1st Edition

Elements of the Euro Area Integrating Financial Markets

    284 Pages
    by Routledge

    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 2005, this volume considers that, as time elapses since the introduction of the Euro, it is legitimate to start asking what impact the new currency and the single monetary policy have had on European integration. This book provides the most comprehensive review of financial integration in the euro area. The volume includes an introduction to the institutional features of the euro area and the literature on financial integration. It examines developments in the financial structures at large and moves forward to focus on specific areas pertaining to financial intermediaries, the bond and equity markets, and market-based debt finance. It is particularly suited to researchers and students of developments in the euro area, central banking, money and banking, as well as international relations and international business more generally. While the introductory chapters will help in bringing undergraduates on board, the later chapters will particularly benefit the early graduate student as well as the professional observer.

    Part 1. Some Background Information and International Comparisons. 1. Some International Comparisons of the Economic and Financial Structure of the Euro Area. Jung-Duk Lichtenberger. 2. A Brief Comparison of the Eurosystem, the US Federal Reserve System, and the Bank of Japan. Dieter Gerdesmeier, Jung-Duk Lichtenberger and Francesco Paolo Mongelli. 3. Concepts and Measures of Financial Integration. Annalisa Ferrando and Jukka Vesala. 4. EU Policies to Support Financial Integration. Frank Dierick. Part 2. Changes in the Financial Structure. 5. How are Euro Area Financial Structures Changing? Angela Maddaloni and Christoffer Kok Sørensen. Part 3. Elements of Integration across Financial Services and Markets. 6. What Effects is EMU Having on the Integration of Financial Services? Frank Dierick and Jukka Vesala. 7. Integration of the Money Market in the Euro Area. Tom Bernhardsen and Steen Ejerskov. 8. Bond and Equity Market Integation. Lieven Baele and Annalisa Ferrando. Part 4. A Case Study: The Integration of Transmission Processes. 9. External Finance Premia in the Euro Area: Stage Three of EMU Versus Stage Two. Gabe de Bondt.


    Jesper Berg is Head of Market Operations at the Denmarks National bank and formerly Head of Division in the Capital Markets and Financial Structure Division of the European Central Bank (ECB), Germany. Mauro Grande is Director of Financial Supervision and Stability, ECB, Germany. Francesco Paolo Mongelli is Advisor for the Directorate General Economics, ECB, Germany.

    '...the most comprehensive source of knowledge and reference about the way the financial structures of the Euro Area are changing due to the introduction of the euro...A must for both researchers and practitioners interested in the Euro Area.' Guillermo de la Dehesa, Chairman, Centre for Economic Policy Research, UK and Independent Director and Member of the Executive Board, Santander Banking Group ’...an excellent book. I recommend it to all those who need to understand the current status of the Euro area’s financial system...a first rate account of the ways in which the introduction of the Euro has changed financial institutions, markets and the whole financial structure.' Professor Franklin Allen, Nippon Life Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA