1st Edition

Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering (ICEECE 2015), Phuket Island, Thailand, 5-6 March 2015

Edited By Fun Shao, Wise Shu, Tracy Tian Copyright 2015

    Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering contains the contributions presented at the 2015 International Conference on Electric, Electronic and Control Engineering (ICEECE 2015, Phuket Island, Thailand, 5-6 March 2015).

    The book is divided into four main topics:

    - Electric and Electronic Engineering

    - Mechanic and Control Engineering

    - Information and Communication Technology

    - Environmental and Industrial Technology

    Considerable attention is also paid to education science, chemical engineering, hydraulic engineering and civil engineering. The book will be useful to professionals and academics in electric, electronic, mechanic and control engineering, information and communication, and environmental and industrial technology.

    Organizing committee

    Adaptive algorithm of parallel genetic optimization based on orthogonal wavelet of space diversity 1
    X. Pei, S. Zheng & X. Pei
    Research and application of comprehensive evaluation and detection analysis platform of transformer bushing state 7
    A. Cai, Q. Zhang, Y. Li & Q. Zeng
    Designing a state transition circuit with Creator2.0 and its PSoC realization 11
    Y. Liu, W. Wang, J. Huang, X. He, T. Huang & B. Liu
    An obstacle avoidance scheme for autonomous robot based on PCNN 15
    T. Xu, S. Jia, Z. Dong, X. Li & T. Xu
    A study on thematic map of power grid operation based on GIS 21
    Y. Liu, Z. Cui, D. Wu & J. Zhao
    Capacity ratio relation of energy storage and intermittent DG and practical estimation method 29
    Y. Zhang, F. Yang & J. Zeng, G. Zou & L. Dong
    Design of English educational games and SPSS analysis on application effect 35
    Y. Sun
    Design and FEA of a light truck two-leveled leaf spring 43
    H. Wu & X. Dai & Z. Zheng
    A brief discussion on research and application of intelligent management and control alarm platform of unattended transformer 49
    F. Li, K. Hu, H. Zhang, B. Song & Z. Hu
    Research and implementation of yoga system based on virtual reality 53
    S. Li & Z. Xiong
    On fusing substation video surveillance with visual analysis under integrated dispatch and control 61
    J. Zhang, P. Chen, L. Feng, M. Li, X. Zhao & Y. Liu
    A study on the system of teaching quality based on classification rule 67
    F. Cui
    Design of a high efficiency 2.45-GHz rectifier for low input power energy harvesting 73
    Q. Zhang, H. Deng & H. Tan
    Investment portfolio model design based on multi-objective fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method 77
    Z. Shang, Y. Wang & X. Liu
    Design and implementation of the system of impact location based on acoustics detecting technique 81
    D. Fang & H. Jia
    Application in robot of the three-dimensional force tactile sensor research based on PVDF 87
    Q. Pan, Z. Wan & S. Yi
    Application of auto-control in car repair 93
    X. Yuan, Z. Lu
    The development history of engineering cost consulting industry in mainland china 99
    K. Li, J. Yan & J. Ding
    Insulator ESDD prediction based on least-squares support vector machines 103
    H. Li, X. Wen & N. Shu
    A Reliable Privacy-preserving Attribute-based Encryption 109
    T. Wang, C. Guo & L. Zhang
    Research on the agility of C2 organization 115
    S. Chen, W. Shao & X. Ren
    Experimental research and analysis on acoustic emission from polluted insulator discharge 119
    H. Li, N. Shu & X. Wen
    A Fault location method for micro-grid based on distributed decision 125
    F. Tang & W. Gao
    Application of computer automatic control technology in the industrial production site 133
    Z. Lv
    Risk evaluation for wind power project based on grey hierarchy method 139
    C. Li, K. Zhao & C. Ma
    Automatic control system of automotive light based on image recognition 143
    Z. Lu & X. Yuan
    The research and application of in vitro diagnosis using smart grid dispatch data 149
    Y. Liao, H. Li, H. Yu, F. Li, Z. Mu
    Design and implementation of a novel parallel FFT algorithm based on SIMD-BF model 153
    S. Zhang, Y. Li, Y. Li & B. Tian
    Research and implementation of cellsense biosensor based on environmental engineering 157
    Q. Liu
    New construction methods for the optimum grassmannian sequences in CDMA 163
    L. Wang, H. Hu, & J. Yang
