Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology for Society, Energy and Environment : Proceedings of the International Conference in Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICETEST 2018), January 18-20, 2018, Thrissur, Kerala, India book cover
1st Edition

Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology for Society, Energy and Environment
Proceedings of the International Conference in Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICETEST 2018), January 18-20, 2018, Thrissur, Kerala, India

ISBN 9780815357605
Published July 18, 2018 by CRC Press
1062 Pages

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Book Description

The International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICETEST) was held at the Government Engineering College, Thrissur, Kerala, India, from 18th to 20th January 2018, with the theme, “Society, Energy and Environment”, covering related topics in the areas of Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Architecture.

Conflict between energy and environment has been of global significance in recent years. Academic research needs to support the industry and society through socially and environmentally sustainable outcomes. ICETEST 2018 was organized with this specific objective. The conference provided a platform for researchers from different domains, to discuss and disseminate their findings. Outstanding speakers, faculties, and scholars from different parts of the world presented their research outcomes in modern technologies using sustainable technologies.

Table of Contents

Civil Engineering Advancements for Sustainable Infrastructure Development and Environment (CEASIDE)

Structural mechanics and materials

Studies on ambient cured geopolymer concrete
A.D. Sam & R.S. Deepa

Relationship between the modulus of elasticity and characteristic compressive strength of B. subtilis impregnated concrete
C.M. Meera & V. Subha

Effect of copper slag as fine aggregate in high strength concrete
A. Sreelakshmi & G. Jeenu

Study on effectiveness of RC beam strengthening methods using CFRP
P. Prabhakaran & G. Joseph

Performance of nano-SiO2 admixed concrete under saline environment
M. Daniyal, S. Akhtar & A. Azam

Strengthening of structural elements using Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP)—a review
B. Vijayasree & M. Soman

Dynamic soil parameter identification using measured vibration response data of machine foundations
L. Jerard & S. Arun

Pushover analysis of GFRG-OGS building systems
K.S.R. Gouri, D. Menon & P.A. Meher

Low-velocity impact behaviour of composite laminates—a review
A. Austin & R.S. Priyadarsini

Engineering applications of laminated composites and various theories used for their response analysis
R.K. Binia & K.K. Smitha


Hydraulics and water resources engineering

Trend analysis of rainfall projections of Teesta river basin, Sikkim using non-parametric tests and ensemble empirical mode decomposition
S. Soorya, S. Adarsh & K.L. Priya

Management of beach morphological changes on the Trivandrum coast
M.U. Niloofar & K.P. Indulekha

Impact of climate change on stream flow
P. Dhanya & R. Thomas

Fluid structure interaction in transient cavitating flow in pipes—a review
R.M. Cherian, N. Sajikumar & K.S. Sumam

Modified roughness equations for erodible bed open channel flow
L. Dhanesh & K.P. Indulekha

Economic design of a surge tank: An alternative approach
S. Thara, K.S. Sumam & N. Sajikumar

Degradation study on coir geotextiles treated with hydrocarbon mixed soil
A.V. Praseeja & N. Sajikumar

Hydrodynamic behavior of Vizhinjam port using Delft3D
E.K.R. Shari & N. Sajikumar


Traffic and pavement engineering

Operating speed of different classes of vehicles at summit vertical curves on two-lane non-urban roads
M.J. Neena, M. Harikrishna & M.V.L.R. Anjaneyulu

Comparison of level of service measures for two-lane rural highways in mixed traffic
M. Sangeetha, M.V.L.R. Anjaneyulu & M. Harikrishna

Effect of rural highway geometry on driver workload: A step towards safety
A. Jacob, K.J. Jinesh, J. Akkara & J.P. Therattil

WebGIS enabled route planning system for tourists—a case study
C.B. Daniel & V.S. Manju

Comparison of demographic features, urban form and travel characteristics
R.S. Remjish & S. Shaheem

Integration of a multi-modal transit system for urban areas: A case study of Cochin city
S. Sreelekshmi & S. Shaheem

Quantitative evaluation of bus terminal using time-space analysis
V. Hridya & G. Geeva

