1st Edition

Emerging Technology and Management Trends in Environment and Sustainability Proceedings of the International Conference, EMTES-2022

Edited By Sushovan Sarkar, Shubhangi Gupta, Ashok Kumar Shaw Copyright 2023

    The International Conference (EMTES 2022) is oriented to include the themes like Water Quality Management, Advanced Water Treatment, Advanced Wastewater Treatment, Assessment and Control of Air Pollution, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, Prevention of Groundwater Contamination, Wetland Management/Phyto-remediation, Case studies in Industrial Pollution Control, Liquid waste management, recent advancement in engineering, technology and management for optimization of environmental issues, application of IOT and IT in remedial measure of Environment and sustainability, Health issues and safety.

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    Details of Programme Committee

    1. Climate Change and its Importance for Assessment of Environmental Sustainability

    Debasmita Baidya and Somnath Mukherjee

    2. Development of Cost Functions for Construction of Wastewater Treatment Plant with State-of-the-Art Technology

    Bhaskar Sengupta and Somnath Mukherjee

    3. Flood Frequency Analysis with Focus on Rivers Mundeswari, Ajoy and Churni

    Gargi De and Manik De

    4. Evaluation of Paint Wastewater Treated by Anaerobic Batch Reactor

    Manju. E. S and Basavaraju Manu

    5. Assessment and Mapping of Urban Road Traffic Noise at Hospital Buildings: The Case of Surat City, India

    Ramesh B Ranpise, Dhaval Sindhav and B. N. Tandel

    6. A Positive Pressure Approach Against Air Pollution using Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Powered Respirator

    Arijit Majumder, Santanu Mondal, Debjyoti Chowdhury and Madhurima Chattopadhyay

    7. Evaluation of Construction-Demolition Noise and its Impact on Annoyance in the Academic Zone: Case Study of Surat, India

    Avnish Shukla, Anirudh Mishra and B. N. Tandel

    8. Degradation of Phenalkamine Condensate and its Constituents by Fenton’s Oxidation

    Aswathy K. R., Nithin Varghese John, Febeena C. K. and Basavaraju Manu

    9. Solar Tracking System to Harvest Photovoltaic Energy with Higher Efficiency

    Indrajit Bose, Arkendu Mitra, Subhra Mukherjee and Sujoy Bhowmik

    10. Implementation of Post-COVID Automated UV Sanitisation System in a Classroom—A Case Study

    Shubhankar Satdar, Disha Mukerjee, Arnab Ganguly, Srijan Banerjee and Amartya Roy


    11. Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability: A Multi-Criteria based Comparison of BRICS and G7 Countries

    Sanjib Biswas, Debanshee Datta and Samarjit Kar

    12. Detection of Trace Level Heavy Metal Ions by an Aluminium Complex: Preparation, Crystal Structure, Emission and Lifetime Studies

    Supriya Dutta

    13. Recognising Mosquito Breeding Zones Applying Machine Learning Over UAV Images: A Comparative Study between Dense Urban Area Urban Slum Area

    Joydip Datta, Souvik Chakraborty, Prathama Paul, Sudipta Bhomick and Saumyadip Kar

    14. Treatment of Anionic Surfactant Contaminated Wastewater by Combined Advanced Oxidation and Biological Processes

    Bijoli Mondal, Asok Adak and Pallab Datta

    15. Investigation into the Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Bamboo-Carbon Reinforced Composite

    Omprakash Wadekar, Surbhi Razdan and Arun Mali

    16. Management of Sludge Generated from Municipal Wastewater Treatment by Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge Process

    Sushovan. Sarkar

    17. Whey: An Emerging Solution for a Sustainable Environment

    Thapar Parul and Niharika G.

    18. Working Environmental Impact of Personal Protective Equipment in Modern Industrial Sector

    Ram Niwas, Omprakash Thakare and Nitin Gudadhe

    19. Assessment of Urban Drainage Water Quality: A Stretch from Aligarh to Agra via Hathras, Uttar Pradesh, India

    Shruthi T. S., Puneet Kumar Singh, Papiya Mandal and P Sridhar

    20. Assessment and Characterisation of the Service Quality of Existing E-bus System Based on the Road Users’ Perception Encouraging the Sustainable Transport in Kolkata City

    Rupam Sam and Sudip Kumar Roy

    21. Ecological Aspects of Fear and Hunting Cooperation in Prey-Predator Dynamics: A Case Study Analysis

    Shilpa Samaddar and Paritosh Bhattacharya


    Sushovan Sarkar; Professor and HOD (Civil), Budge Budge Institute of Technology

    Shubhangi Gupta; Executive Director, Budge Budge Institute of Technology

    Ashok Kumar Shaw; Professor and HOD (BSH) and Dean (R&D)