    Research and application of data mining technology and operational analysis of the integration of power grid regulation and control 169
    D. Wu, J. Zhao, Z. Cui & Y. Liu
    A study on the city coordination scheme of industrial integration 173
    Y. Qi
    Power system black-start recovery subsystems partition based on improved CNM community detection algorithm 183
    Y. Liu, T. Liu, Q. Li & X. Hu
    Discussion on the application design of vertical greening in urban public spaces 191
    D. Long & D. Wang
    New designation to multi-parameter measurement system based on chemical oscillation reaction 197
    X. Chen, H. He, T. Zhang, H. Dong & D. Zhang
    Power electronic circuits fault diagnosis method based on neural network ensemble 201
    T. Shi & Y. He
    The model, simulation and verification of wireless power transfer via coupled magnetic resonances 207
    H. Zhang & M. Zhang
    Spatial distribution characterization of A-grade tourist attractions in Guizhou province by GIS 213
    H. Fu
    A novel method for fundamental component detection based on wavelet transform 219
    H. Chen & Y. He
    Low-noise, low-power geomagnetic field recorder 225
    H. Wang, M. Deng, K. Chen & H. Chen
    Development of calibration module for OBEM 229
    H. Chen, M. Deng & K. Chen & H. Duan
    Novel sampling frequency synchronization approach for plc system in low-impedance channel 237
    Y. Wang, Z. Deng & Y. Chen
    Research and application of distribution network data topological model 241
    J. Song, J. Guo & Y. Ku
    Micro-grid storage configuration based on wind PV hydro-storage comprehensive optimization 245
    B. Cao & Y. Yang
    Analysis model and data-processing method on vertical spatial characteristics of ship-radiated noise 253
    Y. Liu & X. Yang
    Research of measuring technology of pulse current measurement based on embedded systems 259
    Y. Yang, X. Chen, H. Yan, J. Sun, M. Wang, X. Wang, X. Ai, X. Huang & Y. Gao
    Application research of improved PSO algorithm in BLDCM control system 263
    P. Yan, Y. Hu, X. Zheng, C. Yin, H. Zang, Y. Tao & G. Li
    Passivity-based control for doubly-fed induction generator with variable speed and constant frequency in wind power system 267
    J. Wang & P. Peng
    System structure of IEC61850-based standard digital hydropower station 273
    R. Lu, Y. Gui & Q. Tan
    Information hiding method based on line spectrum frequency of AMR-WB 279
    D. Teng, H. Feng & J. Yu
    CMOS-Integrated accelerometer sensor for passive RFID applications 285
    M. Liu, Y. He, F. Deng, S. Li & Y. Zhang
    Ship course control based on humanoid intelligent control 293
    Y. Zhao, R. Wang & Y. Zhao
    Integrated evaluation method for transmission grid safety and economy and its application 297
    H. Fu, H. Wang, J. Chen, G. Xue, Z. Li
    Improved digital image steganography algorithm 301
    X. Wan & R. Yang
    Characteristic of HV insulators’ leakage current on surface discharge 307
    Y. Tian, T. Wang & M. Jiang, L. Feng
    New assessment method of internal model control performance and its application 313
    L. Liu & Q. Jin
    The research on how to control a three-phase four-leg inverter 319
    T. Jia, W. Luo, N. Liu & Y. Yang
    Hybrid anti-collision algorithm based on RFID system 323
    J. Zhang, Y. He, H. Chen & M. Liu
    Research on disaster recovery policy of dual-active data center based on cloud computing 329
    X. Chen & L. Zhang
    Defect identification in pipes by chirp signals 333
    F. Deng & H. Chen
    A comprehensive evaluation of investment ability of power grid enterprises–Taking power grid enterprise of Zhejiang province as an example 339
    J. Fan, D. Niu, X. Xu & H. Qin & H. Xu
    Research and application of online grid load monitoring and smart analysis system 343
    H. Wang
    A Study on sports video analysis based on motion mining technique 353
    X. Chi
    Study on the influence of two-navigation holes cross-sea bridge construction on tide environment of the existing channel 359
    C. Wang & Z. Liu
    Simulation analysis for heat balance of groundwater heat pump in multi-field coupling condition 365
    X. An, W. Ji & Y. Zhao
    Research on lighting withstand performance of hvdc power transmission line based on the new electrical geometry model 373
    X. Gao, J. Du, K. Liu, X. Xie & Y. Yuan
    Design and development of online photoelectric detection turbidimeter for water environment 379
    H. Zhang, Y. Huang, Y. Yu & B. Xu
    Implementation of accurate attention on students in classroom teaching based on big data 383
    Y. Zheng, W. Zhao & H. Chen & Y. Bai
    A neural network method for measuring plate based on machine vision 389
    Y. Liu, R. Yang, J. Li & Y. Wang
    Framework study of accounting query and computing system under heterogeneous distributed environment 393
    Y. Jia
    LABVIEW-based simulation training system of chinese medicine bone-setting manipulation 399
    H. Mo, J. Liu, H. Cao, C. Ni, J. Zhang & X. Song
    Object detection based on gaussian mixture background modeling 405
    J. Liu, H. Cao & H. Mo, D. Qiu & J. Zhang
    Design and implement of monitoring system for marine environment based on zigbee 411
    L. Wang & Z. Liang
    RFID sensor network for rail transit intelligent supervisory control 417
    S. Yu & Y. He
    An algorithm of digital image denoising based on threshold 421
    Y. Shi & R. Yang
    A Study on the construction status of smart power distribution network planning and the method of improvement 425
    M. Qi, N. Zheng & L. Peng
    An approach for improving the resolution of MUSIC 429
    W. Feng, Y. Wang, Z. Li & Z. Wang
    Crashworthiness optimization design of triangular honeycombs under axial compression 433
    Q. He & D. Ma
    Research on service matching of single resource in cloud manufacturing 439
    M. Zhang, Y. Shang, C. Li, Y. Chang & N. Zhang
    Research on cloud storage technology of a grouting monitoring system based on the Internet of things 443
    S. Gao, H. Zhang, Y. Huang & X. Yu
    Object tracking algorithm based on feature matching under complex scenes 449
    J. Liu, D. Qiu, H. Cao, H. Mo, D. Qiu & J. Zhang
    Wide area backup protection algorithm based on fault area detection 455
    S. Li, Y. He & M. Liu
    Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of university network security risks 461
    T. Li
    Analysis on incremental transmission loss and voltage level of wind power system with doubly-fed induction generators (DFIGs) 467
    T. Wang & Y. He & M. Li
    Research and prevention of illegal intrusion of digital television network 473
    X. Hu
    A study on numerical control transformation of milling machine based on interpolation algorithm 479
    C. Sha & J. Luo
    Study on HCI of mobile internet—take graphic design of IOS7 windows as an example 487
    F. Chang
    Object tracking algorithm based on feature matching under complex scenes 491
    J. Liu, D. Qiu, H. Cao, H. Mo, D. Qiu & J. Zhang
    A new type of photonic crystal fiber with high nonlinearity and high birefringence based on microstructure fiber core 495
    Q. Meng & Y. Bai
    The application of LABVIEW-based virtual instrument technology in electro-hydraulic servo test system 501
    G. Zhao, J. Shi, L. Sun & X. Wang
    The design and implementation of virtual oscilloscope based on LabVIEW 507
    L. Sun, H. Bai, G. Zhao & J. Ma
    High level semantic image retrieval based on Ontology 515
    S. Wang, G. Xu & C. Zhang, B. Chen & C. Xu
    A new method of pulse comparison detect in IR-UWB ranging 519
    L. Zhu, H. Zheng & H. Zhang
    Research on data acquisition for medical air quality detection 523
    Z. Liu & B. Wang
    A recoverable color image blind watermark scheme and its application system based on internet 527
    X. Chen & G. Hu
    A new high-frequency transmission line ice-melting technique 531
    X. Gao, Y. Peng, K. Liu, X. Xie & C. Li
    A consistency evaluation and maintenance method of electric vehicle Lithium-ion+ battery based on resistance 537
    Y. Xu & Y. Yang
    Research on the influence of wind power integration on transmission service price 543
    H. Kan, L. Tan & Y. Zhang
    A machine learning practice to improve the profit for a Chinese restaurant 551
    X. Li, X. Li & N. Lavrac
    The control system research of X-ray generator in medical diagnostic 557
    Y. Liu, B. Dong, J. Yang & B. Guo
    Study on the magnitude-frequency response for RLC series circuit 561
    H. Zhou, L. Li & Y. Xie
    Research on grey neural network based on genetic algorithm used in the air pollution index model 567
    B. Chen & H. Wu
    Study on the influence of the cooperation network based on the PageRank algorithm 573
    B. Chen, H. Wu & G. Xu
    Palmprint recognition using SURF features 579
    R. Geng, X. Tao & L. Lei
    A BTT missile optimal controller design based on diffeomorphism exact linearization 587
    C. Wei, C. Cheng, Y. Gu & C. Cheng
    A low power consumption indoor locating method research based on UWB technology 591
    H. Hong, C. Shen, Y. Zhu, L. Zheng & F. Dong
    Research on unmanned ground vehicle following system 597