Modeling of the transport of leachate contaminant in a landfill site: A case study in Mangaluru
A. Divya, S. Shrihari & H. Ramesh

Critical review of water quality modeling and farm scale nutrient transport models widely used
N. Nihal Pandey, V. Sharma & H.N. Udayashankar

A novel hybrid material for the trace removal of hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] from contaminated water
A.R. Laiju & S. Sarkar

Solid waste management practices and decision-making in India
R. Rajesh & B.K. Bindhu

Powering India’s villages sustainably: A case study of Bihar
D. Kamath & A. Anctil


Geomechanics and foundation engineering

Role of sodium silicate in strength development of cement treated clayey soil admixed with composite promoter
K.R. Keerthi & J. Bindu

Stabilisation of Kuttanad clay by environment friendly methods—a review
K. Kannan, S. Gayathri, A.K. Jose, L.P. Nair, G. Das & P. Vinod

Development of critical state line concept from hypoplastic model simulations on triaxial strength of silty sand
M. Akhila, K.R. Swamy & N. Sankar

Design of an embankment laterally supported with secant piles at Kuttanad
J. Jayamohan, N.R. Arun, K. Balan, S. Aswathy Nair, L.K. Vaishnavi, M.S. Thampi, D.R. Renju & C. Lekshmi

Effect of anchorage of geosynthetic reinforcement on the behaviour of reinforced foundation bed
A.M. Saji, A.A. Thomas, G. Sunny, J. Jayamohan & V.R. Suresh

An artificial neural network-based model for predicting the bearing capacity of square footing on coir geotextile reinforced soil
D. Lal, N. Sankar & S. Chandrakaran

Interference effect of adjacent footings resting on granular beds overlying weak soils
A.A. Khader, J. Jayaraj & S.R. Soorya

Influence of shape of cross section of footing on load-settlement behaviour
B. Anusha Nair, A. Vijayan, S. Chandni, S. Vijayan, J. Jayamohan & P. Sajith

Experimental study to determine the elastic wave velocities of marineclay
K. Anagha, M.N. Sandeep & K.S. Beena

Behavior of a single pile under combined and uplift loads: A review
D. Divya, R.B. Jiniraj & P.K. Jayasree

Reported correlations on compaction characteristics of fine grained soils in the standard proctor test—a critical reappraisal
G. Sreelekshmy Pillai & P. Vinod

A study on the correlation of the shear modulus of soil with the California bearing ratio and dynamic cone penetration value
S. Athira, S. Parvathy & V. Jaya

Load-settlement behaviour of footing on laterally confined soil
P.S. Sreedhu Potty, M. Jeenu, A. Raj, R.S. Krishna, J.B. Ralphin Rose, T.S. Amritha Varsha, J. Jayamohan & R. Deepthi Chandran

Deformation behavior of sheet pile walls
H.S. Athira, V.S. Athira, F. Farhana, G.S. Gayathri, S. Reshma Babu, N.P. Asha & P. Nair Radhika


Progressive Developments in Mechanical Engineering (PDME)

Fluid flow and fluid power systems

On the role of leading-edge tubercles in the pre-stall and post-stall characteristics of airfoils
V.T. Gopinathan, R. Veeramanikandan, J.B. Ralphin Rose & V. Gokul

Aerodynamic investigation of airfoil inspired HALE UAV
R. Saravanan, V. Vignesh, V. Venkatramasubramanian, R. Vaideeswaran & R. Naveen Rajeev


Industrial engineering and management

The usability of road traffic signboards in Kottayam
R. Rajesh, D.R. Gowri & N. Suhana

Development and analysis of robust neighbourhood search for flow-shop scheduling problems with sequence dependent setup times
V. Jayakumar & R. Vanchipura

A real-world analysis of the impact of knowledge management on cost of quality in construction projects
R. Chandran & S. Ramesh Krishnan

Maintenance strategies for realizing Industry 4.0: An overview
A.A. Sambrekar, C.R. Vishnu & R. Sridharan


Manufacturing technology and material science

Characterization of nanoliposomes and their modification for drug delivery
K.S. Athira & K.W. Ng

