Educational Administration Innovation for Sustainable Development : Proceedings of the International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management (ICREAM 2017), October 17, 2017, Bandung, Indonesia book cover
1st Edition

Educational Administration Innovation for Sustainable Development
Proceedings of the International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management (ICREAM 2017), October 17, 2017, Bandung, Indonesia

ISBN 9781138573413
Published August 13, 2018 by CRC Press
370 Pages

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Book Description

The International Conference on Research of Educational Administration and Management (ICREAM) held on October 17, 2017 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The aim of ICREAM is to provide a platform for educators, administrators, managers, leaders, policy makers, researchers, scholars, principals, supervisors, graduate students, practitioners, academicians, professionals and teachers from different discipline backgrounds to present and discuss research, developments and innovations in the fields of educational administration. It provides opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration.

Table of Contents

Pre-Service Teachers’ - Based Lesson Study: An Effort to Improve the Professionalism Of Arabic Teacher Candidate
M. Abdurrahman & H. Maulani

Scheming Educational Leaders’ Communication Skills
R. Anggorowati

Building Environmental Awareness through Implementation of Ecocriticism in Literature Teaching
H. T. V. Anh

The Relationship between Process and Achievement Indicator of Student Learning
F. Arfines, S. Susanto & S. Hawibowo

Good Governance Principles in a Department: An Implementation
V. L. Ayundhari, A. N. Hidayat & T. Adyawanti

School Mapping and Distribution Analysis Based on GIS
Azizah & T. C. Kurniatun

Impact of Authentic Leadership and Teacher Participation in Decision Making on School Performance
H. Daryadi, A. Komariah & J. Permana

Organizational Behavior and Work Disciplines: Their Effect on Work Achievement
I. Dekawati, D. Suhendar & A. I. Aji

Is ISSAL Reliable in Measuring Teaching Learning Quality in Indonesia Higher Education?
S. Dewajani, S. Susanto & S. Hawibowo

Early Childhood Education Learning and Human Resource Management Strategy
I. Diniati

Teachers Structuring and Equating Policy Analysis of Special Regions in Indonesia
H. A. Djafar

Assessment as a Strategy to Boost Vietnamese Teacher Education Provision Quality
A. Duong

Leadership Character Values for Realizing Good Governance in Bekasi City
Fadhilah & E. S. Nurdin

Management of International Partnership in The Perspective of Good University Governance
A. F. Febriani, D. T. Kartono & D. G. Suharto

The Ideal of Leadership in Primary School
J. S. Fortunatta, A. Suryana & Rasto

Comparison of Principal Public and Private High School Performance
N. M. S. Ghunu

Preparing our Future Educational Leaders: The Story Behind the Con-struction of a Unique Postgraduate Program in Educational Leadership and Management
D. L. Giles

The Role of Parents in Sundanese Language Preservation
D. Haerudin

Teachers’ Teaching Performance: Pedagogical Competence, Work Motivation; School-Culture and Profession Allowance
D. L. Hakim, U. S. Sa’ud, A. Komariah & C. Sunaengsih

Managing Heutagogy for Sustainopreneurship in The Technology and Information Era
A. K. Hia, A. Komariah, Sumarto, Dedy A. K & N. Waruwu

Authentic Leadership and Management of Change towards Implementation of Value at Vocational Schools
D. Hidayatuloh, G. G. Dawous & I. Suherman

The Implementation of Character Education in Learning Processes at Primary School
A. N. Hidayat, K. Muttaqien & V. L. Ayundhari

Analysis of Factors Affecting Teacher Competence in Northwest Moutains of Vietnam
S. C. Hong, T. T. Thuy, L. T. Hung & L. T. H. Ha

Assessing Collaborative Problem Solving Competency Through Integrated Theme Based Teaching Chemistry
L. T. Hung, V. P. Lien & N. T. P. Vy

Applying Formative Assessment Techniques to Promote Students’ Learning Outcomes and Interest
L. T. Hung, L. T. H. Ha & L. T Thu

Development of E-Learning Material Based on Edmodo in Geography learning
F. Indriani, S. Santoso & Sarwono

Academic Quality Development Model Based On Transformational Leadership
B. Ismaya, U. S. Saud, A. Komariah & D. Nurdin

The Leadership Style of Islamic High School Principle in Decision Making
A. T. Ismail, I. Aliman, A. Bensulong & A. Maryana

Reasons for Home Schooling in Indonesia
T. Istiwahyuningsih & N. Suharto

Students’ Perceptions of Exercise-Based Mathematics Learning in Primary Education
Iswan & Herwina

Relationship Between Organizational Cultural and Granting Ompensation with Local Teacher Performance
L. G. Kailola & C. Purwanti

Capacity Building of Programs in Primary Schools, the Teachers’ Reflection
L. Kaluge & L. Kustiani

Determinant Factors of Academic Service Quality in Vocational School
A. P. Kartiwi

Gender Role on The Effects of Human Capital and Social Capital on Academic Career Success
N. Kholis

Brain Jogging Exercise and Athletes’ Self Confidence

Management Capacity Strategy in Primary Education Policy Implemen-tation in Rural Areas
A. Komariah, D. A. Kurniady, A. Sudarsyah & C. Sunaengsih

Model of Competency Approach in Management of Study Program/ Concentration
O. Komar

Middle School Location in Indonesia Coastal Zone Based on Its Accesability Level Analysis
T. C. Kurniatun, E. Rosalin, L. Somantri, I. Risnandar

Phenomenological Study on Educational Financing Based on Students' Learning Needs
D. A. Kurniady & R. Anggorowati

Revitalization of Vocational Education through Dual Expertise Program
A. Kurniawan

Management of Pedagogical Capacity Building Activities for Preschool Teachers in Vietnam
H. T. Lan

