1st Edition

Education, Training and the Future of Work II Developments in Vocational Education and Training

Edited By Mike Flude, Sandy Sieminski Copyright 1999

    This volume focuses on the recent changes in education and training policy, mainly in the UK. The considerable developments of past years and the ways in which they have affected both education and training are examined. The contributors analyse the methods by which we educate our workforce, and look closely at the kind of training now offered to those in work.
    The chapters in this reader cover:
    * the role of the state
    * how economic factors influence education
    * national education and training policy
    * the political factor.
    Other countries including Germany are looked at, and there is reflection on the ways in which the 'new' industry led qualifications such as NVQs have fared. There is careful analysis as to how much the political climate of the time influenced developments.
    There is thorough research to back up claims made throughout the book, and many practical examples are referred to. What emerges is an incisive examination of current trends in education and the workplace.

    Introduction Geoff Esland, Mike Flude and Sandy Sieminski 1.The roles of the State and the Social Partners in Vocational Education and Training Systems Andy Green 2.Education Training and Economic Performance in Comparative Perspective David Finegold 3.Vocationalism and Educational Change Rob Moore and Mike Hickox 4.Industrial Training or New Vocationalism? Structures and Discourses Stephen Ball 5.Contextualising Public Policy in Vocational Education and Training : the origins of competence-based vocational qualifications policy in the UK Steve Williams and Peter Raggatt 6.The Competence and Outcomes Movement: teh landscape of research Inge Bates 7.Reality Testing in the Workplace: are NVQs 'employment-led'? John Field 8.A Critique of NVQs and GNVQs Alan Smithers 9.Ideoogy and Curriculum Policy: GNVQ and mass post-compulsory education in England and Wales Denis Gleeson and Phil Hodkinson 10.The Implementation of GNVQs in Further Education: a case study Margaret Bird, Geoff Esland, Jane Greenberg, Sandy Sieminski and Karen Yarrow 11.The Politics of Training in Britain: contadictions in the TEC initiative Jamie Peck 12.Markets, Outcomes and the Quality of Vocational Education and Training: some lessons from Youth Credits pilot scheme Phil Hodkinson and Heather Hodkinson 13.Policy and Accountability Lee Harvey and Peter Knight


    Mike Flude and Sandy Sieminski both The Open University

    'The editors have made wise and well-considered choices in selecting material to achieve the aims of the book. Typical of an Open University reader, which this book is, all of the contributors have been published elsewhere as journal articles or book chapters and are well known in the field ... brought together in this reader the contributions do benefit significantly from one another and serve in a powerful way to enable a wider audience to become aware of current debates surrounding vocational education and training.' - Educational Review