Electronic Engineering and Information Science : Proceedings of the International Conference of Electronic Engineering and Information Science 2015 (ICEEIS 2015), January 17-18, 2015, Harbin, China book cover
1st Edition

Electronic Engineering and Information Science
Proceedings of the International Conference of Electronic Engineering and Information Science 2015 (ICEEIS 2015), January 17-18, 2015, Harbin, China

Edited By

Dongxing Wang

ISBN 9781138027725
Published May 31, 2015 by CRC Press
808 Pages

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Book Description

The International Conference of Electronic Engineering and Information Science 2015 (ICEEIS 2015) was held on January 17-18, 2015, Harbin, China. This proceedings volume assembles papers from various researchers, engineers and educators engaged in the fields of electronic engineering and information science.

The papers in this proceedings volume consist of topics such as: Electronic Engineering, Information Science and Information Technologies, Computational Mathematics and Data Mining, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Communication and Signal Processing, Control and Automation of Mechatronics, Methods, Devices and Systems for Measurement and Monitoring, Engineering of Weapon Systems, Mechanical Engineering and Material Science and Technologies of Processing.

Table of Contents

Organizing committee

Boundary control of boost three-level converters
Q.K. Zhou, D. Zhao, H.C. Liu & E.H. Guan

Analysis of the three-paralleled-connected switched-inductor boost converter
E.H. Guan, D. Zhao, H.C. Liu & S. Yang

Research on chaos characteristic of sound wave interactions in marine medium
C.F. Lan, D. L. Yu, C.F. Lan, M. Zhang, F.C. Li, L.P. Zhang & J.Y. Liu

Improvement and simulation of DV-HOP localization algorithm in wireless sensor networks
W.J. Zhou, J. Tang & C.T. Zhao

Eddy current loss analysis for half-speed large turbine generator
B.J. Ge, W. Guo & D.H. Zhang

The design and research of wafer-type tester based on microprocessor
J.M. Feng, Y.J. Cao & H. Luo

Design and implementation of SPI Flash controller based on Xilinx FPGA 
Y.J. Gong & Q.G. Xiong

The current-voltage characteristics of zinc phthalocyanine organic thin film transistor
Y.S. Zhang, D.X. Wang, X.C. Liu, Z.Y. Wang, Y.Y. Wang, J.H. Yin & H. Zhao

Design and implementation of 8-bit MCU based on triple levels pipeline structure
W.M. Chen

The operating characteristics measurements and analysis of CuPc thin film transistor
Z.Y. Wang, D.X. Wang, Y.S. Zhang, Y.Y. Wang, L. Wang, J.H. Yin & H. Zhao

Research on the technology of static type induction heating
H.M. Wang, X.J. Li, H. Sun, P. Xue & Q. Zhang

Analysis of static operating characteristics and potential distribution of the CuPc-OSIT using finite element method
Y. Yuan, D.X. Wang, Y. Zhang & X.Y. Cui

Design on virtual experiment system for communication principle based on LabVIEW
H.Y. Wang, M.Z. Liu, Z.M. Chen & J.J. Qiao

Analysis of the working mechanism of organic static induction transistor
Y.H. Wu, D.X. Wang, X.C. Liu, X. Li, M.M. Li & X.X. Dong

The photoelectric characteristics of vertical organic thin-film transistor
X.C. Liu, M. Zhu, Z.H. Jing, D.N. Yuan & H.R. Lv

Design of ZigBee-based athletes pulse detection system
S.W. Dong, Y.Z. Wang & K.J. Dong

The design and implementation based on the Android platform of business process management system
L. Liu, D. Yang, S.M. Gao, C.L. Tang & P.D. Wang

The report based on OFDM power line communications system simulation platform
H. Ai, L.T. Wang, Z.X. Liu & L.H. Wei

Numerical analysis of the electric potential distribution of two dimension in the conductive channel of organic static induction transistor
X.Y. Cui, D.X. Wang, Y. Zhang & Y. Yuan

The optimization of CAN communication network in automobiles
L.L. Wu, W. Wu, R.J. Pei & M.L. Zhou

Design and implementation of 16-bit high speed fixed-point multiplier based on FPGA
D.D. Han, H.G. Dong & M.Z. Lai

FPGA implementation of the parallel CRC module in vehicular ad hoc networks
H.J. Yang

