1st Edition

Empowering Women in STEM Personal Stories and Career Journeys from Around the World

Edited By Sanya Mathura Copyright 2023
    220 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    220 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Women in STEM are constantly facing new challenges every day. By sharing their stories and the ways in which they already have and continue to overcome these hurdles, they can help others find the strength to persevere and succeed in these fields. This mix of authors from varying backgrounds all share the same passion – to encourage more women into STEM – and they have placed their proverbial hearts on their sleeves and documented their journeys to inspire readers to either enter or stay within STEM fields.

    Empowering Women in STEM: Personal Stories and Career Journeys from Around the World discusses the application process of root cause analysis and ways to introduce STEM to other generations. It offers an insider view of the armed forces and allows readers to gain more perspective on ways male advocates can help female colleagues in STEM fields. It includes a father’s perspective on change within the engineering industry, how he’s mentoring new female engineers, and ways to help them as they evolve. The book captures firsthand accounts of STEM professionals in various fields as they recount experiences that have helped them to navigate their own career paths. This book also demonstrates how life doesn’t have to follow the timelines proposed by society and how females can become CEOs and command other top-level positions in engineering companies.

    In addition to having women from across the globe share their stories about various fields, readers will hear from both military and civilian male advocates who share ways to empower others within the industry. This book is written for professionals who may be considering a switch of career or deciding to leave STEM. It is also useful to university students who are trying to figure out their career choices and paths and gain more insight into possible career opportunities in STEM.

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    1. The Application of an Effective Root Cause Analysis to Any STEM Discipline. 

    2. Navigating the Path Not Usually Followed. 

    3. Power to Make a Difference. 

    4. The Importance of Male Advocates for Women and Under-Represented Sects in STEM. 

    5. STEM and Cars: A Collision Course. 

    6. STEM, Creativity, and the Question of Gender. 

    7. Scientist, Engineer, Manager…Infertile: A Guide to Navigating Your STEM Career while Struggling with Infertility. 

    8. STEM Women’s Career Challenges and Possible Solutions. 

    9. Collaboration is the Next Generation of Innovation: How Working Together Can Be the Gateway to Creating a More Inclusive, Innovative Tomorrow. 

    10. Five Unconventional Life Lessons for Anyone in Engineering. 

    11. STEMming across Three Continents. 

    12. The Chemistry behind Applying STEM to Horses and Cage Fighting. 

    13. Finding Your Way. 

    14. Branding and Rebranding throughout Your STEM Career. 

    15. From Portugal to Qatar, Exploring STEM Careers in Different Industries. 

    16. The Six Stages of Bringing Up Women in Engineering. 

    17. A Chemical Philosopher: Exploring the “A” in STEAM. 

    18. Surviving Corporate Takeovers While Climbing the Ladder of Success. 

    19. Embracing the Unknown, Overcoming the Past. 

    20. Five Amazing Women Making a Difference in STEM. 


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