1st Edition

Embracing Empathy A Universal Approach To Person-Centred, Empathic Healthcare Encounters

    This highly practical, user-friendly guide is based on a broad definition of relational empathy in the clinical context. With a clear focus on understanding the patient's situation, perspective and feelings, and communicating and acting on that understanding in beneficial way, the book establishes the flexible, person-centred CARE Approach. Connecting, Assessing, Responding and Empowering are the four interacting components of the CARE Approach, a flexible framework which has been specifically developed to help practitioners reflect on, practice, maintain and improve their communication skills and to use these skills effectively in helping empower and enable the patient. It is not rigid or prescriptive, rather it provides a broad set of guiding principles depending on the situation and circumstance.

    About the authors. Acknowledgements. Introduction. Welcome to the care approach. What is the care approach? Structure of the learning tool. Additional information. Module 1: What you bring to the encounter. Module 2: Connecting. Module 3: Assessing. Module 4: Responding. Module 5: Empowering. Module 6: Putting it all together. Module 7: The care approach with colleagues and in teams. Module 8: Facilitating the care approach. References. Appendix 1: The care measure. Appendix 2: Person-centredness. Appendix 3: Background to film scenarios. Appendix 4: Background of the care approach. Appendix 5: Transcripts of audio recordings from exercises. Appendix 6: Additional bibliography. Frequently asked questions. Further reading. The care approach worksheet. Possible answers.


    Annemieke P. Bikker, Philip Cotton, Stewart W. Mercer