J. Sun

A study on improving college students’ creativity by constructing “innovation centers”

M.Z. Liao, D.Y. Yao and C.Y. Jiang

How does the establishment of CAFTA affect CO2 emissions of China?

Y.H. Zhao

On Outward Bound for college students conducted by China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

L. Li and X.H. Niu

A survey of current status of self-efficacy concerning college students’ emotion regulation

H.Y. Liu, B. Du, X.K. Huang and Y.J. Hou

The exploration of the integrated teaching mode of interpretation under the perspective of Piaget’s theory

of cognitive

X.-Y. Qin

Does export growth increase CO2 emissions of China?

Y.H. Zhao

Tourism informationization teaching design and practice of tourism management professional in university

W. Zhang, S.Q. Tian and L.L. Gou

Leave career predicament, promote self-improvement—to reduce the college teaching secretaries’ decompression

H. Wang

Large shareholders’ participation, issuing discount and tunneling in private placement

C. Xie and Q. Xu

Constructing the practical teaching platform of the pan-engineering and whole process to develop the excellent engineers in frontline of production

S.P. Zeng, Z.L. Qi, K.H. Su, J.C. Liu and X.W. Yang

Operating mechanism construction of university technology transfer organizations

X.L. Li

The analysis on cognition and behavioral intention of adventure tourists to Chengdu

T.T. Xiao, M. Li, Y. Yu, C.H. Ma, C. Yu, Y. Liao and X.H. Yang

Impact of risk propensity and entrepreneurial self-efficacy on entrepreneurial intention

B.T. Yan and K.S. Ma

A research on approaches and methods of cultivation of the professional core competence for higher vocational colleges

L.H. Yang, Q.F. Chai, Q. Zeng and Z.H. Yu

Can investors’ attention affect earnings management? Evidences from China

H.-J. Guo and Q.-W. Ying

Exploration of the effectiveness strategy in university physical education

K. Shen

Research on safety and appliance of mobile-phone QR code payment tool based on QFD

C.X. Chen, C. Shi, X.F. Zhang and Q.X. Lan

Analysis on using performance and optimization of excellent resource-sharing course

G.H. Wang, D.B. Ding and T.X. Qian

The research and practice of the undergraduate graduation design based on the national excellent engineers training plan

J.-C. Liu, Z.-G. Yin and W. Ji

Evolution and introspection on the allocation of resources in higher education since the founding of new China

B. Peng

Influencing factors of MICE tourism based on experience economy—case of Guilin in China

Y. Tang and Y. Zhao

Diversified cultivation for cultural awareness in college English teaching

M.C. Wu

Influence on English translation caused by culture difference between China and the West

Y.J. Huang

Themes of education philosophy in modern society

G.L. Han

Graphic design and visual processing of computers

L.H. Zhao

Ideas and advantages of Sino-foreign cooperative education

G.M. Feng

Exploration for new rural social pension insurance system in China

Z. Zhang

Cultivation of vocational students’ English practical ability based on multimodal theory

J.R. Shu

Construction design and maintenance measures for underground concrete construction

F.L. Tian and D.H. Bai

Computer information safety analysis based on the network database data storage principle

Y.J. Zhou and M. Wen

Advantages of integration of multimedia network and interactive English teaching

J. Lei

Strategy of college students’ psychological health education based on position requirements

H.B. Hu

Legislation principles and operation efficiency of European and American ecotourism

B.Y. Guo

Strategy of e-commerce development in chinese clothing retail

Z. Chen

Evaluation index system and model for the construction of school ethos in university classes

G.H. Shang, Q.K. Yang and S.Q. Liu

Relationship between innovation training of social sports instructors and ecological sports

B. Wang and J.R. Yu

Dividend policy and corresponding stock market reaction in China

M.L. Liu

Analysis on creativity application in painting teaching

L.H. He

Cooperative marketing game based on industrial cluster

Y.J. He

The analysis of wisdom for Chongqing tourism public information service system

Y. Liu and W.T. Jiang

Application of humanistic management in sports clubs

Y.N. Zhang

Education mode of applied innovative talents in higher vocational medical colleges

J.R. Yu

Cultural governance mode of response mechanism and national identity of ethnic-minority sport culture policy

Y.N. Wu

Function and value of cultural communication in national folk sports events

B.K. Dong

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