1st Edition

Emancipatory and Participatory Research for Emerging Educational Researchers Theory and Case Studies of Research in Disabled Communities

By Joe Barton, Simon Hayhoe Copyright 2023
    88 Pages
    by Routledge

    88 Pages
    by Routledge

    Emancipatory and Participatory Research for Emerging Educational Researchers is a concise fundamental guide on two related models of education research—emancipatory and participatory.

    In addition to providing an introduction to these research models, this book also studies them through the lens of critical practice as well as pure research and provides case studies as examples. It highlights a variety of data collection techniques that are used in education research, from visual methods to interviews, and the strategies researchers apply to ensure the research process involves and benefits the participants.

    Emancipatory and Participatory Research for Emerging Educational Researchers functions as a useful "how-to" guide for first-time and less experienced researchers. Furthermore, it highlights not only how participatory research is by its nature emancipatory but also the overlaps between the two models’ approach to data collection.


    Chapter 1: Introduction
    The Context of Emancipatory Paradigm and Participatory Methodology?
    A Run-Down of the Chapters

    Chapter 2: Emancipatory and Participatory Research
    Ethical Considerations Prior to Designing Emancipatory Participatory Research
    Designing an Emancipatory Participatory Study

    Chapter 3: Case Study of a Small Scale University-Based Postgraduate Project
    Summary of the Methodologies and Methods
    Findings that Arose from the Study
    The Issues that this Study Identified

    Chapter 4: Case Study of a Large Scale Museums-Based Project
    The Approach to Using Emancipatory Participatory Methodology
    The Findings from the Participatory Practice
    Problems that Arose Through Participation, and the Development of Further Validities
    Concluding Discussion - Addressing the Tensions Within the Group

    Chapter 5: Conclusion




    Joe Barton attained his MRes from the University of Bath, UK. He has been involved in disability sport as both a sportsperson and a coach and now counsels young people with disabilities on career choices and development.

    Simon Hayhoe is a Reader in Education at the University of Bath, UK. He is also a center associate in the Centre for the Philosophy of Natural and Social Science at the London School of Economics, UK, and an associate of the Scottish Sensory Centre at the University of Edinburgh, UK.