Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering - 2 Volume Set (Print Version)  book cover
2nd Edition

Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering - 2 Volume Set (Print Version)

ISBN 9781439811115
Published October 21, 2010 by CRC Press
2114 Pages 375 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

The Definitive Reference for Food Scientists & Engineers

The Second Edition of the Encyclopedia of Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering focuses on the processes used to produce raw agricultural materials and convert the raw materials into consumer products for distribution. It provides an improved understanding of the processes used in the production and manufacture of consumer products of agricultural origin. With more than 400 entries, the encyclopedia examines the processes used to convert raw materials info safe, convenient, and nutritious foods as well as the many other consumer products manufactured from raw agricultural materials. In addition to completely new entries based on new developments in the field, this second edition provides updates to existing entries.

  • Applies engineering concepts and principles to production agriculture, including the design of machinery and structures used and the management of water required for these operations
  • Gives specific attention to crop production, including the harvesting, storage, and handling of major and minor crops
  • Focuses on animal production, including all aspects requiring engineering inputs
  • Covers food handling, storage, processing, packaging, and distribution, with specific emphasis on the design of facilities, equipment, and processes needed to deliver safe and high-quality food products to the consumer
  • Addresses unique processes associated with the preservation of foods, using thermal processes, refrigeration, dehydration, and similar processes
  • Explores the more basic engineering concepts associated with biological systems
  • Presents the common fundamentals that have evolved with other biological systems, including those in the environment and in humans

The encyclopedia emphasizes the significant role of engineering in the development and design of the processes and equipment for the production and manufacturing of products of agricultural origin. The entries expand on the original concepts and introduce many new topics based on the evolution of developments in agricultural production, the conversion of raw materials into food products and the biological processes used throughout the system. The second edition continues to address critical components of a system with the capacity to deliver food and other consumer products to an expanding world population. This encyclopedia provides the knowledge necessary for readers to contribute to the safety and nutrition of the global food supply as well as the other products that contribute to a quality of life for consumers.


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    Table of Contents

    Activation Energy in Thermal Process Calculations
    Morales-Blancas; Elton F.; Torres, J. Antonio

    Active Packaging
    de Kruijf, N.; van Beest, M. D.

    Aerobic Reactions
    Demirci, Ali

    Agricultural Engineering History
    Isaacs, Gerald W.

    Agricultural Implements
    Agness, Jay B.

    Agricultural Infotronic Systems
    Zhang, Qin

    Airflow Measurement
    Fox, Robert D.; Derksen, Richard C.

    Anaerobic Reactions
    Yang, Shang-Tian; Zhu, Ying

    Animal Structures: Air Quality
    Jacobson, Larry D.

    Animal Waste Management
    Burns, R. T.; Raman, D. Raj

    Animal Waste Treatment
    Burns, R. T.; Raman, D. Raj

    Animal Waste Utilization
    Burns, R. T.; Raman, D. Raj

    Applications of Numerical Analysis to High Hydrostatic Pressure Processing
    Hartmann, Christoph

    Applications of Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensors in Food Science
    Marchesseau, S.; Dupont, D.

    Applications of Time–Temperature Integrators to Thermal Processing of Foods
    Tucker, Gary

    Aquacultural Harvesting Systems
    Wheaton, Fred

    Aquacultural Product Storage Systems
    Wang, Jaw-Kai

    Aquacultural Production Systems
    Piedrahita, Raul H.

    Atmospheric Non-Equilibrium Plasma
    Keener, Kevin M.

    Batch Process Control
    Macaloney, Graeme; Montague, Gary A.

    Bernouilli Equation
    Osorio, Fernando A.

    Biodegradation Waste Treatment
    Álvarez, Pedro M.; Beltrán, Fernando J., García-Araya, Juan F.

    Biofilms in Food Processing
    Frank, Joseph F.

    Biological Engineering Definition
    Dooley, James H.

    Biological Engineering Evolution
    Verma, Brahm P.

    Biological Engineering History
    Loewer, Otto J.

