1st Edition

Emergent Africa

By W.E.F. Ward Copyright 1967

    Emergent Africa (1967) expertly compresses the story of European penetration into the Africa of 1800. Its fragmentation into colonies and their emergence as independent nations into a terse, clear narrative. It describes the first European explorations, the ‘Scramble for Africa’, the world wars, the achievement of independence, and modern problems such as apartheid and one-party rule.

    1. Africa in the Year 1800  2. European Beginnings in North and West Africa  3. European Beginnings in South and East Africa  4. The Scramble for Africa  5. Africa from 1900 to 1919  6. Africa Between the Wars  7. After the War  8. West African Independence  9. Independence in East Africa  10. Central Africa  11. Some Problems of Today  12. Colonialism: A Summary


    W.E.F. Ward