1st Edition

Educational Judgments (International Library of the Philosophy of Education Volume 9) Papers in the Philosophy of Education

Edited By F. Doyle James Copyright 1973
    278 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The topics covered in this volume, originally published in 1973, include the need for a more adequate concept or definition of education, the issue of whether indoctrination is compatible with education, particularly with moral education, and the processes of judging the merits of different approaches to aesthetic education. Two contributors present complementary analyses of the relations between freedom as a characteristic of institutions and the process of learning to be a free man. There is discussion of the neglected subject of rights and duties in education, with special emphasis on the question of a universal right to education. The volume concludes with papers on the relevance of philosophy to the practical judgments of educators and to education as a field of study.

    Introduction: Philosophy and Educational Judgments  Part 1  1. The Concept of Education Today  William K Frankena  2. Morality and Autonomy in Education  Alan Gewirth  3. Comments on Frankena's 'The Concept of Education Today'  Arnold S. Kaufman  Part 2  4. On Avoiding Moral Indoctrination  Edmund L. Pincoffs  5. Indoctrination and Justification  Kurt Baier  Part 3  6. The Aesthetic Dimension of Education  H. S. Broudy  7. The Aesthetic Dimension of Education: A Reply  Part 4  8. Freedom and the Development of the Free Man  R. S. Peters  9. The Idea of a Free Man  Joel Feinberg  Part 5  10 Rights and Duties in Education  Frederick A. Olafson  11. Olafson on the Right to Education  A. I. Melden  Part 6  12. Philosophies-of and the Curriculum  Israel Scheffler  13. On Educational Relevance and Irrelevance  Kingsley Price  14. Analytic Philosophy of Education at the Crossroads  Abraham Edel


    F. Doyle James