Investigation of compressive strength of impact damaged hybrid composite laminate
A. Madhan Kumar, V. Kathiresan, K. Ajithkumar, A. Hukkim Raja & D. Balamanikandan

Effect of polarity in micro-electrical discharge machining
J. Boban, A. Lawrence, K.K. Manesh & L. Varghese

Characterization and Taguchi based modeling and analysis of dissimilar TIG welded AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel-HSLA steel joints
P.V. Shaheer, A. Sadique & K.K. Ramachandran


Mechanical design, vibration and tribology

Behavior of stress intensity factor of semi-elliptical crack at different orientations subjected to thermal load
M.B. Kumaraswamy & J.S. Basavaraja


Numerical models and computational methods

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulation of gas-liquid-solid three-phase fluidized bed
G.P. Deepak & K. Shaji

Fault diagnosis of self-aligning troughing rollers in a belt conveyor system using an artificial neural network and Naive Bayes algorithm
S. Ravikumar, S. Kanagasabapathy, V. Muralidharan, R.S. Srijith & M. Bimalkumar


Other topics related to mechanical engineering

Structural analysis of midship section using finite element method
S. Prakash & K.K. Smitha

Experimental analysis of properties of a biolubricant derived from palm kernel oil
K. Sandeep & M. Sekar

Influence of perforated tabs on subsonic set control
D.S. Chand, D.L.V.V. Kannah, S. Thanigaiarasu & S. Elangovan


Renewable energy and alternate fuels

Modification of a parabolic trough collector and its exergy analysis
O. Arjun, M.C. Nikhil & B. Sreejith

Analytical computation of GWP, ODP, RF number and TEWI analysis of various R134a/R1270/R290 blends as R22 alternatives
S.V. Shaik & T.P. Ashok Babu

Indoor performance evaluation of a Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) hybrid collector
K.K. Janishali, C. Sajith Babu & S. Gopi

Properties of biodiesel and blends: An investigative and comparative study
P.P. Yoosaf, C. Gopu & C.P. Sunil Kumar


Thermal sciences and transport phenomena

Computational study on two phase flow of liquid nitrogen with different internal coatings
S.S. Bindu, S. Kafle, G.J. Philip & K.E. Reby Roy

An experimental investigation of cryogenic chilldown time in a polyurethane-coated helical coil
J. Mohammed, P. Shyam Praveen & K.E. Reby Roy

Effect of concentrated solar radiation on reduction of pressure drop in oil pipeline
V.C. Midhun, K. Shaji & P.K. Jithesh

Effects of air jet on bluff body stabilized flame: Validation by simulation
S. Parvathi, V.P. Nithin, S. Nithin, N. Nived, P.A. Abdul Samad & C.P. Sunil Kumar

Identification of energy-intensified equipment for reliability analysis
C. Sanjeevy & J. Elias


International Conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering (ICAChE)

Design of Fractional Filter Fractional Order Proportional Integral Derivative (FFFOPID) controller for higher order systems
R. Ranganayakulu, G. Uday Bhaskar Babu & A. Seshagiri Rao

Effect of parameters on electro-Fenton process for removal of oil and grease from refinery wastewater
M. Vikramaraj, A.M. Manilal & P.A. Soloman

Conversion studies of methanol to olefin on boric acid treated Al/MCM-41
D. Kumar, N. Anand & A. Kedia

Degradation of diphenamid by UV/hydrogen peroxide advanced oxidation process
M.S. Manju, V. Nishan Ahammed & K.P. Prasanth Kumar

Assessment of trihalomethanes in drinking water using gas chromatography
S.P. Aravind & P.A. Soloman

Adsorption of perchlorate using cationic modified rice husk
A.M. George, K.B. Radhakrishnan & A. Jayakumaran Nair

Biosorption of methyl orange from aqueous solution using cucurbita pepo leaves powder
M. Tukaram Bai, K. Latha, P. Venkat Rao & Y.V. Anudeep

Catalytic hydrodechlorination of 1,4-dichlorobenzene from wastewater
C. Megha, K. Sachithra & S.P. Kamble

