1st Edition

Enacting Disability Critical Race Theory From the Personal to the Global

Edited By Beth A. Ferri, David J. Connor, Subini A. Annamma Copyright 2023

    This edited volume foregrounds Disability Critical Race Theory (DisCrit) as an intersectional framework that has informed scholarly analyses of racism and ableism from the personal to the global - offering important interventions into theory, practice, policy, and research. The authors offer deep personal explorations, innovative interventions aimed at transforming schools, communities, and research practices, and expansive engagements and global conversations around what it means for theory to travel beyond its original borders or concerns. The chapters in this book use DisCrit as a springboard for further thinking, illustrating its role in fostering transgressive, equity-based, and action-oriented scholarship. This book was originally published as a special issue of the journal, Race Ethnicity and Education.


    David J. Connor, Beth A. Ferri and Subini A. Annamma

    1. Becoming, belonging, and the fear of everything Black: Autoethnography of a Black-mother-scholar-advocate and the movement toward justice

    Lydia Ocasio-Stoutenburg

    2. Sobreviviendo Sin Sacrificando (Surviving without Sacrificing)—An intersectional DisCrit Testimonio from a tired mother-scholar of color

    Lisette E. Torres

    3. Black families’ resistance to deficit positioning: Addressing the paradox of black parent involvement

    Hailey R. Love, Sylvia N. Nyegenye, Courtney L. Wilt and Subini A. Annamma

    4. DisCrit at the margins of teacher education: Informing curriculum, visibilization, and disciplinary integration

    Saili Kulkarni, Emily Nusbaum and Phillip Boda

    5. Extending DisCrit: A case of universal design for learning and equity in a rural teacher residency

    Beth S. Fornauf and Bryan Mascio

    6. Traerás tus Documentos (you will bring your documents): Navigating the intersections of disability and citizenship status in special education

    Lilly B. Padía and Rachel Elizabeth Traxler

    7. Bringing DisCrit theory to practice in the development of an action for equity collaborative network: Passion projects

    Tammy Ellis-Robinson

    8. Global conversations: Recovery and detection of Global South multiply-marginalized bodies

    Shehreen Iqtadar, David I. Hernández-Saca, Bradley S. Ellison and Danielle M. Cowley


    Beth A. Ferri, Ph.D., is Professor and Associate Dean for Research in the School of Education at Syracuse University. She has published widely on the intersections of race, gender, and disability, including her 2022 co-edited book (with Annamma & Connor), DisCrit Expanded: Inquiries, Reverberations & Ruptures.

    David J. Connor, Ed.D, is Professor Emeritus of Hunter College (Learning Disabilities Masters Program & Instructional Leadership Doctoral Program) and the Graduate Center (Urban Education Doctoral Program) of The City University of New York. He has published numerous articles, books, and book chapters.

    Subini Ancy Annamma, Ph.D. is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. Her research critically examines the mutually constitutive nature of racism and ableism as it impacts the educational trajectories of youth in urban schools and youth prisons. She has won numerous awards and honors for her scholarship.