    Z. Wang, N. Li, Y. Zhang & J. Zhang
    The display and application of campus energy consumption of temperature and humidity data acquisition system 603
    X. Wang, Y. Yu & C. Jiang
    Design and implementation of vulnerability database maintenance system based on topic web crawler 609
    H. Liu, Y. Huo, T. Xue & L. Deng
    A new method of high-accuracy detection for modal parameter identification of al parameter identification of power system low frequency oscillation 615
    Y. Zhao, Z. Li & T. Li
    Bifurcational and chaotic analysis of the virus-induced innate immune system 623
    J. Tan, G. Qin & Y. Xu
    A Multiple Utility Factors-Based Parallel Packet Scheduling Algorithm of BWM System 629
    M. Wang, Q. Sun, S. Zhang, Y. Zhang & Y. Liu
    A new model for automatically locating the perceptional cues of consonants 633
    F. Bai
    A Detection method based on image segmentation applied to insulators 637
    Y. Zhai, Y. Wu, D. Wang
    Service restoration strategy of active distribution network based on multi-agent system 645
    H. Ji, L. Ma
    A research and implementation of the automatic synchronization strategy under difference frequency power grid based on fuzzy control principle 651
    H. Hu, Y. Fu, L. Zeng,Y. Li, Y. Yang, Y. Yue & J. Zhou
    A method of coal identification based on D-S evidence theory 657
    T. Wang, L. Tian & W. Wang
    Research on Green Spline interpolation algorithm application in optical path computation in aerodynamic flow field 663
    Y. Zheng, H. Sun & Y. Zhao
    A digital image steganography with low modification rate 667
    X. Wan, R. Yang
    A wireless method for detection of half-wave direct current 673
    H. Zhang, Z. Tian & E. Zhang
    Design and implementation of intelligent toolbox based on RFID technology 679
    M. Wang, Y. Li, Y. Teng & J. Tan
    Design and implementation of the control system in the underwater hydraulic grab 685
    H. Zhang
    Analysis on the pier influenced by sea dike causeway bridge 691
    T. Yue, D. Zuo, Q. Mao & J. Zhang
    Study on influence of new-built sea dike on submarine optical fibre cable 697
    Y. Luo & D. Tang
    Study on overall stability of sand-filling bag embankment by centrifuge model test 703
    Y. Meng, X. An & Y. Zhao
    The technology research about vibration reduction of vehicle borne laser communication stabilized turntable 711
    H. Hu, L. Zhang, J. Hong & Y. Bai
    The study of micro-molecule polymer product engineering based on decision model 717
    J. Song & S. Li
    Brief analysis about the application and prospect of bentonite and modified bentonite products in chemical engineering 723
    C. Li
    Preliminary study on the application of humic acid chemistry & chemical engineering materials in biological bacteria preparations 727
    B. Peng & Q. Peng
    Preparation and electrochemical performance study of polyvinylidene fluoride microporous polymer electrolyte 731
    J. Liu
    Technical economy analysis on the comprehensive utilization of high-carbon natural gas chemical industry 737
    P. Hu
    The Swarm intelligence optimization method and its application in chemistry and chemical engineering 743
    Y. Dong
    The research of the long-distance runner’s physical index based on data analysis 749
    C. Liu
    An analysis on the maintenance system of electric power equipment based on data mining technology 755
    K. Wang, L. Zhang, M. Jiang, Y. Tian & T. Wang
    The control strategy of offshore wind power participating in system frequency modulation through flexible DC transmission 761
    G. Yan, X. Liu & T. Cai
    Application of the new portable injection pump in Guhanshan coal mine 769
    H. Wu, D. Wei & J. Guo
    Economical optimal operation of the CCHP micro-grid system based on the improved artificial fish swarm algorithm 775
    X. Yu, P. Li, Y. Wang & H. Wang
    Short-term load forecasting of power system based on wavelet analysis improved neural network model 781
    Y. Wang, P. Li, K. Zhang & W. Zhu
    Application of energy storage system in islanded microgrid 787
    K. Zhang, P. Li, X. Yu & B. Zhao
    The research of seawater chemical oxygen demand measurement technology with ozone oxidation method 793
    H. Zang, L. Li & Z. Zou
    Application of improved canny operator in medical cell image edge detection 799
    M. Luan, G. Xu & Q. Xu, X. Wang & H. Wang
    Design and realization of wireless communication module over ZigBee 805
    J. Zhang
    Author Index


    Fun Shao, Wise Shu, Tracy Tian