Controller tuning method for nonlinear conical tank system using MATLAB/Simulink
S. Krishnapriya & R. Anjana

Study on multi walled carbon nanotubes synthesis, modeling and applications
K. Krishnarchana, N. Manoj & S. Sangita Dash

Removal of nickel from aqueous solution using sargassum tenerrimum powder (brown algae) by biosorption: Equilibrium, kinetics and thermodynamic studies
M. Tukaram Bai, P. Venkateswarlu & Y.V. Anudeep

Automation of IGCC power plant using Yokogawa DCS
K.J. Jyothir Rose, R. Anjana & L. Jenifer

Deprotonation studies on polyaniline polymethyl methacrylate blends processed from formic acid
V.O. Rejini, A.H. Divya & R.S. Nair

Characterization of brushless DC motor for control valve actuation in rocket propulsion systems
K.N. Ajeesh, S. Salim & R. Sujith Kumar

Sequestration of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide from biogas
A.P. Pallan, S. Antony Raja, B. Sajeenabeevi & C.G. Varma

Development of ceramic membrane for microfiltration application in biotechnology field
C. Mohit Kumar & D. Vasanth

Studies on carbon felt/phenolic composites as light weight advanced ablative TPS for launch vehicle programmes
C.Y. Lincy, V. Sekkar, V. Kumar, A. Smitha Alex & S. Sahadev

Desalination studies on two single-sloped solar stills with heat-absorbing materials as coating material on aluminum basin
P. Suman, D. Meghavathu, S. Veluru & Z. Hussain

Towards current induced magnetization reversal in magnetic nanowires
A.A. Antony, P.S. Anilkumar & V.O. Rejini

Synthesis and surfactant size regulation of nanoparticles of maghemite (γ-Fe2O3)
M. Ahmad Rather

Hydrothermal carbonization: A promising transformation process of biomass into various product materials
M. Ahmad Rather


Electronics, Signal Processing and Communication Engineering (E-SPACE)

Denoising of musical signals using wavelets specific for musical instruments
P.V. Sreelakshmi, A. Gayathri & M.S. Sinith

Low complexity encoding of M-ary QAM constellation for linear index codes
A. Shaju & S. Dhanasekaran

Improving myoelectric grasp recognition using empirical mode decomposition and differential evolution based approach
C.K. Anusha, K. AjalBabu & N. Kunju

Automated aquaponics system
B. Sreelekshmi & K.N. Madhusoodanan

A review of the methods for despeckling in optical coherence tomography
K. Athira, K. Brijmohan, V.P. Gopi, K.K. Riyas, G. Wilson & T. Swetha

Generic object detection in image using SIFT, GIST and SURF descriptors
D.P. Joy, K.S. Shanthini & K.V. Priyaja

Non-destructive classification of watermelon ripeness using acoustic cues
R. Rajan & R.S. Reshma

Predominant instrument recognition from polyphonic music using feature fusion
R. Ajayakumar & R. Rajan

A technique for countering the integer boundary spurs in fractional phase-locked loops with VCO
R. Vishnu, S.S. Anulal & J. Ravi

Adaptive neuro-fuzzy based base station and relay station deployment for next generation wireless communication
M. Vincent


International Conference on Emerging Trends in Computer Science (ICETICS)

A survey on sentence similarity based on multiple features
R.K. Fathima & C. Raseek

A review of extractive sentence compression
S.A. Fathima & C. Raseek

A survey of figurative language detection in social media
P.D. Manjusha & C. Raseek

A survey of various approaches for interpersonal relationship extraction
M. Nijila & M.T. Kala

A survey of morphosyntactic lexicon generation
M. Rahul & S. Shine

Classification of question answering systems: A survey
S. Sandhini & R. Binu

A survey of lexical simplification
K.S. Silpa & M. Irshad

Fast and efficient kernel machines using random kitchen sink and ensemble methods
P. Melitt Akhil & K. Rahamathulla

HOG feature-based recognition for Malayalam handwritten characters
E.P. Anjali, A. James & S. Chandran

