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Electronic Engineering
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference of Electronic Engineering and Information Science (ICEEIS 2017), January 7-8, 2017, Haikou, P.R. China

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Dongxing Wang

ISBN 9781138602601
Published August 2, 2018 by CRC Press
254 Pages

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Book Description

The 4th International Conference of Electronic Engineering and Information Science 2017 (ICEEIS2017) was held January 7-8, 2017 in Haikou, P.R. China. This conference was sponsored by the Harbin University of Science and Technology, China. The conference continued the tradition of gathering world-class researchers, engineers and educators engaged in the fields of electronic engineering and information science to meet and present their latest activities. The proceedings contains contributions in the fields of Electronic Engineering, Information Science and Information Technologies, Computational Mathematics and Data Mining, Mechatronics, Control and Automation and Material Science and Technologies of Processing.

Table of Contents

Measurement and selection of infant formula milk powder traceability granularity
W.Wang & X.Y. Gu

An algorithm for detecting atomicity bugs in concurrent programs based on communication invariants
L.Y. Li, J.D. Sun & S.X. Zhu

Analysis of the light effect on the ZnPc/Al/ZnPc barrier height of OTFTs
S. Zhao, M. Zhu & Z.J. Cui

Robust visual tracking with integrated correlation filters
H. Zhang, L. Zhang, Y.W. Li, Y.R.Wang & L. He

A hash function based on iterating the logistic map with scalable positions
J.H. Liu & C.P. Ma

The design and implementation of a third-order active analogue high-pass filter
D.D. Han, H.J. Yang & C.Y.Wang

Properties of copper phthalocyanine thin film transistors fabricated in vertical structures
M.Z. Yang, D.X.Wang, X.C. Liu & Q.X. Feng

Active contour segmentation model based on global and local Gaussian fitting
F.Z. Zhao, H.Y. Liang, X.L.Wu & D.H. Ding

Linguistic multi-criteria group decision-making method using incomplete weights information
L.W. Qu, H. Liu, Y.Y. Zuo, S. Zhang, X.S. Chen, V.V. Krasnoproshin, C.Y. Jiang & H. Liu

The design of the CAN bus interface controller based on Verilog HDL
H.J. Yang & M.Y. Ren

Research on the technology development model of China Mobile Communications Corporation based on three networks convergence
R. Zhang, Y. An &Y.S. Li

Design and implementation of UART interface based on RS232
H. Guo

The analysis of the stability of the repetitive controller in an Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) inverter
J.J. Ma,W.W. Kong, J. Xu, X.W. Zang &Y.H. Qiu

Realisation of a remote video monitoring system based on embedded technology
X.Y. Fan, M.X. Song & S.C. Hu

Design and implementation of a remote monitoring mobile client in a litchi orchard, based on an Android platform
G.X. Yu, J.X. Xie,W.X.Wang, H.Z. Lu, X. Xin &Y.H.Wang

Calculation and simulation of the impact torsional vibration response of a stator current for a local fault in a rolling bearing
X.J. Shi, Q.K. Gao,W.T. Li & H. Guo

An analysis of the electromagnetic field of the winding inter-turn short-circuit of an asynchronous motor
S.Y. Ding &Y.Wang

Continuous max-flow medical image segmentation based on CUDA
B.Wang, Y.H.Wu & X. Liu

Vulnerabilities detection in open-source software based on model checking
Y. Li, S.B. Huang, X.X.Wang, Y.M. Li & R.H. Chi

Design and realisation of an intelligent agricultural greenhouse control system
J.F. Liu, Y.X.Wu, H.L. Zhu & C. Liu

Research on intuitionistic fuzzy measure in decision making
S. Zhang, Z.C. Huang & G.F. Kang

Design and research of positioning function of automobile guidance system based onWinCE
N.Wang, B.F. Ao, H.P. Tian & F. Liu

Thermal shock resistance of (ZrB2 +3Y-ZrO2)/BN composites
L. Chen, Y.J.Wang, L.X. Zhou &Y. Zhou

Evaluation model for traffic pollution control using multi-attribute group decision-making based on pure linguistic information
H. Liu, S. Zhang, V.V. Krasnoproshin, C.X. Zhang, B. Zhang, B. Yu, H.W. Xuan &Y.D. Jiang