    Biological Reaction Kinetics
    Lima, Marybeth

    Bioluminescence Sensors in Food Processing
    Lo, Y. Martin; Wang, Jing; Lala, Geeta

    Biomass Energy
    Williams, Douglas W.

    Biomass Harvesting Systems
    Larson, Dennis L.

    Biomass Production Systems
    Jenkins, B. M.

    Biomass Transport Systems
    Badger, Phillip C.

    Bioprocess Residence Time Distribution
    Su, Wei Wen

    Bioreactor Landfills
    Hughes, Kerry L.; Christy, Ann D.

    Bajpai, Rakesh; Kim, Joong; Qasim, Mohamed

    De Corcuera, José I. Reyes; Cavalieri, Ralph P.

    Biosensors for Pathogen Detection in Food
    Subramanian, Anand; Irudayaraj, Joseph

    Biosensors: Harnessing Biology for the Detection of Biological Agents
    Rickus, Jenna L.

    Bioseparation of Proteins Expressed in Plant/Animal Products
    Woodard, Susan L.; Nikolov, Zivko

    Biot Number
    Hsu, Chuan-liang

    Blanching of Foods
    De Corcuera, José I. Reyes; Cavalieri, Ralph P.; Powers, Joseph R.

    Bhatnagar, Sandeep; Hanna, Milford A.

    Waller, Peter M.

    CIP of Solids Handling Equipment
    Trinh, Khanh Tuoc

    Cleaning Chemistry and Physics
    Fryer, Peter; Christian, Grace

    Cohesive and Adhesive Forces during Cleaning
    Christian, Grace; Fryer, Peter

    Colloidal Interactions and Stability of Food Dispersions
    Narsimhan, Ganesan; Wang, Zebin

    Commercial Sterilization Systems
    Hardt-English, Pamela K.

    Concentration Using Osmotic Evaporation
    Rodrigues, R. B.; Cabral, L. M. C.; Menezes, H. C.; Matta, V. M.; Dornier, M.

    Continuous Process Control
    Li, Yanbin

    Continuous Processing of Agricultural-Based Films
    Kozempel, Michael F.; Tomasula, Peggy M.

    Controlled Atmosphere Storage
    Raghavan, G. S. V.; Gariépy, Y.; Vigneault, C.

    Controlled Environment Agriculture/Greenhouse Production
    oth, A. J.

    Convection Heat Transfer in Foods
    McKenna, Brian M.

    Convective Heat Transfer Coefficients
    Delgado, Adriana E.; Sun, Da-Wen

    Convective Heat Transfer in Porous Materials
    Ranjan, Rakesh; Reddy, J. N.

    Cooling Tunnels
    Taylor, Timothy A.; Kramer, Heather L.

    Corn Processing for Ethanol Production
    Rausch, Kent D.; Belyea, Ronald L.; Singh, Vijay; Tumbleson, M. E.

    Cutting Time Prediction Methods in Cheese Making
    Castillo, Manuel

    Dairy Production Systems
    Bickert, William G.

    Decimal Reduction Times
    Davidson, P. Michael; Weiss, Jochen

    Deep-Fat Frying
    Moreira, Rosana G.

    Dehydration Process Energy Balances
    Guu, Yuan-Kuang

    Dehydration System Design
    Lazarides, Harris N.

    Dew Point Temperature
    Roberts, John S.

    Dielectric Sensing of Salt Concentrations
    Fagan, C. C.; O’Donnell, C. P.

    Diesel Engine Emission Control
    Wang, Xinlei

    Diesel Exhaust Gas Aftertreatment Technologies
    Wang, Xinlei

    Diffusion of Antimicrobials
    Carnet-Pantiez, Anne

    Distillation System Design
    Krokida, M.; Gekas, V.; Maroulis, Z. B.

    Drainage Materials
    Zimmerman, Tommy L.

    Drip Irrigation
    Thompson, Allen L.

    Drum Drying
    Tang, Juming; Feng, Hao; Shen, Guo-Qi

    Dry Air Properties
    Shilton, Nicholas

    Dry Bulb Temperature
    Sokhansanj, Shahab

    Dry Food Transport
    Muthukumarappan, K.

    Drying of Air
    Courtois, Francis

    Drying Theory
    Yang, Wade; Siebenmorgen, Terry J.

    Drying Time Prediction
    Kerkhof, Piet J. A. M.

    Electrical Conductivity of Foods
    Vicente, António A.

    Vidal-Broto´ns, D.; Fito, P.; Gras, M.

    Reznik, David

    Enhancement of Mass Transfer Using Alternating Electric Fields
    Samprovalaki, Konstantina; Fryer, Peter

    Enhancing of Dehydration Using Pulsed Electric Field
    Vorobiev, Eugène

    Enzyme Immobilization Process for Hydrolysis Reactions
    Chen, Xiao Dong

    Enzyme Kinetics
    Riley, Mark R.

    Equilibrium Moisture Content
    Jayas, Digvir S.

    Equilibrium Moisture Contents of Food
    Iglesias, Héctor A.

    Fasina, Oladiran O.

    Hatfield, J. L.; Prueger, J. H.

    Extensional Rheology
    Padmanabhan, Mahesh

    Extraction System Design
    Erickson, Larry

    Extrudate Rheology
    Faller, James; Unlu, Emine

    Extruder Power Requirements
    Hsieh, Fu-hung

    Extrusion Cooking of Legumes: Dry Bean Flours
    Berrios, Jose De J.

    Extrusion System Components
    Fang, Qi; Hanna, Milford A.; Lan, Yubin

    Extrusion System Design
    Fang, Qi; Hanna, Milford A.; Lan, Yubin

    Extrusion System Residence Time Distribution
    Levine, Leon; Miller, Robert C.

    Fermentation Process Material and Energy Balances
    Boudrant, Joseph

    Fermentation Residence Time Distributions
    Cuello, Joel L.; Ono, Eiichi

    Fiber-Optic Measurement Systems: Microwave and Radio Frequency Heating Applications
    Tang, Juming

    Raghavan, G. S. V.; Sanga, E. C. M.

    Fine Wet Milling: Developments
    Anderson, Scott

    Flexible Packaging
    Shellhammer, Thomas H.

    Flow Measurement
    Meyer, George E.; Brand, Rhonda M.; DeBerg, Gary

    Fluid Flow in Porous Materials: Numerical Aspects
    Ranjan, Rakesh

    Fluid Flow in Porous Materials: Transient Solutions
    Ranjan, Rakesh

    Food Engineering Education
    Silva, Juan L.; Kim, Taejo

    Food Engineering History
    Farkas, Daniel F.

    Food Freezing History
    Heldman, Dennis R.; Nesvadba, Paul

    Food Processing Plant Design
    Clark, J. Peter

    Food Texture
    Bourne, Malcolm C.

    Forage Harvesting Systems
    Buckmaster, Dennis R.

    Forage Production Systems—Machine Design
    Koegel, Richard G.

    Forage Storage Systems
    Muck, Richard E.

    Forage Transport Systems
    Straub, Richard J.

    Forest Harvesting Systems
    Brinker, Richard W.

    Forest Products Transport Systems
    Davis, Craig J.

    Fossil Fuel Energy
    Walker, Joel T.

    Fouling Phenomena Using Hot Wire Methods
    Fillaudeau, L.

    Fractal Geometry and Natural Sciences Applications
    Santacruz-Vázquez, Veronica; Santacruz-Vázquez, Claudia; Chanona-Perez, J.; Alamilla-Beltrán, Liliana; Welti-Chanes, J.; Gutierrez-Lopez, Gustavo

    Fractal Theory Applied to Food Science
    Santacruz-Vázquez, Claudia; Santacruz-Vázquez, Verónica; Chanona-Perez, J.; Jaramillo-Flores, Ma. Eugenia; Welti-Chanes, J.; Gutierrez-Lopez, Gustavo

    Freeze Concentration
    Miyawaki, Osato

    Freeze Drying
    Araki, Tetsuya; Sagara, Yasuyuki

    Freezing System Design
    Hung, Yen-Con

    Freezing Time Calculations
    Cleland, D. J.

    Castell-Perez, Maria Elena

    Frozen Food Enthalpy
    van Sleeuwen, Rutger M. T.; Heldman, Dennis R.

    Frozen Food Properties
    Nesvadba, Paul

    Frozen Food Thawing
    Kolbe, Edward

    Frozen Foods Shelf Life
    Reid, David S.

    Fruit Juice Packaging
    Abadio, Fernanda Dias Bartolomeu

    Fruit Storage Systems
    Hellickson, Martin L.

    Fruit Transport System
    Tao, Yang

    Gas Exchange Properties of Foods
    Nicolaï, Bart M.; Hertog, Maarten L. A. T. M.; Ho, Quang T.; Lammertyn, Jeroen; Verboven, Pieter; Verlinden, Bert E.

    Gas Phase Kinetics
    Richard, Tom L.

    Glass Containers
    Barron, Felix H.; Burcham, Joel D.

    Glass Transition Temperatures
    Roos, Yrjö H.

    Global Positioning Systems
    Casady, William W.; Adamchuk, Viacheslav I.

    Grain Harvesting Systems
    Casady, William W.

    Grain Production Systems
    Hanna, H. Mark

    Grashof Number
    Karwe, Mukund V.; Deo, Indrani

    Heat Exchangers for Liquid Foods
    Athanasopoulos, Pete E.

    Heat Transfer
    Keener, Kevin M.

    Heating and Cooling in Agitated Vessels
    Mittal, Gauri S.

    Heating and Cooling Lag Constants
    Stoforos, Nikolaos G.

    Heating of Air
    Góngora-Nieto, M. Marcela; Barbosa-Cánovas, Gustavo V.

    High Pressure Food Preservation
    Balasubramaniam, V. M.

    High Pressure Injection Technologies
    Hansen, Conly L.

    High Pressure Supported Thawing of Plant Tissue
    Schlüter, Oliver; Knorr, Dietrich

    High-Pressure Treatment of Food Packaging
    López-Rubio, Amparo; Lagarón, J. M.; Catalá, R.; Gavara, R.

    Homeostasis in Animal Environment
    Albright, Louis

    Human Factors and Ergonomics
    Baker, L. Dale

    Hydrology in Drainage Systems
    Parsons, John E.

    Ice Crystal Kinetics
    Boonsupthip, Waraporn; Lee, Tung-Ching

    Image Analysis
    Hatem, Iyad; Tan, Jinglu

    Indirect Contact Freezing Systems
    Scott, Elaine P.

    Intelligent Packaging
    Rodrigues, Evangelina T.; Han, J. H.

    Ionizing Irradiation, Treatment of Food
    Thayer, Donald W.

    Irreversible Protein Aggregation: Principles and Rationale for Common Stabilization Strategies
    Roberts, Christopher J.

    Irrigation System Components
    Evans, Robert G.

    Irrigation System Efficiency
    Yoder, R. E.

    Irrigation System Operations
    Ayars, James E.

    Irrigation Water Requirements
    Barnes, Edward M.; Hunsaker, Douglas J.

    Kinetic Response of Time–Temperature Integrators for Applications in Food Processing
    Guiavarc'h, Yann P.; Van Loey, Ann M.; Claeys, Wendie; Hendrickx, Marc E.

    Kinetics of Soil Removal During Cleaning
    Nakanishi, Kazuhiro; Sakiyama, Takaharu; Imamura, Koreyoshi

    Laminar Flow
    Belkacemi, K.; Arul, J.

    Light Backscatter Sensor Applications in Milk Coagulation
    Payne, Fred A.; Castillo, Manuel

    Liquid Food Transport
    Sandeep, K. P.

    Machine Area Networks
    Zhang, Qin

    Machine Vision in Precision Agriculture
    Dickson, Monte; Reid, John F.

    Magnetic Field Applications to Foods
    Martín, Fernanda San; Harte, Federico; Barbosa-Cánovas, Gustavo V.; Swanson, Barry G.

    Managing Aquatic Systems at the Watershed Scale
    Matlock, Marty D.; Morgan, Robert A.; Haggard, Brian E.; Chaubey, Indrajeet

    Mass Transfer in Biological Membranes
    Johnson, Arthur T.

    Mass Transfer, Steady-State
    Moreira, Rosana G.

    Measurement of Drying Kinetics
    Clemente, Gabriela; Bon, José; Mulet, Antonio

    Measurement of Effective Moisture Diffusivity
    Trujillo, Francisco Javier

    Mechanical Energy Balance
    Zhao, Yanyun

    Mechanical Recompression
    Kerr, William

    Mechanical Separation Systems Design
    Clark, J. Peter

    Membrane Concentration Systems
    Cheryan, Munir

    Membrane Separation Mass Transfer
    Vidal-Broto´ns, D.; Fito, P.; Gras, M.

    Membrane Separation System Design
    Liu, Sean X.

    Membrane Structure
    Ziegler, Gregory R.

    Membrane System Operation
    Vidal-Broto´ns, D.; Fito, P.; Gras, M.

    Membrane Transport Models
    Matsuura, Takeshi

    Metabolic Engineering of Bacteria
    Murarka, Abhishek; Gonzalez, Ramon

    Metal Containers
    Barron, Felix H.; Burcham, Joel D.

    Microbial Genetics
    Stark, Benjamin C.

    Microbial Growth Modeling
    Schaffner, Donald W.

    Microbial Metabolism
    Smerage, Glen H.; Teixeira, Arthur A.

    Microbial Population Dynamics
    Teixeira, Arthur A.; Smerage, Glen H.

    Microencapsulation Systems with Emphasis on Successful Applications in Foods
    Weiss, Jochen; Vladisavljevic, Goran

    Vidal-Broto´ns, D.; Fito, P.; Gras, M.

    Microwave Food Preservation
    Datta, Ashim K.

    Microwave Modification of Wood Properties
    Brodie, Graham

    Milk Pasteurization with Pulsed Electric Fields
    Ortega-Rivas, Enrique

    Minimal Processing Using High Pressure
    Butz, Peter

    Mixing of Air
    Li, Yanbin

    Modified Atmosphere Packaging
    Brody, Aaron L.

    Moisture and Humidity Control in Refrigerated Storage
    Cleland, Donald J.

    Moisture Content Measurement
    Bern, Carl J.; Brumm, Thomas

    Moisture Sorption Isotherms
    Aguilera, José Miguel

    Multiple-Effect Evaporators
    Bakshi, Amarjit S.

    Multispectral Imaging Technology for Site-Specific Crop Fertilization
    Kim, Yunseop; Reid, John F.

    Nanoparticle Risk Assessment
    Cummins, Enda

    Nanoscale Biology: Engineering Applications
    Bhalerao, Kaustubh; Nistala, Goutam

    Nanoscale Prion Detection Strategies
    Dhruv, Harshil; Turner, Nicholas; Britt, David; Britt, David

    Natural Convection
    Hahn, John J.; Jacoby, William A.

    Neural Networks
    Chao, K.; Ting, K. C.

    New Applications in Food Irradiation
    Niemira, Brendan A.; Sommers, Christopher H.

    Newtonian Models
    Chamberlain, Ellen K.

    NIR Chemical Imaging for the Food Industry
    Taghizadeh, Masoud; Gowen, Aoife; O'Donnell, Colm P.; Cullen, P. J.

    Non-Newtonian Models
    Castell-Perez, Maria Elena

    Nusselt Number
    Cronin, Kevin; MacCarthy, Diarmuid

    Ohmic Heating
    Sastry, Sudhir K.

    Ohmic Heating: Quality Improvements
    Lima, Marybeth

    Operating Principles of Biosensors
    Stine, Rory; Pishko, Michael V.

    Operator Process Time
    Toledo, Romeo T.

