1st Edition

Egypt, Greece, and Rome A History of Space and Places

By Corinna Rossi Copyright 2022
    140 Pages 17 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Historical events literally took place in specific contexts; 'where things are' shapes 'how things are'. In this book, Corinna Rossi examines how three different ways of interacting with the surrounding world were shaped by their physical context in ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

    Following a discussion on the relationship between history and geography, Rossi delves into the geographical settings of these three civilisations, analysing human mobility within them and how cultural development was shaped by these movements. Rossi also identifies three possible models to describe the three different approaches specific to each of these ancient societies.

    Egypt, Greece, and Rome: A History of Space and Places is suitable for students and scholars with previous understanding of these three civilisations and an interest in the relationship between history and geography.

    Introduction 1 . Limits 2. Ancient Egypt 3. Ancient Greece 4. Ancient Rome 5. Recontextualisations


    Corinna Rossi is Associate Professor of Egyptology at Politecnico di Milano (Italy). She graduated in architecture in Napoli (Italy) and specialised in Egyptology at Cambridge (UK). She is the author of Architecture and Mathematics in Ancient Egypt and the co-author of North Kharga Oasis Survey: Explorations in Egypt’s Western Desert.

    "Il presente volume si inserisce nel filone degli studi di geografia antica e in particolare di quelli di geografia storica. Il suo pregio consiste nel far emergere in modo sintetico, chiaro ed efficace il ruolo dell’ambiente e quello della mobilità nello sviluppo politico-economico di un popolo e nella creazione della sua memoria storica: non si può concepire la storia senza prendere in considerazione lo spazio geografico in cui gli eventi hanno avuto luogo e dal quale sono stati in un certo modo prodotti."

    [This volume is part of the tradition of ancient geography studies and in particular those of historical geography. Its value consists in bringing out in a synthetic, clear and effective way the role of the environment and mobility in the political-economic development of a people and in the creation of its historical memory: history cannot be conceived without taking into consideration the geographical space in which the events took place and from which they were produced in a certain way.] - Bryn Mawr Classical Review