Strategy of Islamic Boarding School Based State Islamic Secondary School Development
Y. T. Legistia

The Implication of Thailand's One Tablet Per Child Policy
A. Leksansern & P. Niramitchainont

Ethics Education, Pro-social Motivation, and Moral Disengagement among Entrepreneurs
A. Margiono & P. Heriyati

The Effect of Authentic Leadership of Service Quality in Education Quality Assurance Institution DKI Jakarta
A. K. Marjuki & E. Prihatin

The Headmasters’ Leadership Style in Elementary School
S. Marmoah, T. Rahayu & A. Ratmani

Nature School Management Based on Religious Culture
A. K. Masaong & H. Tipuwo

Commitment, Performance and Service Quality of Civil Servants
N. Mugiasih

Pahuwathanatham: A Learning Process Strategy of Ethnic and Religious Conflict Resolution
R. A. Munggaran, E. Malihah & A. Komariah

Public Relations Strategy in Improving Museum Image as Public Education Vehicle and Tourist Attraction
NurAeni, Suwatno, H. P. D. Setiyorini, Herlina

Quality of Education on Vocational School in Bandung City.
S. Nurlatifah & D. A. Kurniady

The Effectiveness of Spiritual Leadership in Public Primary Schools
D. Nurdin

Women's Leadership as Top Management in Educational Institution: Society Construction and Cultural Dilemma
S. Nurbayani, S. Komariah, S. Nurohim & D. Nurhizkhy

Effective Leadership in The Implementation of Academic Program at Private Higher Education
W. Pujiyati, J. Permana & D. A. Kurniady

Inclusive Kindergarten’s Leadership in a Rural Setting
S. Purwanti & A. Komariah

Resource Management of Higher Education Personnel
Y. Rahyasih & Rasto

The Application of Knowledge Management in Academic Services in Higher Education
L. Raspatiningrum, U. S. Sa’ud, Sumarto & A. Komariah

Development of Leadership-Based Principal Spritual Leadership Model in Senior High School
Ridhwansyah, Gusril, J. Jama, Rusdinal & N. Gistituati

Leadership Behavior, Single and Double Loop Model toward Employee Performance at the Learning Distance Unit
T. Rosita

Educational Services Ethics Index of Undergraduate Programme in Pri-vate Universities
E. Rusyani, Y. Arifin & T. C. Kurniatun

Implementation of Organization Development of Public Elementary School According to School Management Standards
R. Rusdinal & Y. Santoso

Analysis of Factors Affecting Teacher Competence in Northwest Mountain of Vietnam
C. H. Sai, T. T. Tang, T. H. Le & T. H. H. Le

E-leadership of Thailand’s Higher Education Leaders in 2027
K. Sathithada

National Education Quality Assurance Analysis
D. Satori

Entrepreneurship Training by Utilizing the Non Organic Waste
S. Setiawati & I. H. Kurniasari

School Management Based On ICT Improve the Quality of Education in Indonesia
Setiawan, D. Satori & Munir

Entrepreneurial University in Thailand’s Higher Education Institutions
W. Siriteerawasu

The Efficiency of the ICT-Based Instructions

Utilization of Standard Procedures and Workflow according to the School Vision and Mission
D. Sukaningtyas, D. Satori & U. S. Sa’ud

Authentic Leadership in Embedding Pedagogic Values of Teachers
Suryadi, J. Permana & A. Komariah

The Effectivity of Principal Performance Appraisal Instruments
Sururi & A. Suryana

College Students’ Intention to Become Entrepreneurs
R. A. Syathari, A. Rahayu & R. Huriyati

Vocational Schools Based on Regional Potential in Indonesia
L. S. Syarifah, T. C. Kurniatun & J. Permana

The Analysis of School-Based Management (SBM) Implementation to the Educational Quality Service of State Junior High School
I. Y. Tansiri & Y. J. Bong

The Effectiveness of School Self Evaluation Practices
Y. Triana, D. Satori, U. S. Saud & A. komariah

Investigation of Organizational Learning Perception and Readiness Through Information System
J. A Turi, S. Sorooshian, M. F. A. Ghani & Y. Javid

Leadership and Total Quality Management for Sustainability in Madrasah Aliyah
N. Waruwu, D. Hermana & A. K. Hia

Repackaging Welfare Services to Improve Teacher Productivity in Nigeria
S. M. Warrah, S. Nurlatifah & A. T. Ismail

Reducing Unemployment of the Vocational School Graduates
W. M. Wijaya & D. Patonah

Consensus on an Ideal Leadership Style in Relation to School Effectiveness
Z. Yasni & H. Wathoni

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Prof Aan Komariah is the Head of Educational Administration Program School of Postgraduate Studies Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia with Educational Leadership and Policy as her research interests.

Taufani Kurniatun is lecturer at the Educational Administration Program School of Postgraduate Studies at the Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Her research interests are mainly on Educational Planning, Marketing and Ethics.
3. Dedy is lecturer at the Educational Administration Program School of Postgraduate Studies, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. His research interests are mainly on Educational Budgeting and Finance.

Rita Anggorowati is the Vice-Editor-in-Chief of Educational Administration Research and Review, a journal published by Educational Administration Program School of Postgraduate Studies, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. Her research interests are mainly on Educational Leadership, Policy and Management.

Ade Gaffar Abdullah is Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. His research interests are on MATLAB Simulation, Power System Analysis, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering and Nuclear Reactors.

Asep Bayu is lecturer at the Chemistry Department, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. His research is in the area of particle technology focused on production of fine and ultrafine particles, starting from gas, aqueous, organic, or colloidal precursor via liquid-phase synthesis and aerosol routes, and their applications to the development of materials (e.g. optical, medical, catalyst, energy, and environmental technologies).