    Osmotic Dehydration Processes
    Vargas-Ugalde, María Elena

    Osmotic Pressure
    Tollner, Ernest W.

    Ozone Technologies in Food Processing
    Yuan, James

    Ozone Utilization
    Muthukumarappan, K.; O'Donnell, Colm P.; Cullen, P. J.

    Package Functions
    Steven, Matthew D.; Hotchkiss, Joseph H.

    Package Permeability
    Krochta, John M.

    Package Properties
    Barron, Felix H.; Burcham, Joel D.

    Pasteurization Systems
    Gilmore, Thomas M.

    Pesticide Application
    Hewitt, Andrew J.

    Phase Diagrams
    Kaletunç, Gönül

    Physical Properties of Agricultural Products
    Lan, Yubin; Fang, Qi

    Physical States
    Chinachoti, Pavinee

    Cornillon, Paul

    Plate Heat Exchangers
    Simpson, R.; Almonacid, S.

    Polymer Packaging for Foods: Developments
    Robertson, Gordon L.

    Poultry Production Systems
    Zulovich, Joseph M.

    Power Measurement
    Shell, Lon R.

    Power Ultrasound in Food Processing
    Feng, Hao ; Weiss, Jochen

    Prandtl Number
    Ramaswamy, H. S.; Awuah, G. B.; Chen, C. R.

    Pressure Impact on Microbial Populations
    de Marañón, I. Martínez; Pérez, I.

    Primary Packaging
    Chinnan, Manjeet S.; Cha, Dong S.

    Process Control Systems
    Huang, Yanbo; Lan, Yubin

    Processing Waste Land Application
    DeWitt, Christina A. Mireles; Morrissey, Michael T.

    Processing Waste Pretreatment
    Kim, Sang Hun

    Processing Waste Primary Treatment
    Miller, Christopher C.

    Processing Wastewater Recovery
    Raman, D. Raj

    Produce Quality Simulator
    Aggarwal, Deepak; Prussia, Stanley E.; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Lynd, Don

    Produce Retailing Simulation
    Aggarwal, Deepak; Prussia, Stanley E.; Florkowski, Wojciech J.; Lynd, Don

    Properties of Concentrated Foods
    Buffo, Roberto A.

    Properties of Food Materials During High-Pressure Processing
    Ramaswamy, Raghupathy; Balasubramaniam, V. M.; Sastry, S. K.

    Properties of Food Powders
    Hayashi, Hiromichi

    Protein Stability
    Stoner, Michael R.; Randolph, Theodore W.

    Psychrometrics of Animal Environment
    Hoff, Steven J.

    Pulsed Electric Fields Food Preservation
    Sepúlveda, David R.; Barbosa-Cánovas, Gustavo V.; Swanson, Barry G.

    Pulsed Magnetic Field Inactivation of Microorganisms
    Grattepanche, Franck; Marrec, Claire Le; Caubet, Roland; de Sauvage, Renaud Charlet; Audet, Pascal; Moreau, Jacques

    Pulsed X-Ray Treatments of Foods
    Kerr, William

    Taoukis, Petros S.

    Radio Frequency Heating and Other RF Applications Relevant to the Food Industry
    Awuah, George B.; Economides, Athanasia; Ramaswamy, Hosahalli S.

    Ghosh, Vikram; Anantheswaran, R. C.; Floros, John D.

    Refrigerated Foods History
    Lim, Miang

    Refrigeration System Components
    Pham, Q. T.

    Rehydration of Dried Food Particulates
    Saguy, I. Sam; Marabi, Alejandro

    Remote Sensing in Agriculture
    Thomasson, J. Alex

    Residence Time Distribution—Biomedical, Food,and Environmental Applications
    Su, Wei Wen

    Retortable Pouches
    Blakistone, Barbara

    Reverse Osmosis
    Berk, Zeki

    Reynolds Number
    Daubert, Christopher R.