Optimization design of SDRAM controller based on FPGA in network-processor system
N. Du, C.Y. Wang & Z.L. Liu

The numerical analyze the change of gate length for the influence of organic static induction transistor potential distribution inside the conducting channel
Y. Zhang, D.X. Wang, Y. Yuan & X.Y. Cui

Motion characteristics of water droplet under AC and DC electric field
W. Liang, Q.G. Chen, C.H. Song, T.Y. Zheng & X.L. Wei

A greenhouse seedling control system based on PLC and HMI 
B.Q. Zhang, S.Q. Tian & Q. Wei

Design of support vector machine recognizer based on single chip microcomputer
P. Jiang, Q. Liu, L. Zhao, Y. Tao, J. Xu & Z. Qi

Call identification and interception system based on STC MCU
Q. Li, Y.J. Cao, W. Liu, J.M. Feng & H. Luo

Design of fuzzy PID controller based on FPGA
J.H. Han & Z.P. Chen

The affection of different rotor structures on starting and operating performance in U-type single phase permanent magnet synchronous motor
M. Fu, Y. Chen, L. Shen, Y.M. Lin & K.K Gai

Research on the personal area networking of wireless intelligent terminal equipment based on STM32
J.B. Xie, Y. Ning, S. Miao & H.Q. Gao

Hardware implementation of communication and synchronization between tasks based on message-mailbox
Y. Li, G.H. Zhu, H.X. Cui, Z.G. Zhou & B. Wang

Research and hardware design of interrupt manager based on FPGA 
Y. Li, T.X. Huang, G.W. Zhang & Z.K. Jin

How to confirm IBeacon direction?
G.Z. Yan, N. Che, H. Liu & Y.Y. Tang

Voltage sensitivity of band gap photonic crystal fiber of terahertz wave
Y.Y.J. Chen, G.J. Ren, P. Wu, Y.Y. Song, X.Y. Gao & R. Ji

Analysis of working characteristics and modeling-simulation based on ZnO thin film transistors
Y.H. Wu, Z.Y. Wang, D.X. Wang, X. Li, M.M. Li, D.N. Yuan, X.X. Dong, H.R. Lv & X.C. Liu

The design and implementation of intelligent electronic timer
Y.L. He, Y. Wang, L.Y. Zhang, Q. Liu & X. Wang

Designing and implementation of barometric altimeter in navigation receivers
X. Wang, L. Hou & J.L. Liu

Fuzzy model of circulating fluidized bed boiler combustion system
N. Lv & L. Wang

The characteristics analysis of ZnO thin films transistor
X.Y. Wang, Y.S. Zhang & D.X. Wang

Study about the legal protection of personal data and its effective transmission in Electronic Commerce
Y.J. Ye

Genetic algorithm nested with interval-indexed formulation heuristic procedure for a single machine scheduling problem
Y.M. Wang & H.L. Yin

Design of low power CMOS instrumentation amplifier
M.Y. Ren, B. Yu & Z.P. Jiang

The design of CMOS rail-to-rail operational amplifier
M.Y. Ren, B. Yu & Z.P. Jiang

The design and implementation of a low temperature coefficient bandgap reference voltage source
M.Y. Ren, B. Yu & Z.P. Jiang

A complete electrical equivalent model for micromechanical gyroscope
C.C. Dong, L. Yin & Q. Fu

A sensitivity study of fluxgate excitation fed by a square wave voltage
C.C. Dong, L. Yin & Q. Fu

Nonlinear analysis on gyroscope phase-sensitive circuit
C.C. Dong, L. Yin & Q. Fu

An effective English word segmentation method based on interconnected domain search
F. Yin, L. Zheng, J.H. Han, F. Yin, X.Y. Yu & F.H. Jin

Random forest algorithm for spam filtering based on machine learning
W.B. Wang, F. Yin, H. Sun & P. Li

Research on linkage collaboration of snort and WFP based on windows 7
L. Ding, J.Q. Zhai & H.Z. Qi

Research on building multi-campus adult education platform model based on VPN technology
Z.Y. Luo & Z.W. Qin

Extract Chinese term based on linguistic knowledge
D.S. Sun

On the development of a novel music player with RGB-LED
Z.Q. Hu, H. Zhang, G.Y. Lin, R.R. Zhao & H.B. Wang

Research on classification and technology of honeypots
J.Q. Zhai, L. Ding, J.H. Liu & Y.J. He

