1st Edition

Education in Sport and Physical Activity Future Directions and Global Perspectives

Edited By Karen Petry, Johan de Jong Copyright 2022
    260 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    260 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Sport and physical activity are embedded in our education systems and in wider society. This book takes the broadest possible look at this topic, across every key discipline and on different continents, opening up important new directions for the future development of sport and physical activity education. 

    The book examines education in sport coaching, sport management, PE teacher training, physical activity and health promotion, and the emerging discipline of outdoor studies, considering how trends such as globalisation, digitalisation, and privatisation are having a profound impact on education programs. It identifies some of the most important societal issues that must be addressed by sport and physical activity educators, including healthy lifestyles, inequality, intercultural aspects, human rights, and emerging technologies, and looks at how sport and physical activity education in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, and Australasia is evolving to meet these challenges. 

    Designed to invite self-reflection, to provoke debate and to open up new cross-disciplinary and international perspectives within sports organisations and higher education institutions, this book is fascinating reading for advanced students, researchers, teachers, and policy makers with an interest in sport and physical activity.


    Part I: Current Issues in Sport Education 

    1          The Challenge of Doing Coach Education and Development in the 21st Century: Past, Present, and Future Trends

                Sergio Lara-Bercial and John Bales  

    2          International Sport Management Education: Curricula, Trends, and Challenges

                Thomas Giel, Rei Yamashita, Daryousch Argomand and Kirstin Hallmann 

    3          The Need for T-shaped Sport, Physical Activity and Health Professionals 

                Johan de Jong and Thomas Skovgaard 

    4          Outdoor Education as a Deep Education for Global Sustainability and Social Justice

                Heather Prince and Jean Cory-Wright 

    Part II: New Trends in Sport Education 

    5          Sport Education from a Global Perspective

                Richard Bailey and Bettina Callary 

    6          The Utility of New Technologies in the Future of Sport Education

                Jonathan Robertson and Margaret Bearman 

    7          Industry Alignment: Fit-For-Purpose Sport Education

                Steven Osborne and Elizabeth Lewis 

    Part III: Education in Sport and Physical Activity around the Globe 

    8          European Perspectives on Qualifications in Sport

                Stefan Walzel, Ruth Crabtree and Karen Petry  

    9          Sport Development and Delivery in Canada, México, and the United States: Commonalities, Differences, and Future Needs

                Hans van der Mars, Tim Hopper, Gord Inglis, Edtna Jáuregui Ulloa, Juan Ricardo López-Taylor and Martin Francisco González-Villalobos 

    10        Education in Sport and Physical Activity Across the Pacific

                Dean Dudley, John Cairney, Aue te Ava and Jackie Lauff 

    11        Education in Sport and Physical Activity: Current Trends, Developments and Challenges in Latin America

                Miguel A. Cornejo and Alexander Cárdenas 

    12        Physical Education and School Sport in Eastern Asia

                Emi Tsuda, Yoshinori Okade, Takahiro Sato and Yung-Ju Chen 

    Part IV: Education in Sport and Physical Activity in a Changing World 

    13        Sport, Physical Activity and Health Promotion: Implications for the Education of Future Professionals

                Catherine Woods, Marie Murphy and Enrique García Bengoechea 

    14        Being Active as a Sport or PA Student in an Era of Wearable Technology 

                Charlotte Van Tuyckom and Steven Vos 

    15        Sport, Diversity, and Inequality: Intersecting Challenges and Solutions

                Karen Petry, Marianne Meier and Louis Moustakas 

    16        Human Rights in Sport Education

                Daniela Heerdt and William Rook 

    17        Developing Intercultural Sport Educators in Europe: Opportunities, Challenges and Future Directions

                Louis Moustakas, Eleftheria Papageorgiou and Karen Petry 

    18        Careers of European Athletes: Who is Ultimately Responsible?

                Stefan Walzel, Niklas A. Rotering and Ruth Crabtree 

    19        Transforming Coach Education for the 21st Century

                Christian Thue Bjørndal, Tynke Toering and Siv Gjesdal


    Karen Petry is Senior Researcher and Deputy Head of the Institute of European Sport Development and Leisure Studies at the German Sport University Cologne and Vice President of the European Network of Sport Education (ENSE). She is responsible for the research activities in Sport Policy, Sport and Society and Sport for Development. In 2011, she received the Alberto-Madella-Award for her outstanding engagement in Sport Education. Karen has published on European and international sport policy, education in sport, sport and development, sport and social work, and sport and gender.  

    Johan de Jong is Professor of Healthy Lifestyle, Sports & Physical Activity at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen, Netherlands and Board Member of the European Network of Sport Education (ENSE). Furthermore, he represents Hanze University in the Health Enhancing Physical Activity Europe Network (HEPA) and the European Citizen Science Association (ECSA). His main research objective is to develop and evaluate approaches that stimulate people, from young to old, to become more physically active as part of a healthy lifestyle. Johan has published in different sport, physical activity and health related journals.

    "The insights and conclusions in the book, supplemented by case studies that show different socio-cultural perspectives to sport and physical activity from Europe, North and Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region (Chapters 8–12), have guided my ongoing collaborative projects concerning a state’s approach to the role of sport for development goals in Canada, Turkey and South Korea with researchers in education and the social sciences. I believe this book will benefit junior researchers, practitioners, and policy-makers by offering global and multidimensional perspectives in response to current and future challenges in education in sport and physical activity." - Dongkyu Na, Educational Review