A bid evaluation model of a hydropower project based on the theory of intuitionistic fuzzy sets
H. Liu, S. Zhang, C.X. Zhang, Y.P. Liu, B. Yu, B. Zhang, V.V. Krasnoproshin, H.W. Xuan & J.F. Gao

Realisation of a virtual campus roaming system based on the Unity 3D game engine
J.H. Dong, J.W. Dong & C. Liu

An efficient high-order masking scheme for the S-Box of AES using composite field arithmetic
J.X. Jiang, Y.Y. Zhao, J. Hou, X.X. Feng & H. Huang

Experimental study on the effect of hydroxyl grinding aids on the properties of cement
B. Yang, X.F.Wang, X.F. He, C.X. Yang & K.M.Wong

An input delay approach in guaranteed cost sampled-data control
L.Y. Fan, J.N. Zhang & J.J. Song

Design of a multilevel cache datapath for coarse-grained reconfigurable array
L.Wang, X.Wang, J.L. Zhu, X.G. Guan, H. Huang, H.B. Shen & H. Yuan

Research on path planning for large-scale surface 3D stereo vision measurement
Y.J. Qiao &Y.Q. Fan

Research on the application of a chaotic theory for electronic information security and secrecy management
Y.Y. Lai

Research on feature selection algorithms based on random forest
D.J. Yao & X.J. Zhan

Mobile-terminal sharing system for B-ultrasonic video
Q.H. Shang & F.Y. Liang

A novel area-efficient Rotating S-boxes Masking (RSM) scheme for AES
J.X. Jiang, J. Hou, Y.Y. Zhao, X.X. Feng & H. Huang

Lower confidence limits for complex system reliability
Q.Wang & G.Z. Zhang

Stiffness analysis of heavy spindle tops
B.W. Gao &W.L. Han

Experimental research into fuzzy control strategy of hydraulic robot actuator
G.H. Han, C.J. Zhang, Y.N. Liu &Y.C. Shi

Research into DDoS attack detection based on a decision tree constructed in parallel on the basis of mutual information
C. Zhao, H.Q.Wang, F.F. Guo & G.N. Hao

Random addition-chains based DPA countermeasure for AES
H. Huang, X.X. Feng, J. Hou, Y.Y. Zhao & J.X. Jiang

Diagonal gait planning and simulation of hydraulic quadruped robot based on ADAMS
J.P. Shao & S.K.Wang

Design and implementation of a mobile intelligent programming learning platform based on Android
C.Z. Ji, B. Yu, Y.Wei & Z.L. Song

Design and implementation of a UDP/IP hardware module based on a field-programmable gate array
Q. Li, G. Luo, G.M. Song, S.Y. Jiang, F. Yuan & C.Wu

A method of building CAD models based on algebraic optimisation of geometric constraints
X.Y. Gao, Y.T. Liu & C.X. Zhang

Use of face similarity to compare the shapes of two CAD models
X.Y. Gao, Y.N. Chen & C.X. Zhang

The research status of direct imaging of exoplanets
Z.J. Han, D. Ren, J.P. Dou, Y.T. Zhu, X. Zhang, J. Guo & C.C. Liu

Time-resolved spectrum research of laser induced Mg plasma emission
Z.Y. Yang, Q. Li, D.Q. Yuan,W.Q. Ni & H.B. Yao

Analysis of the brightness of molten liquid ejection in a millisecond laser interaction with a silicon plate
L. Zhang, X.W. Ni & J. Li

Design of a high linear VCO
M.Y. Ren, M.Y. Qin & B.Z. Song

Design a second-order curvature compensation bandgap reference
M.Y. Ren, B.Z. Song & M.Y. Qin

Study on the corona-resistance property of polyimide/alumina nanocomposite films at elevated temperature
S.T. Minh

Design of CMOS bandgap voltage reference
H. Bao

Amplifier design in an automatic gain control circuit
H. Bao

Design and analysis of CMOS operational amplifier
S. Mallick

Design and simulation of operational amplifier based on CMOS technology
S. Mallick

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Dongxing Wang received a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree from the Harbin University of Science and Technology, and a Ph.D. degree from Chiba University in 1984, 1990, and 1999 respectively. His current research interests include organic semiconductor devices and semiconductor process. Dongxing Wang is currently professor at the Harbin University of Science and Technology.