Digital library network based on the internet of things
L. Ma

Research and application of cloud of virtual network data security
J. Lin

Design of information management system for college sports meeting
B. Bai

A variety of auxiliary facilities of key techniques of VANET 
C.Y. Wang & Y.Y. Tang

A universal framework design for the network test instrument
M. Ma, C.J. Dong, H. Yan & Y.H. Guo

Low latency routing algorithm simulation and hardware verification of NoC
S.Y. Jiang, L. Chen, Z. Lu, J. Peng, Y.Y. Mao & G. Luo

Design of dual mode radix4 SRT divider
W.L. Guo, H.J. Xing, Y.X. Tang & Z.J. Wang

A method based on word feature selection for relation extraction in EMRs
X.B. Lv, Y. Guan & J.W. Wu

Brain oscillations mechanism for cognitive control process
B. Yu, H.F. Li, L. Ma, X.D. Wang & B. Yu

Research on intelligent test paper generation based on knowledge point and paper template
S.M. Gao

Determine weights of evaluation indices for E-Commerce websites ranking based on fuzzy AHP
H. Liu, H.W. Xuan, X. Cui & V.V. Krasnoproshin

Building of numerical models and simulation research for magnetite core inductive sensor
L.J. Wang, Y.B. Han, H.Q. Chen, S.Y. Xiao, D.D. Hui, J.X. Li & L.K. Sun

Determine sense of ambiguous word based on part of speech
C.X. Zhang, L.L. Guo & X.Y. Gao

Background threshold Gaussian estimation image segmentation algorithm
D. Lu, X. Lin, H.Y. Zhang, J. Yan, C.J. Wen & J.X. Liu

Dynamic gesture recognition algorithm based on skin color detection and depeh information
W.L. Guo, Y.F. Cai, J.L. Zhang & Y.X. Tang

Spare parts transportation in clone immune algorithm
H.Wei & P.L. Qiao

Predicting message propagation based on logistic regression
T.G. Ren, H.F. Ding, H.L. Qi, B. An & H.H. Yu

The analysis of biological characteristics of real trajectories in the logistic map
J.H. Liu, Zhiyong Luo, J.H. Liu & Dahua Song

The improvement of virtual machine
S.L. Zhang & J.L. Sun

Research and design of pipe burst analysis algorithms based on Geodatabase data model
Z.B. Yu, W.B. Wang & H.P. Xiong

Design and implementation for computer online examination system
H. Li, Y.X. Ling, W.F. Wu & H.Y. Yan

A local multi-resolution discriminant power for face recognition
P. Cui, X.T. Zhang & L.S. Yu

The parallel processing for promoter data base on OpenMP
Y. Shi, J. Lu & J.J. Zheng

Research and implementation of latent semantic analysis based on UMLS and biomedical pathway databases
J.Q. Ma & M.C. Shang

Distributed neural network self-learning algorithm
J.L. Cui, Y. Zhao & P.L. Qiao

The wireless sensor network routing choice model based on game theory
R.Y. Qiao & X.G. Zhao

Calculation model and numerical simulation of positive pressure dense phase pneumatic ash removal system
W.B. Wang, L. Shi & W.W. Liu

Experimental research on spectral evolution of the stokes pulse via Brillouin amplification in SMF
H.Y. Zhang, S.P. Zhang & Z.J. Yuan

Application of evolution in path searching and program generation
P. He, A.C. Hu, M.B. Tang & X.R. Chen

Library electronic resources based on marketing theory
P. Liu & L. Liu

A flat micro heat pipe with fiber wick and mathematical model
T. Han, Z. Zhang & Y.D. Shen

A novel method of correlated jamming suppression for DS-CDMA system based on ICA
M. Yu, J.Z. Chen & Y.Y. Qi

Research of Data Mining based on clustering model
Y.M. Wang & H.L. Yin

Influences of different ways of communication over team innovation efficiency
Y. Zhao, L.F. Zhang & X.X. Qiao

Design of controller of automatic variable rate spraying based on ARM9
J.X. Huang, G.Y. Song, L.M. Li & Y. Hou

Electrotechnics curriculum reform aiming at cultivating innovation ability
J.X. Huang, Y.Hou & J.Li

Fault forecasting of numerical control machine by improved grey neural network GNNM(1, 1) modelbased on momentum
M. Bao, J. Bao & J.W. Yang

