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Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Proceedings of the 2014 Asia-Pacific Electronics and Electrical Engineering Conference (EEEC 2014), December 27-28, 2014, Shanghai, China

ISBN 9781138028098
Published June 7, 2015 by CRC Press
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Book Description

The 2014 Asia-Pacific Electronics and Electrical Engineering Conference (EEEC 2014) was held on December 27-28, 2014 in Shanghai, China. EEEC has provided a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. This conference has given opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. Submitted conference papers were reviewed by the Technical Committee of the Conference.

Table of Contents

Organizing Committee
Fuzzy based direct torque and flux control of induction motor drives 
C. Ning
Coordinated frequency control of thermal units with DC system in a wind-thermal-bundled system transmitted by High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) line 
J. Dang, Y. Tang, M.C. Song, J. Ning & X. Fu
A biomedical system combined fuzzy algorithm for telemedicine applications 
P.L. Peng, P.Z. Chen, C.Y. Pan, G.J. Jong & B.H. Lin
A preventive control method for overload in a multi-source grid 
Z.W. Zhang, F. Xue, Y. Zhou, X.F. Song & L. Zhou
Effects of thermal annealing on the tungsten/lanthanum oxide interface 
H.Wong, J.Q. Zhang, K. Kakushima, H. Iwai, J. Zhang & H. Jin
A study on the capacity optimization and allocation of wind/solar/diesel and energy storage hybrid micro-grid systems 
J.G. Zhang, P.Y. Liu & H. Zhang
A neural network Proportional-Integral-Differential (PID) control based on a genetic algorithm for a coupled-tank system 
Y.S. Li & H.X. Li
Research into the reactive power compensation of a new dual buck non-isolated grid inverter 
P. Sun, Y. Xie, Y. Fang, L.J. Huang &Y. Yao
Modelling condition monitoring inspection intervals 
A. Raza &V. Ulansky
A coordinated voltage control strategy for a Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) wind farm system 
J.J. Zhao, X.G. Hu, X. Lv & X.H. Zhang
SOM-based intrusion detection for SCADA systems 
H.Wei, H. Chen, Y.G. Guo, G. Jing & J.H. Tao
Nonlinear and adaptive backstepping speed tracking control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor despite all parameter uncertainties and load torque disturbance variation 
H.I. Eskikurt & M. Karabacak
The convolution theorem associated with fractional wavelet transform 
Y.Y. Lu, B.Z. Li &Y.H. Chen
Robustness testing method for intelligent electronic devices 
H.T. Jiang, Y. Yang,W. Huang &Y.J. Guo
Design and analysis of quasi-optics for a millimeter wave imaging system 
N.N.Wang, J.H. Qiu, Y. Zhang, Y. Zhang, P.Y. Zhang, H. Zong & L.Y. Xiao
A simply fabricated hybrid type metal based electrode for application in supercapacitors 
S.C. Lee, U.M. Patil & S.C. Jun
Joint scheduling based on users’ correlation in MU-CoMP 
Y.F.Wang & D.L.Wang
A monitoring system of harmonic additional loss from distribution transformers 
Z. Liu, Y. Liu, Q.Z. Cao & Z.L. Zhang
A performance evaluation of higher order modulation considering Error Vector Magnitude (EVM) in a Long Term Evolution (LTE) advanced downlink 
X.S. Liu & Z.G.Wen
Research on the control method of the driving system for the in-wheel driven range-extended electric vehicle 
S.T.Wang & X. Zhang
Research on TSP based two phases path planning method for sweep coverage of a mobile wireless sensor network 
Z.Y. Zhang,W.L.Wang, Q.S. Fang & H.M. Cheng
A monitor method of a distribution transformer’s harmonic wave compatible to its loss 
D. Yu, Y. Zhao, Y. Zhang, Y. Tan, J.M. Zhang & Z.L. Zhang
Identification of a gas-solid two-phase flow regime based on an electrostatic sensor and
Hilbert–Huang Transform (HHT) 
J.X. Hu, X.H. Yao &T. Yan
A fast multilevel reconstruction method of depth maps based on Block Compressive Sensing 
T. Fan & G.Z.Wang
Dynamic modelling with validation for PEM fuel cell systems 
Y. Chen, H.Wang, B. Huang &Y. Zhou
A highly sensitive new label-free bio-sensing platform using radio wave signal analysis, assisted by magnetic beads 
J.H. Ji, K.S. Shin, Y.K. Ji & S.C. Jun
Noise analysis and suppression for an infrared focal plane array CMOS readout circuits 
P.Y. Liu, J.L. Jiang & C.F.Wang
Speaker recognition performance improvement by enhanced feature extraction of vocal source signals 
J. Kang, Y. Kim & S. Jeong
Online detection and disturbance source location of low frequency oscillation 
J. Luo, F.Z.Wang, C.W. Zhou & B.J.Wen
A soft-start Pulse Frequency Modulation-controlled boost converter for low- power applications 
M.C. Lee, M.C. Hsieh &T.I. Tsai
