1st Edition

Electrical, Control Engineering and Computer Science Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Electrical, Control Engineering and Computer Science (ECECS 2015, Hong Kong, 30-31 May 2015)

Edited By Liu Jian Copyright 2016

    Electrical, Control Engineering and Computer Science includes the papers from ECECS2015 (Hong Kong, 30-31 May 2015), which was organized by the American Society of Science and Engineering (ASEE), a non-profit society for engineers and scientists. Presenting new theories, ideas, techniques and experiences related to all aspects of electrical engineering, control engineering and computer science, the 41 revised and extended research articles cover the topics below:

    - electrical engineering

    - control engineering

    - communication and computer networks, and

    - computer science

    The book should appeal to academics and professionals interested in the above mentioned fields.

    Electrical and control engineering
    Structural design and motion simulation of a kind of AMT Clutch Actuator
    Y.F. Zhang
    Comparative study of electrical characteristics in southern, central,
    and northern areas of Jiangsu province
    C.-C. Jiang, P.-H. Wang & Y.-S. Hao
    The change rule of line loss rate based on the marketing data of the stable districts
    in Jiangsu province
    J.-L. Xu, Y.-F. Zou & Y.-P. Kong
    A comparative study of mode-space transform and array interpolation for DOA
    estimation of coherent signals in fourth-order cumulant domain
    M.H. Liu, S.W. Gao & J.H. Yin
    Adaptive low-voltage ride-through of DFIG based on crowbar with PDR
    and unloading protection circuit
    H.L. Jiang, Z. Jiang, X. An & J.P. Wang
    Research on the influence of load rate on district line loss rate
    in different areas of Jiangsu province
    G.-D. Gu
    Fault tolerant synchronization of chaotic system with sampled-data controller
    T. Ren, Y.J. Xu, M.M. Liu, J.-X. Wen & S. He
    Multi-interval schedule of economic dispatch for cogeneration systems
    M.-T. Tsai, F.-S. Chen & C.-C. Lo
    Fault location algorithm based on fault region determination for partial
    coupling four-circuit transmission lines
    W.M. Luo, H.Q. Wang, J.H. Wang, L. Zeng, S.Y. Chen, L. Xiao & W.L. Du
    Online identification based stability index in Multi-Send HVDC power transmission system
    S. Zhang, F. Gao, B. Tian, Y.F. Wang & C. Lu
    Stability analysis of hybrid AC/DC micro-grid
    H. Pan, M. Ding, L.G. Tian, X.S. Zhang & X.H. Ge
    Plasma slab’s electromagnetic behavior calculation based on two Auxiliary
    Differential Equation (ADE) styles
    J.Z. Ji, H.Q. Wu & P.L. Huang
    The electromagnetic equivalent modeling and simulation analysis of large size metal structure
    P.H. Xie, J.S. Yuan & J.J. Bi
    Transmission characteristics of Quadruple-Ridge Square Waveguide loaded
    with right-handed and left-handed materials
    G.J. Li, Y.Q. Cheng & A.N. Ma
    A moving target collaborative tracking algorithm based on dynamic fuzzy clustering
    J. Xiong, Z.J. Liu, G.L. Tang, H.M. Xue & J. Wang
    Research on the bacon key-quality based on physical detection and hyperspectral
    image of full-scale features
    P.-Y. Guo, M. Bao, K.-C. Yang & S. Liu
    Study of eddy current brake based on motion of Permanent Magnet
    in the nonmagnetic metal tube
    Y.X. Xia, S.M. Yan, H.N. Tan, W. Song, S.Y. Yang & W. Chen
    On-line dissolved gas analysis monitor based on laser photoacoustic spectroscopy
    J.B. Huang, J.M. Tan & L. Di
    The third-order Absorbing Boundary Condition for finite difference modeling
    of first-order stress-velocity acoustic equation
    P. Song, J. Tan, D.M. Xia, J. Li, Z.L. Liu & B. Zhu
    Automatic vertical parking steering control based on fuzzy control
    and Extended Kalman Filter
    X.W. Ji, S. Sun & Y. Huang
    Fault diagnosis for transmission network based on Timing Bayesian Suspected Degree
    X.F. Ma, Q. Chen & Z.J. Gao
    Combining region-based model with geodesic active contour for nature
    image segmentation using graph cut optimization
    L. Song, M.T. Gao & S.M. Wang
    Computer science
    Research and implementation of automobile ECU bootloader self-update
    J. Zhang, X.Y. Zhu & Y. Peng
    An embedded web server for remote monitoring of rice whiteness
    K. Kanjanawanishkul, J. Chinnakotr & W. Promwang
    Detection of gene deletion based on machine learning
    Y. Zhao, J.Y. Gao, F. Qi & R. Guan
    Multiple-range query processing in Main Memory Column Store
    H. Liu, Z.J. Liu, T. Yuan & J. Wang
    A high-efficiency sorting algorithm on multi-core
    X. Huang, Z.J. Liu & T. Yuan
    A new scheme of OPGW melting ice and its efficiency
    Y.Q. Lei, X. Chen, Y. Wang & B.S. Hou
    Research on the login system of double authentication based on fingerprint
    and password
    X.Q. Wang, Y. Li, X. Yuan, C.X. Zhang & S.L. Wang
    Efficient adaptive merging indexing for multi-core CPUs
    T. Yuan, Z.J. Liu, H. Liu & X. Huang
    Two-dimensional Compressed Sensing for IR-UWB Wireless Sensor Network data
    Y.L. Liu, K. Wang, B. Zhang & S. Xu
    The intermediate classification of hyperplane detection method for clustering SVM
    S.F. Gong, C. Liang & X.R. Bi
    Computer simulation on aerodynamic design of waverider vehicle
    L. Luo & S.-L. Gao

    Communication and computer networks
    Multiple faults localization theory for transparent all optical networks
    Y.J. Li, X. Li & Y. Wang
    Study on characteristics of Channel Plasmon Polariton Waveguides
    by the improved coupled mode theory
    A.N. Ma, Y.E. Li, Y.Z. Wang & G.J. Li
    Interference performance analysis for Device-to-Device system
    with multi-antenna destination underlying cellular networks
    M.M. Gao, S.X. Shao & J. Sun
    Channel estimation of IEEE 802.11ah based on traveling pilot and compressive sensing
    Y. Wang, Y.Z. Li & J.G. Hu
    Design and implementation of embedded network communication system based
    on RT-thread and LwIP
    L.F. Huang, N.G. Chen, L.Y. Huang & H.Z. Lin
    The hardware decoding implementation of video surveillance based on Android system
    S.K. Liu, L. Cao, Z.Y. Shi & C. Feng


    Liu Jian