Numerical simulation of the laser transmission soliton initial stage
F.X. Li, J. Han, Z.F. Fei & J. Wei

Existence and stability of almost periodic solution to a class of neutral tape of integro-differential equation
Y.F. He, W.B. Ma & Z.B. Cao

Homotopy iteration method for nonlinear system
J. Wei, Z.F. Fei, J. Han & F.X. Li

Integral equation method of mixed crack problem
W. Zheng, W. Sun & C.Z. Bao

Research on parameterizations of stable distribution
H.L. Chen, J.T. Wang, Y. Zhang & C.L. Liu

Spam filtering based on AdaBoost and active learning methods
X.Y. Liu & J.H. Liu

An improved design and realization of the AES encryption algorithm
J.L. Cui, G.L. Huang & P.L. Qiao

The application of fuzzy probability on price-assessment of second-hand houses
H. Zhao & H. Sui

Particle Swarm Optimization algorithm based on multi-swarm cooperative evolution
G.Z. Wang, X. Zeng & P.L. Qiao

An improved orbital sliding algorithm for calculating no-fit polygon
D.Y. Cao, D.C. Liu & H.X. Sun

Construction and performance analysis of a NEMO based IP/LEO satellite network
Z. Zhang, T. Han & X.C. Zhang

A robust watermarking for 2D CAD graphic based on coordinates modification
T.J. Zhang, H.G. Zhang, H.D. Hou & A.A. Abd El-Latif

Target detecting method in ballistic midcourse based on minimum mean square error
M. Zhu, J.J. Zhang, H.Z. Liu & S.H. Wang

Read and display of UG models in OpenGL 
X.L. Sui, J.T. Chen, X.W. Zhang & C. Hua

Visible camera calibration and registration in the 3D temperature field reconstruction
B.Y. Wang, X.Y. Yu, B.H. He, J.F. Wu, H.B. Wu, X.M. Sun, S.Y. Liu & J.F. Wu

Graphics processing of CNC cutting based on auto CAD 
W.L. Guo, H.J. Xing & T. Zhang

Application of multi-threshold otsu algorithm in image edge detection
M.Z. Liu, L. Shi & Q. Wu

An implicit calibration method for image distortion
S.C. Yu, P.J. Wang, S. Liu & H.Y. Xiao

Roundness detection method based on improved Hough transform
S.C. Yu, D. Zhao, L.L. Chu & C. Liu

Roundness evaluation method based on least squares
S.C. Yu, J.L. Wang, L. Tian & Z.W. Pan

Image encryption algorithm based on chaos theory and Arnold transformation research
W.C. Bi & J.H. Liu

Implementation of fast unwrapping algorithm for high resolution omnidirectional images based on FPGA
J.H. Han & S.T. Liang

Design of dual field-of-view zoom optical system with high resolution
Z.H. Luan, L. Zhao & X.M. Wang

Latest development and analysis of image fusion
L.L. Wang, Y. Shen, D.Y. Chen & X.Y. Yu

Based on multi-band communication methods chaos phase space region detection method
C.X. Liu, J. Yi, L.M. An, W.J. Dai & D.H. Li

A seamless switch method of audio files in the automatic broadcasting system
Y. Guo, Y. Li & S.Y. Xiao

An adaptive audio mixing weight quantization algorithm
J.Y. Fan, Z.L. Zhang, Y. Fu & D.D. Hui

Comparison between Hilbert-Huang transform and local mean decomposition
J.H. Cai & Q.Y. Chen

A method for generating distributed network traffic with accurate speed
D.W. Hao, F. Cao & X. Zhou

Study of propagation and transformation of pulse-front tilting Gaussian pulse by transferring matrix
P.J. Sun, L.Y. Zhang, J.J. Huang & H.Y. Jin

The detection of QPSK-DS communication based on delay-multiplication
Z.Q. Dong

Android-oriented mobile sharing system for multimedia projection
L.Y. Shen, S.X. Zhu & Z.C. Song

A circuit module design and realization of optical fiber communication
J.L. Bai, Y.L. He, X. Liu, J.W. Zhang, Q. Zhang & Y. Wang

An improved acquisition method for sine-BOC(14,2) modulated signal
H. Zhang, J.L. Liu, H.B. Wu & Y.H. Hu

The SAR sidelobe suppression method based on the parallel transceiver using orthogonal chaotic frequency modulation signal
L. Zhang, Z. Yu & J.W. Li