A novel approach for the veracity and impact prediction of rumors
A.R.G. Punneliparambil & N.D. Bisna

A framework for efficient object classification for images having noise and haze using deep learning technique
A. Bhavyalakshmi & M. Jayasree

Bilingual handwritten numeral recognition using convolutional neural network
J. Joy & M. Jayasree

A security framework to safeguard the hybrid model of SDN from malicious applications
C.M. Mansoor & K.V. Manoj Kumar

A human-intervened CAPTCHA (HI-CAPTCHA) for wireless LAN-based classroom applications
P. Giri, Paras & R. Singh

Semantic identification and representation of Malayalam sentence using SVM
S. Bhaskar, T.M. Thasleema & R. Rajesh

A survey on relation extraction methodologies from unstructured text
S.K. Bhaskaran & P.C. Rafeeque

Decoupling control of TRMS based on a Relative Gain Array (RGA) and Kharitonov theorem
S.K. Pandey, J. Dey & S. Banerjee

Root ORB—an improved algorithm for face recognition
A. Vinay, A. Bharadwaj, A. Srinivasan, K.N. Balasubramanya Murthy & S. Natarajan

Face recognition using SURF and delaunay triangulation
A. Vinay, A. Gupta, H. Garg, S. Bhat, K.N. Balasubramanya Murthy & S. Natarajan

Opportunities and challenges in software defined networking and network function virtualization
A. Roy, V.K. Asna, N. Nimisha & C.N. Sminesh

A parallel framework for maximal clique enumeration
T. Anusree & K. Rahamathulla

Retrieving and ranking similar questions and data-driven answer selection in community question answering systems
V. Dhrisya & K.S. Vipin Kumar

Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) framework proposed for Malayalam handwritten character recognition system using AlexNet
J. Manjusha, A. James & S. Chandran

A novel technique for script identification in trilingual optical character recognition
A. Rone Maria & K.J. Helen

An optimal controller placement strategy using exemplar-based clustering approach for software defined networking
A.G. Sreejish & C.N. Sminesh

Identifying peer groups in a locality based on Twitter analysis
K. Sreeshma & K.P. Swaraj

Route choice analysis of metros using smart card data
S. Sujix


International Conference on Changing Cities-Architecture and Energy Management (ICCC)

Architectural applications

Ecological conservation of sites through responsive design: Case of the Muziris heritage interpretation center
M. Gopalakrishnan & S. Surya

Design strategies for daylighting in tropical high rises
N. Nabeel, A. John & A.K. Raseena

Internalizing the concept of sustainability—redefining the curriculum of building construction in architecture schools
O.P. Bawane


Policy and assessment scenario

Effectiveness of housing schemes in rural India: A case study of Vellanad, Kerala
N. Vijaya, P. Prabhakaran & A. Lakshmi

Planning for solid waste management in Kuttanad wetland region, Kerala State
A. Sanil Kumar & V. Devadas

Green infrastructure as a tool for urban flood management
R. Suresh & C.A. Biju

Accessibility and interactions with urban blue spaces: A case of Conolly Canal
S. Usman Abdulla & C.A. Bindu

Energy efficiency governance in an Indian context
V.P. Shalimol & K.M. Sujith

Environmental management of a blue-green network: A case of Valapad in Thrissur, Kerala
N. Basheer & C.A. Bindu

Urban metabolism and food security: Emergy as a metrics link connecting the food security with the urban spatial aspects for enhanced livability and sustainability
B. Narayan & J. Jayakumar


Smart city initiatives

Smart-cities and smart-villages in the Indian context: Some behavioral aspects
P. Varghese

Environment management through meditation: A sustainable approach
M. Yadav

Bicycles for green mobility in urban areas
M. Harisankar & C.A. Biju

Impact of foreign direct investment on the city: Form and growth of cities
A. Mathew & M. Kumar Kini

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Rajesh Vanchipura is Associate Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Government Engineering College Trichur, Thrissur, Kerala, India

K.S. Jiji is Associate Professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Government Engineering College Trichur, Thrissur, Kerala, India.