    Rheology of Wheat Flour Doughs: Measurement
    Launay, Bernard L.; Michon, Camille

    Barringer, Sheryl; Ratanatriwong, Puntarika

    Rice Kernel Properties
    Siebenmorgen, Terry J.; Cooper, Nora T. W.

    Risk Assessment Models for Microbiological Food Safety
    Bakalis, Serafim; Hoonstra, Erik; Taoukis, Petros S.

    Robotics in Crop Production
    Grift, Tony E.

    Role of Statistics in Evaluation of Kinetic Model
    van Boekel, Martinus A. J. S.

    Role of the Dough Mixing Process in Bread Production
    Millar, Sam

    Schmidt Number
    Hallström, Bengt

    Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers
    Fryer, Peter; Rodriguez, Sandrine

    Secondary Packaging
    Bourque, Raymond A.

    Shear Rheology of Liquid Foods
    Rao, M. A.

    Shear Viscosity Measurement
    Rao, M. A.

    Sheep Production Systems
    Hirning, Harvey J.

    Sherwood Number
    Oliveira, Fernanda A. R.; Oliveira, Jorge C.

    Soil Compaction Management
    Raper, Randy L.

    Soil Dynamics
    Tollner, Ernest W.

    Soil Properties
    Cooke, Richard

    Solar Energy
    Bartok, John W.

    Solid Food Rheology
    Rao, V. N. Mohan; Quintero, Ximena

    Solid Food Transport
    Briggs, Jenni L.

    Specific Heat Capacity Measurement
    Hwang, Chang Hwan; Gunasekaran, Sundaram

    Spray Drying
    Yoshii, Hidefumi; Furuta, Takeshi; Soottitantawat, Apinan; Linko, Pekka

    Stability of Food Emulsions
    Narsimhan, Ganesan; Wang, Zebin

    Starch-Based Biodegradable Packaging
    Hanna, Milford A.; Guan, Junjie; Xu, Yixiang

    Steady-State Heat Transfer in Food Processing
    Chen, Xiao Dong

    Steady-State Mass Transfer in Biological Systems
    Kisaalita, William S.

    Steam Infusion Heating
    Bowser, Timothy J.

    Steam Injection Heating
    Bowser, Timothy J.

    Stem Cell-Based Tissue Engineering
    Li, Yan; Yang, Shang-Tian

    Sterilization of Biological Materials
    Rodriguez, Alfredo C.

    Storage Vessels for Suspensions and Concentrates
    Lozano, Jorge E.

    Stress and Thermal Tolerance of Pathogens
    Pardey, Kevin Karsten; Schubert, Helmar

    Substrate Kinetics
    Bower, C. K.; McGuire, J.; Bothwell, M. K.

    Subsurface Drainage Systems
    Izuno, Forrest T.; Garcia, Raymond M.

    Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Foods
    Tomasula, Peggy M.

    Surface Activity
    Narsimhan, Ganesan; Wang, Zebin

    Surface Drainage Systems
    Willardson, Lyman S.

    Surface Fouling During Heating
    Chen, Hongda

    Surface Irrigation
    Yonts, C. Dean

    Surface Tension
    Narsimhan, Ganesan; Wang, Zebin

    Techniques for Screening Toxins
    Riley, Mark R.

    Temperature Measurement
    Wang, S.; Tang, Juming; Younce, F.

    Temperature Sensing During Microwave Heating Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    Knoerzer, K.; Regier, M.; Schubert, H.

    Texture and Cellular Structure of Extrudates
    Agbisit, Roderick; Alavi, Sajid

    The Psychrometric Chart
    Pham, Q. T.

    Therapeutics—Biomedical Biomaterials
    Bumgardner, Joel D.

    Thermal Conductivity of Foods
    Choi, Yonghee; Okos, Martin R.

    Thermal Death Time
    Juneja, Vijay K.; Huang, Lihan

    Thermal Defoliation
    Funk, Paul

    Thermal Design of Heat Exchangers
    Singh, Pawan P.

    Thermal Diffusivity
    Murakami, Edgar G.

