Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook  book cover
1st Edition

Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook

ISBN 9780849320873
Published September 29, 2004 by CRC Press
2568 Pages 2321 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

As the number of electrical devices in use continues to grow, so do the challenges of ensuring the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of products and systems. Fortunately, engineers have at their disposal an array of approximations, models, and rules-of-thumb to help them meet those challenges. Unfortunately, the number of these tools and guidelines is overwhelming, and worse still is the thought of investigating their origins and confirming their results.

The Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook is an unprecedented compilation of the many approximations, guidelines, models, and rules-of-thumb used in EMC analyses, complete with their sources and their limitations. The book presents these in an efficient question-and-answer format and incorporates an extremely comprehensive set of tables and figures. The author has either derived from basic principles or obtained and verified from their original sources all of the expressions in the tables. Mathcad was used to generate most of the plots and solve many of the equations, and the author includes the Mathcad programs for many of these so users can clearly see the variable assignments, assumptions, and equations.

Designed to be of long-lasting value to engineers, researchers, and students, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Handbook is ideal both for quick reference and as a textbook for upper-level and graduate electrical engineering courses.

Table of Contents

EMI Sources
Decibel and Approximations
Electrical Length
Fast Bode Magnitude Plotting
Skin Depth, Wire Impedance, and Nonideal Resistors
Nonideal Capacitors and Inductors
Passive Filters
Cable Modeling
Transient Behaviour in the Time Domain
Air Breakdown
Transient Behaviour in the Frequency Domain
Spectra of Periodic and Aperiodic Signals
Transmission Lines and Matching
Passive Contact Probes
Inductance, Magnetic Coupling, and Transformers
Magnetic Materials and a Few Devices
Baluns and Balanced Circuits
Cable Shielding and Crosstalk
Radiated Emissions and Susceptibility
Conducted Emissions and Susceptibility
Plane Wave Shielding
Electric Field Shielding
Magnetic Field Shielding
Additional Shielding Concepts
Test Chambers
Floating Metal and Guard Electrodes
Electrostatic Discharge
Circuit Board Layout for EMC
Appendix A-Summary of the Three Major Coordinate Systems
Appendix B-Definitions for Common and Uncommon Functions
Appendix C-Conversion, Unit and Notation Tables
Appendix D-Helpful Mathematical Relationships

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"Upon first glance of this book, my jaw dropped open and I stood there flipping from page to page. I cannot overstate the vast amount of knowledge this book contains. Each subject is covered from a basic point to a most advanced look. Huge equations cover the pages, yet more elementary concepts are explained in the simplest ways. But if you are like me, be forewarned! Opening this book you may find yourself flipping from page to page, concept to concept, and the original issue you wanted to research is long forgotten. …

"Anyone who is seriously working in the EMC and ESD fields will need to consider seeing this book. I expect it should become a standard reference book for electromagnetic compatibility design and testing, as well as covering electrostatic discharge issues. It is both complex and advanced, but with enough basic materials to be useful to a more novice engineer or technician. As for me, I have gladly cleared a space on my desk, front and center, where this book will now remain within arm's reach."
- IEEE EMC Society Newsletter, No. 2304, Winter 2004

"This book contains a vast range of material and is very thorough…well written and useful…One of the more striking aspects of the book is the large number of tables…I would like to emphasize that I find this book very useful. It is obvious that Prof. Kaiser has put a tremendous amount of effort, care, and consideration into this text. Also, given the amount of useful material in this book, it is definitely a bargain."
- IEEE Microwave Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 2, June 2005

"The book is useful for all the designers of electronic equipments: electrical and electronics engineers, technicians, professors, teachers. The content covers much more than EMC. The title should be 'All you should know to really master EMC'. It is an Encyclopaedia of Radio Engineering. …The presentation is compact, useful in all applications, with many figures, tables and graphics.... Including basics but also discussions and derivations never published before in book form guarantees that the book will be useful for many years ahead, even for these fast-evolution domains, as electronics and aerospace technology.
-- Serban Birca-Galateanu,, Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dep., Nantes, Franc, for IEEE Power Electronics Society Newsletter, Volume 18, Number 3