Thermal analysis of phase change processes in aquifer soils 
D. Enescu, H.G. Coanda, O. Nedelcu, C.I. Salisteanu & E.O. Virjoghe
The development of a slotted waveguide array antenna and a pulse generator for air surveillance radar 
M.Wahab, D. Ruhiyat, I.Wijaya, F. Darwis &Y.P. Saputera
A harmonic model of an orthogonal core controllable reactor by magnetic circuit method 
W.S. Gu & H.Wang
A risk assessment model of power system cascading failure, considering the impact of ambient temperature 
B.R. Zhou, R.R. Li, L.F. Cheng, P.Y. Di, L. Guan, S.Wang & X.C. Chen
Target speech detection using Gaussian mixture modeling of frequency bandwise power ratio for GSC-based beamforming 
J. Lim, H. Jang, S. Jeong &Y. Kim
A compressive sampling method for signals with unknown spectral supports 
E. Yang, X. Yan, K.Y. Qin, F. Li & B. Chen
Design and analysis of SSDC (Subsynchronous Damping Controller) for the Hulun Buir coal base plant transmission system 
G.S. Li, S.M. Han, X.D. Yu, S.W. Xiao & X.H. Xian
Stage division and damage degree of cascading failure 
X.Q. Yan, F. Xue, Y. Zhou & X.F. Song
The design of a highly reliable management algorithm for a space-borne solid state recorder 
S. Li, Q. Song, Y. Zhu & J.S. An
A patrol scheme improvement for disconnectors based on a logistic regression analysis 
J.S. Li, Y.H. Zhu & Z.Q. Zhao
Progress on an energy storage system based on a modular multilevel converter 
B. Ren, C. Liu, Y.H. Xu, C. Yuan, S.Y. Li &T.Wu
Robust fall detection based on particle flow for intelligent surveillance 
C.Q. Zhang &Y.P. Guan
An IEC 61850 based coordinated control architecture for a PV-storage microgrid 
H.Y. Huang, F.J. Peng, X.Y. Huang, A.D. Xu, J.Y. Lei, L. Yu & Z. Shen
The design of an IED for a high voltage switch operating mechanism based on IEC 61850 
Z.Q. Liu & X.R. Li
A profile of charging/discharging loads on the grid due to electric vehicles under different price mechanisms 
M.Y. Li & B. Zou
Algorithm design of the routing and spectrum allocation in OFDM-based software defined optical networks 
S. Liu, X.M. Li & D.Z. Zhao
The impact of Negative Bias Temperature Instability (NBTI) effect on D flip-flop 
J.L. Yan, X.J. Li &Y.L. Shi
The electrical property of a three dimensional graphene composite for sensor applications 
M.S. Nam, I. Shakery, J.H. Ji & C.J. Seong
A method of automatically generating power flow data files of BPA software for a transmission expansion planning project 
B. Zhou, T.Wang, L. Guan, Q. Zhao, Y.T. Lv & L.F. Cheng
The analysis of training schemes for new staff members from substation operation and maintenance departments 
Y.T. Jiang, Y.B. Ren, X.H. Zhou, L. Mu, Y. Jiang & H.K. Liu
Research of source-grid-load coordinated operation and its evaluation indexes in ADN 
W. Liu, M.X. Zhao, H. Hui, C. Ye & S.H. Miao
Progress on the applications of cascaded H-bridges with energy storage systems and wind power integrated into the grid 
S.Y. Li, T.Wu, Y.S. Han,W. Cao &Y.H. Xu
Aluminium alloy plate flaw sizing by multipath detection 
D.B. Guo, X.Z. Shen & L.Wang
An equilibrium algorithm clarity for the network coverage and power control in wireless sensor networks 
L. Zhu, C.X. Fan, Z.G.Wen, Y. Li & Z.Y. Zhai
Three-layer architecture based urban photovoltaic (PV) monitoring system for high-density,multipoint, and distributed PV generation 
H. Gang, P. Qiu & D.C. He
Modelling and estimation of harmonic emissions for Distributed Generation (DG) 
L.F. Li, N.H. Yu, J. Hu & X.P. Zhang
Mechanism and inhibiting methods for cogging torque ripples in Permanent Magnet Motors 
H. Zhang, G.Y. Li & Z. Geng
Content-weighted and temporal pooling video quality assessment 
F. Pan, C.F. Li, X.J.Wu &Y.W. Ju
A filter structure designing for an EAS system 
M. Lin & J.L. Jiang
A mini-system design based on MSP430F249 
M.M. Yang, Y.M. Tian & H.W.Wang
A control system for the speed position of a DC motor 
V.V. Ciucur
Intelligent wireless image transmission system 
M.M. Zhang, J.Y. Li & M.F.Wang
Model predictive control for a class of nonlinear systems via parameter adaptation 
C.X. Zhang,W. Zhang & D.W. Zhang
Control strategy of BESS for wind power dispatch based on variable control interval 
T. Lei,W.L. Chai,W.Y. Chen & X. Cai
A study of the maintenance of transformer using a cost-effectiveness optimization model 
L.J. Guo & S.M. Tao
A new decision support system for a power grid enterprise overseas investment 
L.Tuo & Z.Yi
A coal mine video surveillance system based on the Nios II soft-core processor 
P.J.Wei & L.L. Shi
Research on a mechanism for measuring force in material moulding and the features of its measuring circuits 
H.P. An, Z.Y. Rui & R.F.Wang
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