Wavelet transform application on transient component analysis for AP1000 nuclear turbo-generator
B.J. Ge, W. Guo & Y.P. Gao

A hardware implementation based on FPGA for BLDC fuzzy controller design
J.B. Wen & C.W. Ma

The research of code relocation about U-boot transplant based on embedded systems
H. Ai, X. Zhao & J.L. Wang

Research on the control strategy of regenerative braking for HEV
X.C. Tian, M.L. Zhou, Y. Zhang & L.L. Wu

The research and design of control system technology for circulating fluidized bed boiler
Y.C. Yang

An input delay approach for uncertain nonlinear time-delay system
L.Y. Fan

The P-Q decoupling control and simulation of the DFIG wind power generation system
M. Fu, K.K. Gai, Y.M. Lin & Y. Chen

The fault diagnostic simulation and research of wind generator electrical signal in different conditions
X.J. Shi, J.C. Zhang, J.K. Zhang, H. Du & J.S. Si

Study of ambient temperature and relative humidity compensation method for methane gas sensor of thermal conduction
Y. Hu, X.B. Ding & Y.Yu

Study of the reciprocity gap method for Maxwell’s equations
J.Y. Sun & J.T. Zhang

A survey on automatic pavement surface cracking detection systems
X.M. Sun, Z.Y. Xiao, Y.F. Cai, T.J. Zang, L.J. Qi, L. Bao & L. Huang

Robust online multi-object identifying and tracking
J. Su, G.S. Yin & Z.Y. Luo

Ankle stress monitoring device based on WIFI
Y.L. Wang, X.X. Duan & J. Yue

Thing-of-Internet based breeding and sprouting measurement and monitor system to facilitate STEM course education
G.S. Xi, R.C. Jia, Z.F. Liu, Z.M. Luo & J.F. Zhang

Temperature and humidity wireless monitoring system design using undergraduate innovation training program
L. Wang, Z.F. Liu, Z.M. Luo, T. Su & R.C. Jia

The design of wind-field meteorological data monitoring system
Y. Yu, X.B. Ding, Y. Hu & C.Y. Li

Research on the impacts of working-wavelength on the precision of the non-source temperature calibration method based on power function
K. Sun, J. Yu, H. Sun & W. Li

Internet-based of a wireless monitoring system for temperature regulating device design
J.F. Zhang, Z.M. Luo, Z.F. Liu, S. Zhao & G.Y. Huang

MRC automatic measurement system of imaging device by FPGA
T.Z. Liu, W.J. Li, P.S. Zhao, D.Y. Yang & C. Wang

Active power filter based on dq detection arithmetic and one-cycle control
Q. Yan, W.J. Li, T.Q. Wu, J. Feng & Y. Sheng

Reactive power measurement meter design based on FPGA
J.H. Han & G.L. Zhang

System of human basic parameters signal acquisition
L.F. Zhang & W. Jiang

Study of stereo vision measurement methods based on coding structured light
Y.J. Qiao, L.L. Wan, H.R. Wang & M.J. Zheng

Research on splicing method in three-dimensional measurement of hydraulic turbine blades surface and simulation
J.H. Yuan, H.J. Yuan & B. Niu

Design and implementation of granary temperature and humidity detection system
Z.M. Su, J.J. Sun, E.J. Zhang & H.J. Yuan

Research on calibration device of relay protection tester
J.H. Yuan, B. Niu & Y. Wang

Research on performance degradation of SnO2 gas sensor based on accelerated test
J.H. Yuan, Z.M. Su, B. Niu & Z. Zhou

The 3D surface measurement and simulation for turbine blade surface based on color encoded structural light
J.H. Yuan, H.J. Yuan & B. Niu

RTR -1000 rapid triaxial rock testing system and its application
Q. Hu, Y. Mei & L. Zhang

Signal sorting a new combinatorial jamming strategy countering phased array radar
J. Han, M.H. He, M.Y. Feng & L.R. Guo

An cruise vehicle trajectory planning scheme based on the artificial potential field
L.F. Pan, X.X. Liu, Y. Guo & Y.X. Li

Surface roughness prediction and parameter optimization of high speed milling based on the DAAGA
X.L. Sui, C. Hua, Y.Q. Chen & J.T. Chen

Structure design and movement mechanism analysis for underwater micro-robot
S.J. Ren & J. B. Dong