    Thermal Inactivation of Bacteriophages
    Müller-Merbach, Mareile; Hinrichs, Jörg

    Thermal Process Calculations
    Verboven, Pieter; Scheerlinck, Nico; Nicolaï, Bart M.

    Thermal Processing of Meat Products
    Wang, Pie-Yi

    Thermal Resistance Constant
    Morales-Blancas, Elton F.; Torres, J. Antonio

    Thermal Resistance Parameters, Determination of
    Morales-Blancas, Elton F.; Torres, J. Antonio

    Thermochemical Conversion of Swine Manure into Crude Oil
    Zhang, Yuanhui

    Thermodynamics of Food Freezing
    Schwartzberg, Henry G.

    Thermodynamics of Refrigerants
    Rahman, M. Shafiur; Sablani, Shyam S.

    Thermomechanical Processing of Starch
    Jan, Atze; Einde, René R.M. van den

    Time–Temperature Integrator Applications for Shelf-Life Management
    Taoukis, Petros S.

    Lan, Yubin; Huang, Yanbo

    Transient Heat Transfer Charts
    Sharma, Shri K.

    Tubular Heat Exchangers
    Sagara, Yasuyuki

    Tunnel Drying
    Kincal, N. Suzan

    Turbulent Flow
    Marks, Jay

    UHT Processing—Impact on Dairy Product Quality
    Hansen, Arthur P.

    Trägårdh, Gun

    Ultrasonic Pasteurization of Foods
    Feng, Hao; Martin, Scott E.

    Ultrasound Modulated Optical Tomography for Tissue Imaging
    Yao, Gang

    Unsteady-State Heat Transfer in Biological Systems
    Hsieh, Fu-hung

    Unsteady-State Heat Transfer in Foods
    Ghosh, Vikram; Anantheswaran, R. C.

    Unsteady-State Mass Transfer in Biological Systems

    Ranjan, Rakesh; Irudayaraj, Joseph

    Unsteady-State Mass Transfer in Foods
    Welti-Chanes, J.; Vergara, F.; Bermúdez, D.; Mújica-Paz, H.; Valdez-Fragoso, A.

    Unsteady-State Mass Transfer: Coupled and Nonlinear Problems
    Ranjan, Rakesh; Irudayaraj, Joseph

    Use of Impedance for Measurement of Microbial Activity
    Ribeiro, Thierry

    Use of Ultrasound for the Non-Destructive Evaluation of Food
    Coupland, John N.

    Vacuum Cooling
    Ozen, Banu F.; Singh, Rakesh K.

    Vegetable Production Machine Design
    ER - AU - Glancey, James L.

    Vegetable Storage Systems
    Hellevang, Kenneth

    Viscosity of Suspensions and Concentrates
    Cullen, P. J.; O'Donnell, C. P.

    Water Activity
    Padua, Graciela W.

    Water Quality in Biological Systems
    Hall, Steven G.; Drapcho, Caye

    Water Quality in Precision Agriculture
    Tim, U. Sunday

    Water Table Management
    Evans, Robert O.

    Water Vapor Properties
    Thorpe, Graham

    Wet Bulb Temperature
    Weller, Curtis L.; Amézquita, Alejandro

    WLF Equation
    Yildiz, M. Erhan; Kokini, Jozef L.

    Wood–Plastic Composites
    Harper, David P.; Rials, Timothy G.

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    DENNIS R. HELDMAN is currently Principal, Heldman Associates in San Marcos, California. In addition, he is Adjunct Professor at the University of California-Davis and Professor Emeritus at the University of Missouri. Previously, Heldman has been Director of the Cooperative Research and Development Program at the Center for Advanced Food Technology and Professor of Food Process Engineering, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey.

    The author, coauthor, editor, or coeditor of numerous professional publications, including the Handbook of Food Engineering (Marcel Dekker, Inc.), he is a member of the Institute of Food Technologists, the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, the Institute of Biological Engineering, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and the American Association of Cereal Chemists, among other organizations. Professor Heldman currently serves on the Scientific Advisory Council for the World Food Logistics Organization.


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