Optimization of pressure-equalizing groove distribution of gas thrust bearing
Y.J. Qiao, M.J. Zheng, L.L. Wan & H.R. Wang

Investigation on frequency doubling characteristics of one-dimensional BBO photonic crystals
Z.Y. Yang, J.J. Huang, L.Y. Zhang, S.Z. Pu & H.N. Wu

Polarization and dielectric properties of ferroelectric thin films with structural transition zones
J. Zhou, W.G. Xie, C.B. Yu, L. Xu, Z.J. Li, P.N. Sun, H.G. Ye & T.Q. Lü

Influence of the surface transition layer on the susceptibility distribution of the ferroelectric thin film
W.G. Xie, J. Zhou, X. Liang, X.Y. Yang & X. Zhang

Strong optical limiting of a molecular metal cluster
D.Z. Xin & Y.C. Gao

Investigation on preparation and refining effect of Al-5Ti-1B-xCe master alloys
F.W. Kang, Q. Liu, Z.Z. Yu, B. Gao, H.L. Geng & Q. Zhang,

Physics-chemistry mechanism discussion of preparing HAP with sol-gel method
J. Wei, J. Han, F.X. Li & S. Li

Emulsion dehydration characteristics under non-uniform electric field
C.H. Song, Q.G. Chen, W. Liang, T.Y. Zheng & X.L. Wei

Polyaniline/graphene conductive composite materials research
Z.H. Wang, B. Li, W.J. Qiao, J. Shao, D.Q. Jin & J.L. Li

Three methods for preparation of graphene
Z.H. Wang, B.Li, W.J. Qiao, J. Shao, D.Q. Jin & J.L. Li

Matching phase and group velocities in second harmonic generation for one-dimensional nonlinear photonic crystals with linear dispersion
H.N. Wu, J.J. Huang, L.Y. Zhang, S.Z. Pu & Z.Y. Yang

Surface protection technology research of Mg-Li alloy
L. Yao, L. Chen, Y.Q. Chen, X.X. Sun & D. Sun

The effect of surface corrosion of Mg-Li alloy
L. Yao, L. Chen, Y.Q. Chen, Y.J. Zheng & D. Sun

The influence of N2 flow rate on the structure of CrN film
L. Yao, L. Chen, Y.Q. Chen, X.X. Sun & D.Sun

Growing CrN film via magnetron sputtering on the surface of Mg-Li alloy
L. Yao, L. Chen, Y.Q. Chen, X.X. Sun & D. Sun

Adsorption of NO and NO2 on monolayer MoS2: First principle study
H. Luo, Y.J. Cao, J.M. Feng, L. Lan & N. Zhang

Effect of composite films preparation on polyimide performance
N. Zhang, J.H. Yin, J.L. Li, Z.S. Lin & S.C. Wu

The research of EDFA signal out and total ASE
C.P. Lang, T. Shen, Y.Q. Li, H.Y. Yang, J.D. Xie, Y.C. Li, Y.H. Deng & S.Q. Li

Simulation of fiber optical current transformer base a novel structure
J.D. Xie, T. Shen, L.L. Liu, S. Meng, W.B. Liu, J.D. Li, C.P. Lang, Y.Q. Li, Y.C. Li, Y.H. Deng & S.Q. Li

Synthesis of yttrium iron garnet by conventional solid-state method
H.L. Dai, T. Shen, C. Hu & Y. Feng

Instructing writing with online writing labs—taking OWL as an example
J.F. Pan

Study of demodulator based on DFB laser wavelength modulation of a small band FBG 
M.Z. Wu, Y.L. Xiong, H. Liang, N.K. Ren & Z.Y. Ma

Study of reverse supply chain based on products’ life cycle
L.F. Zhu & P.L. Qiao

Reinforcement learning of fuzzy joint replenishment problem in supply chain
C.Y. Li, S.H. Zhao, T.W. Zhang & X.T. Wang

Joint replenishment and freight problem with fuzzy demand
C.Y. Li, X.T. Wang, T.W. Zhang & C. Wang

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Dongxing Wang was born in 1962. He received a B.S. degree from the Harbin University of Science and Technology (HUST) in 1985, and a Ph.D degree from the Chiba University in 1999. He is a Professor at the Department of Electronic Science and Technology, HUST, China. Currently, he works as a master’s supervisor at the HUST. His current research interests include fabrication and application of organic thin film transistors.